Chapter 327. Spiritual payment.


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“We urgently need a spiritual entity. Now you have to properly control your strength, only this way I can take you to a military unit. The military unit has the necessary resources that can help you cope. That’s why the demonic element is called demonic, what physical strength takes your soul, ”said Zhan Kon hurriedly.

Mo Fan had four elements, which means that he received a very powerful enhancement of his abilities, so spiritual retribution would be appropriate.

The only way to preserve your soul is to receive powerful nourishment from the spiritual essence. The spiritual essence provides powerful feeding of the soul, weakening the action of demonization. And if the demonic element is trying to take possession of Mo Fane’s young soul, the spiritual essence counteracts this process.

However, a lot of spiritual essence was needed, and Zhan Kon could not even say for sure whether the military unit could provide the necessary amount of it to save Mo Fang’s soul. But Zhan Kon was ready to do anything to keep the boy alive.

“Control yourself … I will take you to the military unit,” repeated Zhan Kon.

* Growl *

Mo Fan could now only express himself with a wolf growl, having lost the gift of speech.

Suddenly, Mo Fan jumped as fast as a fired arrow, and with great speed disappeared from the sight of Zhan Kon. Zhan Kona’s facial expression changed in an instant, he wanted to spread his wings of the wind to rise up, but he realized that he had already lost too much magical energy.

“Mo Fan!” Zhan Kon shouted loudly, addressing the demonic shadow that was rushing through the streets of Jin Lin. However, the shadow did not stop, continuing to rush rapidly. Why did he run so fast, knowing that his spiritual strength was about to run out?

Zhan Kon was looking in the direction of the disappeared shadow … His face seemed to be able to express nothing but agony.

In fact, after the tragedy in the city of Bo, Zhan Kon very often recalled Mo Fang, and even asked the director Xiao to keep an eye on him. Zhan Kon knew that the fact that Mo Fan was a born magician of two elements would sooner or later be made public. When he learned about the research of a new element, he became more cautious about Liu Nian, and, as was to be expected, he was already in full swing into its implementation. However, he underestimated Liu Nanny and the means to which he resorted. Liu Nian gathered a group of military retirees at his disposal, who were particularly distinguished by their devotion to insanity.

Almost half of the students died, Mo Fan is on the verge … No one knows what lies ahead … – all this infuriated Zhan Kona, and he fell heavily to the ground. How could he not prevent all this?

Zhan Kon was exhausted … He had spent too much of the magical energy of the wind element to use his wings now. Besides, is there any point in pursuing this wilderness for those who use the demonic element ?!

Gathering his strength and rising, Zhan Kon went to the very center of the city. Soon, he stumbled upon four students and several subordinates of Liu Nan.

“If you are going to fight, then without thinking, I will deliver the death sentence to all of you,” said Zhan Kon, addressing Jiang Yi and the soldiers who surrounded her.

Jiang Yi shook her head. With a look of remorse, she said: “We will not fight, just say, how is our commander in chief?”

“He is dead. Fell from your demonic element, which tore his soul to shreds, ”answered Zhan Kon.

Jiang Yi and the rest of the military were numb. They can believe in the death of Liu Nanny only when they see his body with their own eyes.

As a result, they found it with open sternum. There was anguish on his face, a sign that he had suffered greatly in his last moment. As Zhan Kon said, his soul was torn apart by the demonizing Mo Fang.

Jiang Yi and the rest of the wards began to cry, while Mu Nu Jiao, Bai Ting Ting and Zhao Man Yan were incredibly happy. This demon Liu Nyan put them in mortal danger, what are they, ordinary students, guilty about? The fact that caught the eye of this abused savage ?!

“Mo … Mo Fan? What about Mo Fan? Is he badly hurt? I can cure him … ”Bai Ting Ting asked excitedly.

“I’ll tell you later” – Zhan Kon did not want to spread much.

“Please tell me” – Mu Nu Jiao was more insistent.

“I have to tell his family,” said Zhan Kon quietly, turning his eyes on Jiang Yi and her charges.

Zhan Kon was so angry at this moment that he was ready to kill these soldiers … How? How could they turn such a gifted mage with great hopes into a demon ?! In time, the whole world could know about him! There was no person whom Zhan Kon would admire more than Mo Fang!

Liu Nan’s body was taken away.

Nobody expected that so few students would return from an internship in Jin Lin. The lowest survival rate was shown by students of the Imperial University.

The military had already delivered the remains of Liu Nan and agreed to testify in a military court in the case of Jiang I.

Zhan Kon would like this case not to be made public, in order to avoid extraneous influence, however, the educational administration did not agree for anything.

However, Zhan Kon set the condition that the school administration will not publish news of the invention of a new element, but will simply mention the terrible experiment. As for the demonization of Mo Fan, she had to remain secret. Only Zhan Kon himself, the director of Sun He, the director of Xiao, Professor Qiu Yu Hua, and the four who were rescued by Mo Fan knew about this.

As for Jiang Yi and the rest of the military, they were all sentenced to death. The last good thing that Jiang Yi did was that she presented Mo Fang in the eyes of humanity as a hero who saved his team, and not a man who eventually became unclear into what …

In the ears heard the familiar singing of birds. These are the little birds inhabiting a large plane tree in the middle of the yard. It seems that they have already matured, even their singing sounded like an adult.

Opening her eyes, she first saw a fragrant plant by the window, which the girl watered.

Inside the room everything was painfully familiar … The smell of a blanket, the fragrant aroma of pillow filler …

“She’s awake! She woke up! ”

Moo Ning Xue understood that this girl was notifying everyone with her cry.

Nearby, footsteps were heard, and a noticeably aged Mu Kyo Yoon hurriedly entered the room.

“She came to, my daughter! Finally I came to my senses! ”- Mu Joo Yong said with excitement.

“Dad …” – Mu Ning Xue’s face broke into a smile.

“I will not let you go again for any internship!” Said Mu Kyaw Yoon.

Mu Ning Xue slowly began to recover events. In her head immediately emerged the physiognomy of that demon. Mu Ning Xue hurried to distract herself.

Is she herself saved?

It seems not so simple. She remembered how she had vaguely heard someone crying, as if they were discussing something, and as if this was related to Mo Fang.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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