Chapter 320. Spit it out!


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Experiments with the demonic element have been carried out before more than a thousand experimental subjects, but Jiang Yi has not yet met anyone like Mo Fang.

Most of the magicians subjected to demonization, transformed beyond recognition. Starting with the fact that their whole body is overgrown with wool, to a complete change in bone structure, turning eventually into monsters.

Demonizing this young man, although, it seems, didn’t particularly affect his appearance, but Jiang Yi was much more horrified than all those she had seen before.

Especially, that after the end of the demonization of the head, he looked at her with constantly changing color eyes.

Jiang Yi was stunned, not understanding why everything is happening this way.

“I forgot to tell you …”, – the young man subjected to demonization spoke in a normal human language, but his voice sounded very ominous.

Jiang Yi could not believe what was happening, the test subjects never demonized, could not utter a human word, their speech was completely similar to the usual roar of monsters.

Forgot to tell me?

What you forgot to tell me. This young man was completely different from the previous experimental, his demonization came out completely different. What does he need to say, what can it be?

“I don’t have three elements,” Mo Fan seemed to laugh, but the sound was more like a synthesized sound than a human laugh.

Jiang Again, dumbfounded, she could not understand whether it was Mo Fan.

Not three elements?

Is it possible to…

Awareness suddenly struck Jiang Yi, trembling with fear, she noticed behind the back of Mo Fang, who was being demonized, a terrible shadow of the wolf’s spirit.

The shadow of the spirit …

From where could a similar effect appear?

I did not have time to Ching And to think about how the land began to settle under the demonized young man, as if he had begun to accumulate forces.

“Khe, khe.”

As the ground subsided under his feet, she began to crack, one can easily guess from his power.

** bang **

Suddenly, Mo Fan jumped to his feet, disappearing from the sight of Jiang I.

She looked up and found him standing on top of a hundred-meter beacon. He just picked up and jumped not him!

And if you look at the ground, to the place where he stood before, you can see the cracks, like web.

“Not three elements, not three elements …”, – looking into the distance, Jiang Yi muttered to herself

Those who received two elements at once are already an excellent candidate for demonization, and this person has four elements at once …


On the mountain, a huge dragon-winged lizard carcass held an eagle in flight.

Taking off from his lair, he grabbed an eagle and a network tied to it, and in a moment swallowed them.

For him, it was a nightly meal, and he didn’t want to chew on them at all, so he decided to let the stomach acid do everything for him.

The huge mouth was closed, it remained incomparably viscous and sticky saliva, Bai Ting Ting, Zhao Man Yan, Mu Nu Jiao and Mu Ning Xue. There was just a place for four, and if the Dachtoman starts to chew, they will immediately turn into mincemeat.

However, soon they will fall into the stomach of the tongue, and there, under the pressure of the walls and gastric juice, they will die no less hard death.

Bai Ting Ting and Mu Nu Jiao have already closed their eyes, but there is no sense in open eyes, there was pitch darkness in the mouth.

“Smelly lizard, spit it out!”

A terrible roar rang out like a bolt from the blue!

The height? A man flew from head to toe enveloped in the shadow of a wolf’s spirit from the spike of the radio beacon. His fist flames cut through the air, being directly in front of the dragon-winged lizard, the blow, amplified many times, fell straight to his throat.

The dragon-winged lizard, enjoying its food, fell backwards from this sudden attack and spat out everything that it was about to swallow. Having flown a hundred meters, he fell out of the cave.

A little cloud remained of the flame, the demonized Mo Fan lingered in the air.

It seems that he could not calm down, and looked at the cave dragon-winged lizard in grief. Turning in the air, he drew an amazingly beautiful ray of a crescent. A crescent moon with a whistle carrying in the direction of the tailed dinosaur.

The narrow and long moonbeam turned out to be a striking sharp blade that cut the surface of the mountain evenly.

On earth, Jiang Yi and the military could not close their mouths to surprise.

With a single blow, send the commander-in-chief lizard dragon flying! And then with one moonbeam cut his lair!

This is the demonization of the bloody seed, how can a person have such terrible power.

“Four elements! He has four elements! ”- blood was boiling in Jiang I.

She finally understood why Mo Fan can speak in human language, and why he can control the power of demonization much better than others. The bloody bead sucks a lot of magician power, but this young man has four elements, and this just turned out to be sufficient for complete demonization.

That is, only those intermediate-level magicians who possess the four elements are able to demonize completely!


True, he still keeps himself under control, all those who were demonized before were absorbed in the thirst for murder, insanity. After demonization, he understands who he is and his psyche is all right.

This is definitely a success.

They were able to get a demonic element.

They finally managed to do it!

Jiang Yi understood that they had done terrible things, and punishment could not be avoided, but she saw with her own eyes the full power of the demonic element.

No, no, no, they saw only the tip, a small part of that power.

He is a magician with demonic four elements.

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