Chapter 324. Lizard capitulation


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Mo Fan’s inner rage should have come out completely, so when he saw a dragon-winged lizard dumping, he was sold out in earnest.

Mo Fan sprung his head. With his long claws, he climbed onto the tallest building with a TV tower as easily as if he were running along the ground! Cruelty overwhelmed him!

Climbing up the wall, demonizing Mo Fan saw that the dragon-winged lizard had already taken off to a height of seventy-eighty meters. His body was gradually removed from the dome of the tower, which had already managed to sink. The take-off power of this lizard far surpassed the bouncy of the agile wolf, the possibilities of which were already strengthened by the demonization of Mo Fang many times!

*** Bang ***

Mo Fan Fan’s body was covered by an amazing wolf’s shadow, which began to soar towards the sky in pursuit of the dragon-winged lizard. The lizard, having seen these demonic tricks, even more diligently flapped its wings.

Until that time, no one dared to invade this territory, which the dragon-winged lizard already considered its own. And even despite the fact that the lizard itself possessed outstanding power, he would not want to fight with this kid who kept up with him. Who knew that this minor will not calm down even when the dragon-wing has already decided to capitulate. Not exactly all right with his head!

Dragon-winged lizard was angry. He breathed in the air, forcing him inside … His body began to swell, and from a distance it looked like a rubber ball.


The lizard gathered all the air in his stomach and directed it with all its strength towards Mo Fanya … A vomiting vortex formed in the air, directed towards the pursuit. In the air, Mo Fan was not so easy to control his spiritual body, so it turned out to be dragged into this hurricane. The hurricane whirled, settling and dragging Mo Fanya into a deserted and wildly grassed area.

A strong wind flow turned all the buildings he encountered on the way into ruins. From this, Mo Fan, who was in the very midst of the hurricane, had many abrasions all over his body. However, they were not serious and looked like regular scratches. Vomit hurricane in the meantime hovered over the street. Mo Fan watched through the mist of dust as the huge dragon-winged lizard flew farther and farther. The lizard at this time, too, was staring at this demon, waving its wings ever harder. Seeing that only minor scratches remained on Mo Fan’s body from all this, the dragon-winged lizard made a fierce sound.

Well, from where small, weak-looking people, maybe a power comparable to the power of a commander-level monster ?! Oh, this little man! It creates unnecessary problems!

The dragon-winged lizard, meanwhile, headed for the ground, giving sounds its instructions to the crowd of lizard-headed ones that had accumulated below. Having spread its wings, the commander-in-chief, without turning his head, headed towards Dongting Lake.

Initially, the dragon wing and was not going to stay in this place for a long time. He planned to move back along with his entire horde to his native land.

On the orders of their commander-in-chief, the crowd of lizard-headed giants, turning around, ran along the main street, following the land following their supreme one. At the bottom, one could only see the countless lumpy ridges of their backs and lizard tails. In the other part, too, lizard-headed ones have accumulated, completely unaware of which commander-in-chief of the beast they must protect. All that they saw were heaps of the corpses of their relatives. Indescribable spectacle!

The demon Mo Fan didn’t have any difficulty in destroying the lizard-like giants, but their number was so huge that even if he dealt with them day and night, he still wouldn’t have time to clear everything here. And yet, only one beast of the level of the commander-in-chief fell on this whole crowd of suffering lizards … What is happening on Lake Dongting, where the number of lizards is hundreds of times more ?!

Another part of the city was also completely destroyed under the influence of high-level magic …

This was the battlefield of Zhan Kona and Liu Nan, whose forces were at a very high level. And although Liu Nian surpassed Zhan Kona in magic by one rank, Zhan Kon let out spiritual magic, which balanced their chances. From a single blow of high-level fire magic Zhan Kona, both of them fell to the ground, destroying even a hundred of their pangs.

They both attracted a lot of attention, but they themselves were so absorbed in the battle that they simply could not be distracted.

“How can you be such a wimp, eh? If you continue in the same vein, then I think that today you will be able to join Quan. She missed you so much! ”Shouted Liu Nian, revealing his sinister smile. While he was speaking, Liu Nian put a protective military pad on his arm. The lining scrolled and began to glow with a brown light, and then covered the entire body with Liu Nan Nan.

“This is called stone hand. Stone hand has enhanced petrification. You have already used all your magical artifacts … If your wings of the wind touch this hand, you will die in a stone … Do you like this kind of burial? ”- Liu Nian laughed even louder.

“The magical instrument of petrification!”

Such items are made only to order, so Liu Nyan spent a fortune to get this thing. Initially, he planned to use it in battle, who would have thought that the first person on whom he would experience the full power of this tool would be his old comrade Zhan Kon!

Zhan Kon frowned.

The magical tool on Liu Nan’s hand is really amazing. It was not an ordinary magic artifact or tool. If he uses the petrification function, a quarter of the city will turn into a stone! Zhan Konu needs to run very far …

“Run? Does it make sense? ”- Liu Nian accumulated his strength. And although it took quite a long time, Zhan Kon still would not have time to escape a safe distance.

Liu Nian watched with pleasure as Zhan Kon was about to flee in panic. Playing the eagle and the hare … The hare always thinks that he can quickly reach his hole and hide. However, the eagle always sees with its keen eye where it runs, and then instantly catches up with it! And the game ends.

“Oh? Could I not hold back? ”- stone magic spread around at great speed. Absolutely everything in the area became white-stone, even the plants, which immediately after petrification, crumbled into powder.

To his surprise, Liu Nian discovered that Zhan Kon did not end up hiding. He stood in the same place where he stopped. His gaze was as if he saw something out of the ordinary.

“You’d better turn around,” said Zhan Kon.

“This is all the jokes of this child!” Liu Nian shouted furiously.

“But I warned you …” – Zhan Kon stared at Liu Nanny and at the huge ominous shadow that was approaching them with great speed.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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