Chapter 328. Forced Marriage


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Mu Kyaw Yun knew that Mu Ning Xue would not remember what happened after she lost consciousness, so he decided to tell her everything.

“Who knew that this boy would dare to do that for his friends? He went alone against the dragon-winged lizard, and he also figured out with Liu Nyan. Only thanks to him you were able to escape. Mo Jia Xing came here, wanted to see you. I expressed my condolences to him, I even offered a well-paid job at my place, but he categorically refused, ”said Mu Kyo Yoon with a chagrin in his voice.

Mu Kyaw Yong did not openly tolerate Mo Fang, but after he saved his own daughter, the old man’s heart softened a little. He, of course, did not completely change his attitude towards Mo Fang, but he sent several of his subordinates to look after the Mo family.

“He … did he really die?” Came Mu Ning Xue’s voice.

“Yes, Zhan Kon brought such news, and he never lies. You should not be very upset about this. You know … I could not even imagine that this kid appreciated you so much that he gave his life for you. Eh … It was not necessary then with him … Well, don’t pay attention, ”breathed Mu Kyo Yun.

Mu Ning Xue hung her chin on her knees, she looked out the window. At that moment, the words of Mo Fang came to her memory, which he told her in church then.

Was he sincere then? Now she cannot already know this for sure … His words turned into the death thief. Now everything has disappeared like smoke.

“Ning Xue, for the next year you must not use a damning ice bow. I, like your father, of course, want you to become the support of the Mu family, but I do not want anything to happen to you again. You know that we are now in the care of other members of the Mu family. Our position in the capital is unenviable. And if you make a mistake, then we will have an end, ”said Mu Kyaw Yoon with deep feeling.

“Well, henceforth, I will be more careful” – Mu Ning Xue shook her head. Mentally, she returned to the realization of her inner immaturity.

Mu Kyaw Yong did not bother her daughter anymore, knowing that now she would only think about the kid who had saved her from that deadly trap.

Leaving the room, Mu Kyaw Yong sat down on the sofa, and finally sighed deeply. He considered his next step when a young man with a silver chain around his neck and a middle-aged man with hair combed over his forehead entered the house. They were dressed appropriately: many accessories, among which were jade, and rings, and pendants. So you can not tell if it is ordinary trinkets or expensive magical artifacts.

“So this is Mr. Zhou and his nephew Yu Hong! Xiao Ling, bring us the best tea leaves! ”Said Mu Kyaw Yoon, getting up to greet the guests.

“Forget about tea, we came to see Mu Ning Xue,” said a middle-aged man by the name of Zhou.

“She’s resting now. Sit down. I just wanted to talk with you, Mr. Zhou, about the shopping center, the territory of which includes the Imperial Palace * (it is possible that the Imperial Palace is completely implied, on whose territory the Imperial University is located). I have already managed to get ready, so we can have tea and discuss everything with you and the chairman of the shopping center any day, ”said Mu Jo Yong with a smile.

“To do this, you need to negotiate with people from your family. The Imperial Palace will be sold at auction, and members of the clan Mu are responsible for organizing magical auctions. What do you want me for? ”Mr. Zhou replied, raising an eyebrow and looking blank.

“Well, why are you so. You know that Mu Kyaw Yong is not in the most enviable position now, but we can help him. ”

“Will not work. He is neither matchmaker nor brother to us. In the capital, the Zhou family has tremendous power, but even in spite of this, we honor family traditions, ”Mr. Zhou replied.

“Well … This is …” – Mu Joe Yoon, with embarrassment, could not find what to say.

Mu Kyaw Yong hated the role of the supplicant, but there was simply no other way out. The family needs to be maintained, but many family members and the clan were no longer alive. He explained to them so many times that now the Mu family no longer possesses the power that was possessed in the city of Beau, and it was useless to regret.

Zhou Yu Hong saw how much Mu Kyaw Yong was hesitant about. Not enduring, he said: “Mu Kyaw Yong, you yourself know how good I feel about Mu Ning Xue. I am interested in marriage with her, and only then can we give you all possible help. We sympathize with you about what happened in the city of Bo, and we know that now you are completely dependent on other Mu, you are on their content. But if we get married with Mu Ning Xue, then everything will change immediately. You marry with our family Zhou, and the rest of Mu will then be required to reckon with you. In addition, this time Mu Ning Xue suffered greatly, and we thought to bring her the famous medicine of the heavenly spirit, which will help her recover more quickly and improve her cultivation. But if we cannot consider her as a member of our family, then we cannot even give her such gifts. Think again about your daughter’s well-being. When she returns to the Imperial University, despite all her natural data, without the support of our family, she will not be able to develop at the proper level. ”

Zhou Yu Hong never gave up, and since he decided to marry, he needed to do it as quickly as possible.

This graceful figure of Mu Ning Xue, her noble white skin … An image for which you can die! Zhou Yu Hong’s mouth was drooling at her for a long time, and thinking about his marriage, he wanted to get her exactly. He diligently persuaded Mu Kyaw Yong to agree.

“Um … This is …” – Mu Kyaw Yoon was already thinking about the likelihood of a wedding, knowing that this would help the family.

But … Just thinking that Mo Fan recently saved Mu Ning Xue, and he already so quickly agrees to her wedding … Mu Kyaw Yong felt ashamed before the soul of a boy who was no longer alive.

“Can we talk about this a little later? Mu Ning Xue is still so weak, ”said Mu Kyaw Yong.

“Well, it’s about time for a wedding! Dissolve failures! ”Mr. Zhou was already losing his patience too.

“She is ill. Let’s give her recover. We will come to visit her again. ”Zhou Yu Hong also thought that there was no reason to hurry. Pulling the sick girl to the wedding is completely tactless. This goddess, sooner or later she will belong to him!

“Well then, then deal with the purchase of the territory yourself” – Mr. Zhou immediately made his mood clear.

Zhou Yu Hong, having endured the moment of modesty of the future son-in-law, having bowed, left.

Looking at the leaving back of the head of the family, Zhou, Mu Kyaw Yong sighed heavily.

Family, clan and clan – these concepts differ among themselves.

Mu Kyaw Yong was the head of the family of the Mu family, and was the very despot that controlled the city of Bo. In the eyes of the Mu family, he was considered a poor goner who was in exile in the south, and his possessions looked like a simple hut. After Bo’s city was wiped off the face of the Earth, Mu Kyaw Yong with the remaining members of the clan * Mu returned to the capital. He wanted Mu Ning Xue to develop and be able to reach the top of the ice line *, while Mu Kyaw Yong himself would move slowly, increasing the resources of his family.

Mu Kyaw Yong was already considered old for further cultivation, because the resources of the human body are extremely limited. It remained only to rely on the young offspring, only through their cultivation, people bearing the surname Mu could consider themselves to be people with a capital letter.

(* as the translator understood (xD): the most extensive concept is the clan, the family clan Mu takes a prominent place and is well known in Beijing and beyond. The clan is further divided into clans, then we return to the city of Bo, which was inhabited and controlled by the clan Mu. Within the clan, families stand out, just the same family of Mu Kyaw Yong was central to this branch, which allowed him to single-handedly make decisions of the city until it was destroyed.The main element of all members of the Mu family is ice, for which he was called the ice genus).

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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