Chapter 325. Go to Hell.


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* sighs *

Darkness blew from the back, and suddenly Liu Nian realized what was happening.

Is that a monster?

It is unlikely that his magic of petrification should have worked on everyone around him, and the monster who was so close was all the more obliged to turn into a statue.

Zhan Kona’s face, feeling Liu Nanny’s dismay, broke into a smile.

Suddenly, with the speed of the wind, someone’s face slipped in front of Liu Nyan, frozen in surprise.

Who, who is it?

This face was completely covered with bloody patterns, and the eyes of those eyes made them tremble with horror.

“Mo … Mo Fan?”, Liu Nian did not believe his eyes.

“Yes, it’s me!”, – Mo Fan bared his teeth and began to laugh madly, his laughter blew to the bone, his voice was very different from what Liu Nyan remembered: “I told you that next time we meet then I’ll send you, creature, straight to hell. ”

The demon Mo Fan was not very capable of thinking, but he accurately remembered all the rage before demonization, and now the opportunity to pour it out. This repulsive physiognomy, from which Liu Nanny was shaking the hamstrings, was clearly going to wrest the soul from him.

At first, Liu Nyan didn’t seem at all obvious that Mo Fan was demonized altogether. He conducted an experiment on countless people before that, and no one after demonization could utter a word like a human being, because they were completely transformed into monsters, and there was no human being left in them. Mo Fan, who stood before him, except for the bloody patterns all over his body and white long hair, the rest of his appearance remained the same.

And if this is not demonization, then what could so enhance physical abilities and create such a frightening aura around?

“I can’t promise you a quick death … But you can beg me,” Mo Fan opened his mouth, revealing his sharp fangs.

Just finished speaking, the hand of Demon Mo Fang squeezed the back of Liu Nan’s head.

“How is it that you are standing so close to me and you still can …?”, Liu Nian did not have time to finish, as his skull box cracked on impact with the ground.

Liu Nian’s face rested on the ground, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move, because Mo Fan pressed his foot on top of him.

It is worth noting that before this the whole earth was clay, but now it has hardened and has become, like a stone. Who knew that the petrification, which he mainly used to kill others, would eventually play against him.

** bang **

The hard rock cracked and crumbled, under the pressure of Liu Nan’s head, painfully burying her as an ostrich buries itself in the sand.

Good or bad, but Liu Nyan is a high-level magician, his body is many times stronger than a normal human, approximately like a monster of a servant level. And if it were not for this fact, his head has long been, like a bursting watermelon, flooded everything scarlet, but Liu Nian not only remained conscious, but his blood was not much around.

“No … No mercy … No mercy will be !!!”, – Liu Nanny’s body quickly became covered with a golden glow, taking the form of armor.

It looks like the magical armor was of a high level, and when Mo Fan hit his face again with his fist, he covered his cheek with light, easily protecting the wearer.

Demon Mo Fan did not emphasize the magical armor that appeared, and continued to beat, inflaming his right fist.

The blows, like a meteor shower, one after another rained down on Liu Nanny’s face, and it was clearly not sure if there was a golden armor on it or not.

** bang! **

Mo Fan’s next firestroke fell on Liu Nan’s face, the glittering golden armor mostly held the power of the flame, but this blow split it. Fist slammed straight into the nose.

“Stone … Stone … Petrification!” – the fact that Liu Nian was able to withstand such a blow proves the endurance of top-level magicians.

He gathered strength in the stone hand, and then the greyish-white energy burst from the sockets of Liu Nan.

Liu Nian was extremely angry, wishing to turn this guy into a stone statue, and then destroy it with a kick!

The demon Mo Fan did not understand what petrification was, but continued to thrash with all his might on Liu Nyan. The grayish-white energy wrapped around Mo Fang’s legs and rose higher, shackling his steps, weaving his feet with the ground.

Irritated Mo Fan hit the fiery fist on the ground, immediately raised a pillar of fire, which in the ashes burned, crawling, like a horde of ants, on the legs, the power of petrification.

The eyes of General Liu Nanny grew wider, the power of petrification was not only created by his eyes, she demanded tremendous magical power to maintain.

This force is able to destroy the monster level commander in chief, as this young man could resist her?

Still, he was already demonized, how could he keep his psyche and even remember the recent enmity with him?

“You walking guilty, you … You should be grateful to me, for the strength given to you !!”, Liu Nian shouted furiously.

Mo Fan himself was demonized, he was able to control the spirit, but this is incredible! Yes, he was the best material for the experiment, but no one could have imagined that he would be able to preserve his appearance, be able to speak, stay with his memory, and still get such explosive power!

He is only an average magician, but he has already been demonized and shows a similar power, then if he gets a high level, then his demonic power will definitely shake the message of peace!

Mages of the highest level, commanders-in-chief of armies, rulers of the world, will all be at his feet!

“Of course, I am grateful to you …”, – Mo Fang breathed irritation and insanity, his fangs were slightly opened, the corners of his mouth were raised: “And that’s why you are going to hell now!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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