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Through the moonlight, you can clearly see the face of scorpion, because anger has already become distorted.

The poison spots on his face, like a poisonous insect, seem to make people shudder.

But when you look at it, you will find that the plaque on the face of scorpion venom seems to be a lot more. It is also exposed on the arm in the air. It also has a lot of bleeding, showing redness and pungent smell.

As Chu Xingyun said, in the past three days in the past, scorpion venom could not suppress the toxicity of blood poisoning, the toxin has been begun to expand, and it has become a close and numerous plaque.

In this regard, scorpion venom has found a lot of ways to curb the toxicity of blood poisoning, and the results are all ended in failure.

If you continue this way, when the toxins infiltrate into the internal organs, then he will die.

At the time of his sorrowful grief, Chu Xingyun appeared in his mind, and with the idea of trying it out, he sneaked into Chuzhen and arrived at Chu Xingyun.

But scorpion poisonously didn’t expect, Chu Xingyun opened his mouth and pretended to be stupid, pretending to have a ignorant expression, which simply humiliated him and despised him.

The poisonous scalp is numb.

How many characters, actually played by a teenager in the palm of the hand, but when he thought of the bloody poison in his own, he swallowed this evil.

“I know that you have a way to resolve the bloody poison, tell me, I am willing to give you the heart of the heart.” Scorpion poison as much as possible to suppress the anger of own, the voice softened many.

“Yin Xinguo belongs to my Chu Family. You said that you want to give it to me. It seems to be somewhat inexplicable.”

Chu Xingyun jumped down the rockery and stretched out and said: “If you say it again, even if the heart is yours, if you are poisoned, you will become an unowned thing. Finally, you are not going to fall into it. In my hand?”

The drug was suddenly dumb and wanted to refute, but did not know where to start.

He clenched his fists and stopped suppressing his anger. He threatened: “Since you are so ruthless, don’t blame me for being so hot. As long as I release the poisonous smoke, Chu Town will not want to stay alive in one night!”

Between the words, the poisonous body of the cockroach rises and rolls up the poisonous smoke, and it is necessary to cover the entire Chu town.

“You are so confident in the poison of own, then even if I try, I have to look at it. It is the speed of killing you, or the speed of my rescue. However, I kindly remind you that you are doing so on a large scale. Poisoning will only accelerate the spread of bloody drugs. I am afraid that if you have not poisoned one person, you will fall down first.”

The scorpion’s face is so ugly, he doesn’t know about these things.

It is because of the bloody poison in the middle, he does not dare to rashly urge the spiritual power, otherwise, like a hairy boy like Chu Xingyun, he said killing and killing, not at all.

“That’s good, how do we make a deal?” 阎 poison took a deep breath, seems to have made a major decision.

“As long as you help me to resolve the bloody poison, I am willing to become a Chu Family guest, guarding Chu Family for three years.” The word “small poison”, each word, is so difficult.

As an expert of Spirit Gathering Ninth Level Day, Viciousness is the peak powerhouse of Westwind City. There are very few people who can beat him.

There were countless family Patriarch squatting in front of him, begging him to become a guest, but he refused.

Now, for his life, he is willing to bow his head and become a Chu Family guest!

“Three years is too short, not much meaning. If you are willing to work for Chu Family for a lifetime, I might consider it.” Chu Xingyun looked at the poison and grinned.

This smile is very splendid, just as warm as a teenager.

But in the eyes of viciousness, it is so glaring, Chu Xingyun is crazy, and he wants him to play for Chu Family for the rest of his life!

“Chu Xingyun, are you a little lion’s big mouth?” The poison was also laughing, but it was sneer, very cold.

Chu Xingyun’s eyebrows are full of enthusiasm. “I have already said it. If you like, I will help you to resolve the bloody poison. If you don’t want it, then you haven’t poisoned it yet. Be good at the future, so as not to be violent.”

Hear this, the poisonous heart trembles, and the anger is raging, almost burning his reason.

He has lived for decades and has seen countless Expert characters. Even the Earth Spirit powerhouse is not a minority, but no one has been able to arrogate to such a point.

However, Chu Xingyun is also telling the truth.

The toxins of blood poisonous have spread, and soon, they will infiltrate the internal organs. If they are not resolved in time, I am afraid that the poisoning really needs to be done in advance.

But once he agreed to Chu Xingyun, he has to work for Chu Family in his life, which is what you don’t want to see.

When the poison was distressed, his ears moved and he felt the breath of two gloomy and cold approaching.


A divine light flashed through my mind, and the poison was no longer bitter, but a sigh of laughter, and said to Chu Xingyun: “You take my life to swear at me, force me to submit, that’s good, now I also Take your life to marry you, as long as you say the solution, I will save your dog.”

His knees, this scorpion figure, flashed directly into the Dark, and people were not aware of the slightest breath.

Not long after, two figures swept from outside the courtyard and stood in front of Chu Xingyun.

One wearing brocade clothes, the body is slightly rich, the other is a black clothed wrap, and the body is full of cold breath.

These two people are naturally two elders and the cold man.

“Two Spirit Gathering expeditions, it seems that Chu Pingtian really can afford me.” Chu Xingyun was not surprised at the appearance of the two, but took it for granted.

He drove Chu Pingtian and others out of Chu Town to expel the genealogy, and the other party would let him go.

If Chu Pingtian has not been moving, Chu Xingyun is strange.

At the same time, Chu Xingyun also understood the words of the drug.

With the strength of anti-drug, it is certain that these two people were discovered in advance, knowing that they came to assassinate Chu Xingyun. Therefore, he will count on it and want to borrow the hands of these two people to force Chu Xingyun to explain the solution.

“It’s not that Chu Pingtian feels a tricky figure, and he can still be so calm when he dies.” The cold man claps his hands and has a hint of teasing in his words.

In his eyes, Chu Xingyun is already a dead person. Since it is a dead person, there is no threat.

“Nonense, kill this child quickly.” Two elder urged, before the family meeting, Chu Xingyun facing Chu Pingtian, the same calm, so calm.

He was a little scared, afraid that he would make a difference again, and he wanted to kill Chu Xingyun soon, and he would never suffer.

“It’s a shame to be scared by a hairy boy.” The cold man 嗤said with a smile, his hands turned over, clasped the two cold light daggers, and blended into Dark, quickly killing Chu Xingyun.

The second elder look flashed through the poisonous rays of light, holding the long blade, also killing Chu Xingyun, want to use the fastest speed, Chu Xingyun thoroughly Kill and Behead in front of you.

Feeling the two people’s killing intent, Chu Xingyun’s face did not see the color of fear, and looked deeply at the direction of the poisonous hiding, 讥said with a smile: “Just rely on these two people, also want to threaten me, have to Say, I really admire your ignorance.”

Said, Chu Xingyun figure retreat, hidden in the sleeves of the hands of a buckle, silver awning flashing, suddenly appeared a tiny silver needle, poisonous soul needle.

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