Chapter 31: Birthday


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“Hmm. It’s the first time I’ve got this without breaking it.”

Pick up the . A true magic tool chooses its owner. Apparently I seemed to be incompatible with this scythe, and I always used and destroyed it to defeat Eugo La Raviaz. I held my hand and drew a magic circle. The

Now. Use the evil eye to the place where Ivis was exhausted. After all, is that so? I thought that the flow of magic was strange.

Resuscitation “<>”

At the same time as casting the magic, a magic circle is drawn. The skeleton was revived with the light. It was Ivis Necron. Resuscitation If you destroy the root, you cannot resuscitate even with <>. There is only one answer to why Ivis has come alive. Venuzdnoah, the extermination sword, destroyed two sources. The two sources that were turning hostile at me. One for the demons and one for Eugo La Raviaz. But there was another source. He had already merged with Ivis before merging with Eugo La Raviaz.

“Wake up, my subordinate who separated the blood.”

When magical power was applied, light floated in the skull’s eyes. He stared at me dimly and said that.

“… I have forgotten for a long time …. I can’t remember my Lord … I still can’t remember it, but my source is in awe. Looking at your battle, I finally realized …… ”

I awoke, and Ivis knelt at me.

“Forgive me, Anos Voldigord, my dear devil.”

Apparently, this is a real Ivis Necron.

“What happened?”

“… I don’t know … my memory has been erased … but it was 2,000 years ago. After Anos was reincarnated, I was probably killed by someone. The roots have been fused and taken over … ”

It’s just a guess. Well, the memory was erased cleanly. I can’t help it.

“Who was the one who talked to me in the classroom during the Great Magic Training?”

Ivis nods. Does that mean that by killing Ivis and fusing it to the root, somebody has played Ivis Necron, one of the Seven Demon Elders?

He knew I was the founder. Then he tried to kill him. The time operation is effective only for <> and <>. What I tried to read when I was a great magic trainer was Ivis’ memory. But since it was gone, it was natural that it could not be read. To read the past of someone who had assimilated with Ivis, it would be impossible without knowing its origin.

“I see. It was on purpose to show me the unfinished fusion magic basic technique.”

There is a limit on the fusion time. Or, if you believe it is extremely short, you don’t doubt that Ivis’s roots may have merged with someone.

“Is the other Seven Demon Elders as well as you remembered?”

“Probably. Or maybe someone has lost his memory.”

You betrayed me? That’s not an impossible story. Well, there is no way to guess this.

I touched my finger at Ivis’s forehead.

“It’s the right memory. You can get it, but it’s a short time from when you were born to before I was reincarnated.”

I thought I was able to communicate my memory to Ivis with <>.

“Please give me an order”

“Someone who has fused with you is probably in the hands of Avos Dilhevia, if it really exists, but in any case knowing me as the founder and hostile There’s no doubt there’s a guy who is there. ”

If we could take advantage of the demons that had fused with Ivis, we would have gained some information, but well, we can’t help it now. With the power of Eugo La Raviaz, I couldn’t help it. And this time, Sasha and Misha were the top priorities.

“Avos Dilhevia will look at me. The demons in mythological times are awkward. They will be reincarnated when killed. I guess it’s not stupid. ”

Ivis is hanging my head and listening to my words.

“I’ll ride his thoughts. I’ll continue to spend time in the school as usual. If I’m plotting, I’ll make a move. But if I’m preoccupied, I’ll run away with my tail. No, it could be tens of thousands of years later. ”

Demons have a long lifespan. He is an elaborate imitator. No matter how long you wait, you will be waiting for the perfect opportunity.

“Okay, you died here, and Avos Dilhevia will relax.”

In other words, Ivis seeks away from behind, pretending to be dead.

“First, investigate the Seven Devil Elders”


Well, it’s almost time. Do you finish?

Past modification “<>”

When I used the magic, the white dyed space began to regain its color. The magic clock <> turned around and then started working correctly again. With the defeat of Eugo La Raviaz, the world’s time has started working again.

I noticed that Ivis had disappeared.


A muttering leaks from behind. Turning around, Sasha was looking up at the ceiling.

“… It’s not moonlight. It’s the sunshine …”

She says astonished.

“The space created by the emergence of Eugo La Raviaz is isolated from the time of the world. If you kill Eugo La Raviz, you cannot go back to its original time. Well, it’s only a few hours away.


Misha says.


“… I thought yesterday was the last …”

Suddenly I laugh.

“You said there was nothing impossible.”

Misha has a momentary look. Then I nodded firmly.


Then, Sasha jumped from behind Misha, and hugged her tight.

“Meshach. It was good …. It was really good.

Sasha says, while X’s look looks bad.

“I’m sorry I hate you. I love you. I wanted Misha to live.”

“I am the same”

Touching my sister’s hand, Misha says.

“I wanted Sasha to live.”


They happily held hands and hugged with pleasure to welcome this day. Misha gently strokes Sasha’s head spilling tears. Sasha still laughs happily, crying even more.

HM. What a smile. As I stared at my sister’s vagueness, they nodded at each other as they decided, and turned to me.

“Oh, that …… Anos ………………”

I laugh unintentionally at the attitude of Sasha.

“Well, why are you laughing …? Oh, no, that …”

Sasha has a frightened expression. Origin magic that goes back in time is successful. That’s why my <> changed the past and they are now living.

In other words, he believed that 2,000 years ago Anos Voldigord was the founder of the Demon King and succeeded in its origin.

“Sasha. Peace is not bad.”

I tell her she is confused.

“Working a bit rude doesn’t mean you’ll be killed. I’m tired of the rough world of fighting, but I’m reincarnated, but it’s a good time. I wanted to make this world.”

That is why we have separated the world into four parts. My thoughts went well. Even though there was a little miscalculation.

“Don’t be so smart. What’s the momentum when you kissed me?”

“Eh … hey, a little … what are you saying …!”

Sasha turns her face red. Misha muttered next door.


“That’s different, because my friends and friends are kissing!

Thought area “Huh, yes. I heard your heart in <>, but whatever the continuation of love is-”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

I saw Sasha screaming out loud as she tried to hear my words, and cluttered her throat.

“What are you laughing at, hybrids? That’s a shame! That’s a shame! I might die, so I’m just going to get it close. That’s it!

A girl who asks me such a mouth like an angry heart is crazy. Oh, it’s a good era.

“Do you call the founder a hybrid?”

“Whether you’re the founder or not, you’re a hybrid in this age.”

The story was fun and I laughed again.

“I’ll continue to do that.”

“I’ll do it even if I’m not told”

Sasha turns away.

“Misha is still fine.”

Missha nodded.

“Anos is a friend”


If you look at the magic clock <>, it is seven o’clock in the morning.

“Will you go back? If you reach the entrance by 9 o’clock, you will be a perfect score.”

I point to the scepter in Sasha’s hand.

“I’m amazed. Do you care about the exam score just doing that?”

“I have modified the past a few times, but unfortunately I have never scored a dungeon test.”

Sasha rounds her eyes. Then I laughed.

“Let’s go early.”

“… a dead end …”

Misha points her finger.

“Oh, that’s right.”

I step with tons. Then, a loud noise is made and the terrain of the room changes. After about a minute, the path to the dead end was opened.

“After the exam, why don’t you come home?”

“What’s there?”

“Mom should be preparing a feast and waiting.”

I said with a laugh.

“Birthday, both of you”

Listening to that, Sasha smiles.

“I’ll take part in the invitation”

Looking at Misha, she nodded.


We all walked to the underground dungeon entrance.

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