Chapter 322. A sea of corpses of lizard-headed ones.


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The dragon-winged lizard was also terribly annoyed, the electric charge sent him to the bone, which could not be left without proper attention. With his huge fangs, he headed towards Mo Fang.

The bite fell on a huge territory, demolishing buildings, and not sparing unlucky lizhergolovyh, who fell under the distribution.

The demon Mo Fan was right in the middle, and the fierce fangs of the dragon-winged lizard surrounded him from all sides.

Obviously, a whole area of the city would fit into the esophagus of this lizard.

Mo Fan, in a hurry, jumped away from the black hole of the dragon-winged lizard’s esophagus, but he began to violently draw in air with enormous force, sucking in absolutely all the objects in the area.

“You like to swallow, so come on, try to swallow this too!”, Mo Fan laughed.

He raised his hands to the top, and a fireball gradually began to form above his head.

From the very beginning, the created fireball was much larger than the usual fiery release (the entry-level magic of fire), and covering Mo Fang’s entire body with a raging flame, he swelled to incredible proportions.

The fireball was growing and growing, its diameter was already reaching half the width of the street, and it looked like a perfectly round meteorite. The whole body of Demon Mo Fan was red-hot, lifting his head up, and twisting, like the handle of an onion, he violently threw the ball deep into the black hole above it.

The dragon-winged lizard’s stomach and esophagus are well roasted. And although this intestine could digest a multi-storey building, it most likely would not be able to cope with the power of this flame.

The dragon-winged lizard realized that swallowing everything in this way was a rather stupid exercise, and tried to at least somehow rectify the situation, closing the way to the esophagus, but it was already late and the fireball was already inside.

** stomach rumbling **

The sound came from the belly of the dragon-winged lizard, which began to stretch, it is obvious that the fireball exploded inside. Lizard was terribly hurt, opening his mouth wide, a violent flame erupted from it.

It is also good that the esophagus and stomach walls of the dragon-winged lizard are strong enough, much stronger than other monsters of the commander-in-chief level, perhaps, otherwise this flame would have destroyed all the internal organs as well.

The dragon winged lizard became even more angry, he was afraid that his stomach would not be completely cleaned of this flame soon.

All the lizard-headed giants and death lizards who were standing around were confused, not understanding what was happening to their commander-in-chief, they just stood and made a very high sound.

They were absolutely not afraid of death, and, like a stream of water, came again and again, trying to protect their commander in chief.

But Mo Fan, who had been demonized, was not afraid of such small creatures at all, he simply longed to exterminate them all.

With half the blow, with one claw, Mo Fan easily dealt with each, from this boundless ocean, lizard-like.

“A bunch of garbage!”

Fiercely tearing the air with their claws, the shadow of the wolf’s spirit over Mo Fane completely repeated behind him, sending her ghostly claws of the monsters standing under her every second.

Ghostly claws tore almost everyone two kilometers ahead.

This divided all lizard-like halves in a straight line, forming a crevice, from the mountains of dead bodies. The claws did not know about the number of the killed, only the mixed blood, which filled the created recess, spoke about it.

Fighting off one by one, the claws of the shadow of a wolf’s spirit were repulsed too, Mo Fan noticed with a glance in the distance a tall, earthen reptile of death.

This earth lizard perishing perfectly merged with the background. He had just lay face down invisible here, waiting for the right moment to completely swallow Mo Fang. It is a pity that as soon as he moved a little, Mo Fan noticed him immediately.

Intermediate level lizard death? Something stronger than the mere pack leader? How so?

Demonic Mo Fan deftly jumped away from the place where his fangs stuck out, and found himself at the tail of the death lizard.

Mo Fan’s hand was the same size as a normal human, but with the shadow of a wolf’s spirit, it became huge. She grabbed the long tail of the lizard perdition and threw this huge object about six hundred meters away. Just like a child’s toy.

The death lizard desperately floundered in the air, but right in the middle of the flight, a dense black giant lightning smashed its head into smithereens, passing through it like a red-hot knife.

“Just … just died for a moment?”, Zhao Man Yang’s jaw dropped.

Was it really the monster of the pack leader level? And then he somehow quickly died …

Is this the military experiment on the demonic element?

**knock Knock**

Around the mountains of corpses lizard-headed, all and not counted. Mo Fan jumped to the one that pierced through the skull with a lightning bolt. His eyes were still open and burning anger burned in them.

He grew up with the arrival of the monsters in Jin Lin, becoming stronger and stronger.

** inhale **

** exhale **

The death lizard continued to try to get on its feet, he was ordered to protect this territory from encroachment. And he coped with it perfectly, sowing fear into the hearts of other lizard-headed ones.

They had already captured the city a long time ago, and even they had a commander in chief. Mo Fan was surrounded by a dense, endless ring, without giving him a chance.

Mo Fan grinned, standing at the head of the lizard perdition.

“Calm down, all yours,” Demon Mo Fan beat a simple rhythm, and his words were the last thing that monster would hear before dying

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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