Chapter 329. The Case at Dongting Lake


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The city of Bi I * (from the Chinese “winged”) is located in the southeast of the plain of Lake Dongting. The whole city is under military subordination, so most of its residents are in military service.

Most of the quartered military area of Bee. And these are military magicians, whose main task is confrontation against the lizard giants. That is why the whole city itself is a protective barrier between Dongting Lake and the city located in the east.

Safe boundaries reached heavenly space. A group of white silhouettes at high speed flew up to the city. They were going to land on the border ledge.

This squad consisted of twenty people. After they handed Eagle to the tamer, they soon entered the main meeting room of the fortress.

Inside the main meeting room of the fortress there were already several military commanders who were sitting in front of the long table. They all stared at the map of the plain of Dongting Lake, which was projected onto the wall of the hall.

“Allow me to report!”

“Speak” – the person standing by the projector looked at the hastily entered commander of the detachment.

“Everything was confirmed. In the west of Lake Dongting, an accumulation of corpses of lizard-headed giants was found. We brought a few samples with us. I think we will be able to get the results of the research very soon, ”the commander of the reconnaissance detachment reported.

“I think, Supreme Commander Qiu Xin, that there is no point in doing research. Well, these lizard-headed ones died, so they died. Perhaps there was a new dragon-winged lizard, who started the battle to assert his position as commander-in-chief. Vnutristandnye clashes have already occurred, why was it worth it because of all of us to collect? ”- said the man with the military rank lazily.

Supreme Commander Qiu Xin had a wary expression on his face. He was always extremely cautious, and if even the slightest change occurred at Dunting, he had to calculate everything, even to what extent the fortress’s protective resources or what the population of the city was. He did all this in case the tribe that inhabited Dunting meets to do something.

A few moments later a military doctor appeared, in his hands he held the autopsy results.

“After examining such a large number of selected samples, it can be concluded that all these lizard-headed ones have undergone three types of death. The first kind is burning with fire, since there is a lot of ash among the remains. The second species, the lizardheads, were killed by piercing electrical lightning discharges. And the last species – the lizards were barbarously broken with powerful claws! ”Said the old military doctor, coughing.

“Fire, lightning, claws?” – Supreme Commander Qiu Xin plunged into deep thought. He recalled which of the creatures has three types of powers at once.

However, he came to the conclusion that there is no such animal in the vicinity of the lake.

“Something else?” Qiu Xin continued to ask.

“Yes. According to the reconnaissance detachment, everything was cleaned up on the spot. ”

“Cleaned up?”

“No dead showers were found. Generally speaking, with such a high level of concentration of dark energy and death energy in place, the spirits of dead animals could also be reborn, but instead thousands of corpses of lizard-headed birds were found in place. And there was not a single soul found. It all says that the souls of the monsters were either scattered or were collected by someone, ”the medical doctor replied.

“Well, this is also not unusual. The western herd of lizard-like giants suffered from a strange bloody massacre, and their souls were also destroyed … ”said a woman named Li Man.

“What’s the difference? We must seize this opportunity and kill all the other creatures. Then for the next few years we can surely be calm, ”said military Zhao Man with a lazy smile.

“Continue to explore, and I will post the news. Maybe there are people who know something for certain, ”said Qiu Xin.

The meeting is over. Supreme Commander Qiu Xin went to contact other military areas and look for people who might know the answer.

In such an unusual case, the most suitable was to contact the League of Hunters. The members of this organization were omnipresent and could risk going even to places where the military did not go.

“Yes, tell me, already, finally! For a week now there has been talk of the discovery of the corpses of lizard-headed giants. Is there a threat to the public? ”

“Who knows. But it is clear that these are very powerful creatures. As for the corpses, only the military can deal with it. ”

Li Man’s brows wrinkled, anxiety expressed on her beautiful face. She did not like such strange phenomena, because for the most part they were harbingers of disaster.

“Commander, tell me the place. I myself will go there myself and investigate everything! ”Said Li Manh in a stern voice, getting up from her seat.

“This is … Wait …”.

“I don’t like to wait!” Li Manh said directly. Having said this, she left the meeting room, taking with her the squad leader. Such her behavior made everyone shook their heads in disapproval.

Well, the character of this lady! Wow she herself personally go to the investigation! Her temper is even more cruel than that of men – she has no place to throw him out here. A sort of exciting thing!

The military units mutually inform each other about the events that have happened. After Qiu Xin notified of the incident, the southern military unit immediately contacted.

The main opponents of the southern military unit are the magical wolves, so the case of lizard-like giants has nothing to do with them. However, their leader, Zhan Kon is always in awe of everything that happens.

Zhan Kon just recently returned. Very little time has passed since he received the news. At this moment there was a knock at the door.

“Who?” Asked Zhan Kon.

“Sergeant Zhan Kon, this is me – Zhang Xiao Hou!” – Zhang Xiao Hou heard the voice behind the door and some other strange sounds.

“I knew it was you. Come in, ”said Zhan Kon with a smile.

Zhang Xiao Hou stumbled into Zhan Kонаn’s room and said with excitement: “Any news about Mo Fang? I heard that something strange was happening on Dunting, and I thought that this should be related to Mo Fan … ”.

“It is still not clear. An investigation is underway there. You shouldn’t be so reckless, ”said Zhan Kon with a bit of irritation in his voice.

“Well, how can I not worry? He’s my only brother. ”

“Oh well. Come back. If news comes, I will tell you. ”

“Not. Foreman Zhan Kon, I want you to send me to Dongting. If there is even the slightest chance of finding Mo Fang, then I will do it, ”said Zhang Xiao Hou sincerely.

“This is not for you. If you go there now, you will be devoured by the lizards. ”

“This is my business, Sergeant Zhan Kon. I have the strength to take care of myself, ”said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“Well, you fool! Even if you cultivate another ten years, you can still die there! ”- Zhan Kon impatiently expelled Zhang Xiao Hou.

What kind of place is the plain of Dongting Lake?

Even if Zhan Kon himself came back from there with injuries, then Zhang Xiao Hou, the average level magician, is simply doomed to perish there!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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