Chapter 326. Destroy Liu Nanny!


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The body of the demonized Mo Fan began to produce electric lightning. Numerous arcs of dark purple formed a spear before Mo Fane!

Stretching his palm forward, demon Mo Fan clutched at a long spear, instantly becoming one with him. Using this bit of a spear, Mo Fan violently attacked the demon Liu Nan, trying to pierce his chest. The last time, Mo Fang had enough of one blow to pierce the head of a large death lizard.

Purple lightnings began to shake in the air, and the discharge spear reached Liu Nan’s chest. He only understood that the magic of the lightning element was used against him.

Lightning itself did not have a paralytic effect, but it had tremendous destructive power. Needless to say, there are so many lightning strikes, united in one spear!

The golden armor used by the demon Liu Nyan could not fully protect him from the attack of the discharge spear, so a tear was soon formed in the armor. Bit of a spear reached his chest!

An electric sound of lightning struck in the ears.

Hardly lightning strikes reached the skin, chest and internal organs of Liu Nan. On his back a large wound was already bleeding, through which the irrepressible light of lightning leaked. Liu Nian froze, and his eyes opened wide with horror. Feeling a hole in his chest, his hand turned black. At that moment, he didn’t feel pain at all, vital energy was leaking from his body with great speed. Most of all, people are afraid not of pain, but of the fact that they will never feel it again, because it means that the end is very close.

“How … how could you … could …” said Liu Nian in a death voice, his face twisted in misery.

The demonized Mo Fan stood in front of him, still completely surrounded by his lightning bolts that vibrated in the air. Mo Fan was like a lightning phenomenon that descended from heaven. A terrible smile appeared on his face, which contrasted brightly with the suffering expression on Liu Nan’s face. Liu Nian himself could not have imagined that this fellow would become his executioner.

This tremendous power … He! He himself had to command this energy! How could she turn against him ?! The demonic element … He spent so much time and effort to find the very man who would be perfect for demonization. But in the end, he created a horror that even his own, Liu Nanny, was afraid of! The horror that mercilessly pierced him with its demonic lightning …

The last drop of blood left the body of Liu Nan, the charred hole gaped in his chest, inducing burning horror. His body slowly twisted, falling to the ground. The last thing Liu Nian saw in his life was the blue sky, against which he clearly distinguished this demonic face with bloody patterns – a young lad who became the ideal material for the experiment.

That’s what it means to “not give up until the last!”

Liu Nyan, suffering, realizing that he himself could personally touch this perfect element, could use it for …

*** Aaaaaaaaa ***

At the last moment of his life, the ominous ghostly claws completely pierced his body, lifting him into the air. If he knew that his life would end like this … that he was subjected to the execution of “thousands of cuts *” (“Ling-chi” is an ancient form of Chinese execution that was widely used in history. People were tied up and then gradually cut off parts of the body and inflicted numerous cuts, while allowing the victim to see the whole process of using the tools).

Phantom claws had one specific property: they could pierce the soul. Mo Fan, knowing this, specifically used them to bring this service as much suffering as possible, because there would be no other opportunity to make fun of him like that.

The human soul is always the most vulnerable place. Subjected to such spiritual torture, the soul completely disappears from the face of the earth, despite the fact that the victim himself feels as if he has died many times.

There was no longer any sense to regret, demonizing Mo Fan literally obliterated Liu Nan in ashes. The spirit of Liu Nanny did not disappear with the wind. It was sucked by a strange current, like the river Styx, which was already teeming with souls of other evil spirits. Did he really go to hell?

The dark talisman of Mo Fan was exultant, absorbing the soul of Liu Nanny. Mo Fan Him himself could only hear the wailing of his pitiful little soul.

Is this talisman somehow connected with the element of necromancy? Is this some kind of experiment related to it? Whatever the case, it is only known that everything connected with the element of necromancy is accompanied by incredible torment.

After destroying this demon Liu Nan with his own hands, Mo Fang’s brain literally split into two parts. One was completely empty, while the other was seething with anger. Mo Fan was standing not far from Zhan Kona, who was staring at him and did not dare approach.

Zhan Kon knew very well that it was not easy to interact with a person who turned into a demon. He wanted to help Mo Fang return to his usual state, but did not know where to start.

Up to this point in history there have not yet been any examples of the fact that experimental subjects survived after demonization, and Zhan Kon was not engaged in research in this area, therefore at that moment his hands completely dropped.

He tried to talk to Mo Fan, if only because the demonized Mo Fan retained the human appearance of Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan …” – Zhan Kon addressed the demonized Mo Fan.

The demon Mo Fan turned around, his eyes sparkling with hatred. He did not attack Zhan Kon, because he recognized in him a familiar face from the city of Bo.

The head of the demonized one hurt so much as if it was about to split into pieces. The bloody bead brought immense mental anguish, and if Mo Fanya had been a simple person, his soul would have been destroyed long ago.

From the mouth of Mo Fan, there was only a snarl in response. Flames and lightning uncontrollably surrounded his body.

“Listen, listen to me, Mo Fan … The demonic element cannot be a real magic element, because it entails a serious side effect. He uses the mental resources of a person to increase combat capability. Your soul probably also suffered this destruction! ”Said Zhan Kon Mo Fang excitedly, his teeth gnawing.

“… Tell me … I … What I owe … So that … ”said Mo Fan, trying to maintain his composure.

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