Chapter 33: Volume 2: Prologue-One Arm of the Demon King-


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Two thousand years ago-Ahartohern, the Forest of the Great Spirit.

An eight-necked water dragon was raging as the pouring rain poured.

The true spirit has the appearance of the beginning. Reality-In other words, while revealing the true form gives you greater magical power, it is not unusual for your mind to be far from its premature appearance.

Spirits are strange creatures. It is said that its existence is born from the hearts of countless people. Lore, legend, rumors, aspirations, fears, hopes … these are the concrete and embodied spirits.

If the fear of the people’s fire is so extreme that they can create spirits of fire, their faith in water may increase and they may create spirits of water.

The eight-headed water dragon was born from the tears of God poured into Ahartohern, the legend of the first drop that created water in the world. It is the true nature of the water spirit, Lignon.

Linyon, the guardian deity of the Great Spirit, is angry with intruders trying to burn the forest.

And the name of those who invade Ahartohern without fear of Linyon is the name of the violent demon King Anos Voldigord.

“Hmm. Did you get half of my subordinates in one blow? It seems like it’s the same power as lore.”

Anos takes a step further in preparation for the war. But a demons came forward to control it. She wears armor and swords on her waist. He had gray hair and no pigmented eyes, and even on this battlefield he had a cool look somewhere. He kneeled in front of the Demon King and hung his head.

“My lord, many fears will give you permission to do so.”


“I will not bother you with such small fish. With your command, let me slash in the moment.”

Anos laughed at the words.

“Well, then bet? You have to squeeze into it, and if you spend more than a moment, stop that stiff talk. If you literally defeat it during the moment, I’ll give you any reward.”

Then the demons said.

“Fun. You know you can’t bet.”

Kin, and the sound of putting the sword in the sheath sounded. At the next moment, the raging eight-necked water dragon was scattered as if it were cut innumerably, and every drop of rain in the downpour popped and disappeared. After a long time, the fine spirit forest clears.

“How about you?”

“Shin’s as clear as ever, Shin”

He still kneels and remains hanging down. In this state, the great spirit of water Linnon was extinguished and even the pouring rain was wiped out.

Demon King’s right arm, Shin Regria. The owner of a thousand magic swords and the strongest swordsman in the demons.

Hanging on his waist is an iron sword, and he hasn’t pulled out a single sword to defeat Linyon.

“If I fight you, I may be in danger.”

“No. Even with my thousand swords does not fall below your feet.”

Anos screams at Shin’s words that are too loyal.

“How about a sword-only game?”

“A lot of fear may be able to scratch it.”

“What do you say. You’re the right arm I’ve acknowledged. I’m in trouble if I have one of these arms.”

Shin bowed quietly.

“If you order”

Hearing that, Anos spills his voice from the bottom of his belly. Nevertheless, the Demon King knew that this loyal subordinate would not cut off his arm. Even if you play, if you point your sword at the master, you will choose to die. Shin Reglia is such a man.

“Oh, Shin. I’d like to play with your sword without worrying about you in a peaceful day.”


Anos thought that times were not far away.

“Oh, by the way, betting is my defeat. What do you want to reward?”

“Hopefully, I will give you permission to reincarnate.”

“After building a wall?”

“These thousand swords are dedicated to you. Even for the reincarnation, I can’t imitate living my life after my death.”

Anos thinks he’s a difficult man.

“Are you not good at root magic?”

Reincarnation Magic that affects the root is called root magic, and the magic of <> is at its highest level. Anos can transfer its powers and memories to the transmigrant as it is, but those who are not good at root magic cannot reincarnate in perfect condition. There will be deficits in power and memory.

“It’s not bad to start a new sword in a new era and from scratch.”

Shin is an investigator who has always walked the sword path. Despite being said to be the strongest swordsman in the demons, he was once defeated by the sword-handling hero, Canon. You may remember the limitations of the current vessel. Incomplete reincarnation means that you can get even stronger if you turn it over. Or perhaps you want to bet on it.

“It’s good. I like it.”

“Thank you happiness. Even if you reincarnated and lost your memory, this source will not forget you.”

“Don’t be so stiff.

Thought letter Anos spoke so, and spoke to the whole area of Ahartohern with <>.

“How long have you pretended to be dead, my subordinate. Burn the forest and burn out the great spirit Reno.”

Resuscitation In response to Anos’s call, the subordinates once killed by Linyon begin to move together. It was revived by <>. From everywhere in the forest, a black flame was rising and quickly spread to Ahartohern.


Anos looks ahead. In the woods wrapped in black flames, there was a person coming straight here.

“I came, brave canon”

About one kilometer in distance. A brave hero with a sacred sword is running to this place.

“I don’t think you’ve killed the source yesterday.”

Resuscitation Shin says. Anyone will die if the roots are extinguished. <> Does not work either. If there is an exception, it is the hero Canon. He revives many times. The reason is that the canon usually has the roots of each and every seven. And if at least one source remains, the remaining six sources can be revived. If the Devil King Anos, who manages almost all magic, has the only magic that the hero can’t match, that is the root magic. That’s why Shin lagged behind Canon. He recovers as many times as he loses. And once you kill this source, you win. It’s an unfair game, but you can’t be the enemy of the Demon King without it. Anos thinks that even if he repeats the game indefinitely, he will never lose once.

“Shin. I’m with Kanon. You’re looking for the great spirit Reno.”


Upon replying, Shin disappeared.

“Now, the brave canon. How many kills today will you die?”

Anos deploys the magic circle to the 6 * gates and fires <> all at once for the approaching hero.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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