Chapter 321. The bloodbath of the dragon winged.


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Bai Ting Ting slowly opened her eyes … She was expecting to see the stomach of the lizard, and saw the sunlight, the blue sky and clouds.

Zhao Man Yan and Mu Well Jiao did not dare to believe their eyes. They did not dare to believe that a man with long hair was … Mo Fan. His face was streaked with bloody designs, and on all his body there was a seal of an aura of a curse. And those long claws …

Mo Fan ran so fast that it seemed to be about to take off. He was able to jump onto the next building, whose height exceeded 100 meters! Anyone else would have just shattered!

Jumping over the domes of neighboring buildings, demonic Mo Fan seized the sturdy leather nets and threw them from the height of a mountain peak to the ground. Now his power allowed him to land the net to the ground without jumping from building to building. Mo Fan himself could not explain the essence of what was happening.

Now the force that filled Mo Fang’s body was similar to the action of bloody boots, when wearing them, legs were filled with indescribable power. The same force circulated in all parts of the body and in its intensity was far superior to the action of bloody boots, so that its action would not dissipate so quickly.

This magical power was in the blood and could not even compare theoretically with other kinds of magic.

Mo Fan was in a hurry. He was in a hurry what was urine. He could think it over, but this process required too much force. His inner selflessness, desire to kill and rage now have been increased by the action of unexpected demonization many, many times … Therefore, if he decides to use his fist, then everything will be completely destroyed here …

Mo Fan felt in himself a demon who had been locked up for many years, and who could now step outside, being overwhelmed with only one desire — to destroy absolutely everything! And his present body was just the perfect weapon for that!

Mo Fan did not want to once again think about why he should save these four. He knew only the power of his perseverance, which was now supported by demonization, which means that even a hair would not fall from their heads!

There was a deafening sound.

The heartbreaking sound, heard from the top of the den, instantly spread to the entire central area of the city.

The lizard-headed monsters knew that this was a sign of the fury of their leader … Having propelled their huge heads, their bodies shook in anticipation of the order of the commander-in-chief.

A huge hilly carcass appeared from the peak of this mountain, here it is – a real dragon-winged lizard!

In the neck area of the commander-in-chief of the lizard, a deflection was noticeable – a sign of the highest degree of rage. He hates most when interrupting his sleep!

He carefully watched Mo Fan, who had demonized him … The continuous roar of the commander-in-chief was transferred to the den, causing him to vibrate.

Finally, the dragon-winged lizard opened its wings! Taking off, a frightening shadow of a monster appeared behind him … The building, from which the lizard pushed off, literally crumbled before our eyes …

“Hey! You! ”- Mo Fan issued a roar. The sound was so deafening that Mu Nu Jiao, Zhao Man Yan and Bai Ting Ting unwittingly covered their ears.

Extermination now also related to his innate abilities …

Now Mo Fang did not want to think about his next step, he just wanted to use all his acquired skills, which were laid by demonization into his new body, to kill … To kill all these lizards …


Only a shadow flashed, and Mo Fan had already miraculously evaporated.

In the shadow cast by the huge dragon-winged carcass on the city highway, the outlines of the wolf’s silhouette slowly began to peek out …

*** Howl ***

The outlines of the wolf became clearer, and finally took the form of a wolf spirit! Immediately there was the demonizing Mo Fan, whose smile at that moment was very ominous.

All the power of this human body is embodied in a growl from its mouth!

Opening his hands, with fearless eyes, Mo Fan looked at the landing lizard.

The fierce growl of Mo Fane caused the air around to vibrate.

At the same time, the wolf’s shadow began to grow. It became so huge that it covered all the skyscrapers in the area …

The wolf’s shadow seemed to come from Mo Fan’s body … Violently, she headed towards the dragon-winged lizard and literally dug into his throat!

The lizard was angry, he tried to use his huge claws to destroy the enemy. Two sinister creatures clashed in battle … This battle was full of ruthlessness.

The dragon-winged lizard seemed to be able to find the opponent’s weak spot — his mouth opened, he issued a crazy whirlwind … The wolf’s shadow soon began to disperse slightly, but it still stuck claws into the dragon-wing carcass, leaving deep traces. However, the skin of the lizard was so thick and powerful that he simply did not pay any attention to it.

“To me!” – the voice of Mo Fang screamed from the ground.

The wolf’s shadow has accumulated behind the host, giving it even more gloominess to the image …

*** Electric sound ***

The dragon-winged lizard still did not let up, therefore, numerous electric lightnings surrounded Mo-Fan’s body. The lightning bolts seemed impatient to show their true destructive power, which was magnified many times by the demonization of Mo Fan.

“Hey!” Mo Fan shouted. His body was covered with bloody patterns of aura curses, and the shadow of an ominous wolf darkened behind him.

Lightning ran randomly down the street, forcing all the lizardheads to taste electrical magic.

Fingers twisted, turned into claws!

Mo Fan’s body rose into the air. The electrical discharges that surrounded his body followed the movement of these terrifying claws.

Long claws literally opened the sternum of the dragon-winged. Metal claw blades cut through thick protection, and his blood poured from these cuts.

Electric lightning tails rushed into the open wounds. Getting inside, they began to hit the lizard muscles and insides with all their strength.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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