Chapter 330. Scam.


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Being exhausted, Zhan Kon took a short nap. From his head still did not leave this strange case in Dunting. He, too, was very interested to find out what happened there, is it really the work of the demonized Mo Fang? If so, it will mean that he did not die. Then could he keep his sanity? Why then still continues to kill the lizard giants?

Without really closing his eyes all night, early in the morning, Zhan Kon invited his old colleague to ask him and several other people to go exploring the western part of the Dongting Lake Plain.

“The foreman, Zhang Xiao Hou, left the military unit before dawn. According to his possessions that he had taken with him, it was clear that he would not be there for a long time, ”said a colleague.

“Oh! This idiot! ”Zhan Kon cursed.

“We need to send people to drag him back before he had time to go far. Desertion is a serious crime! ”Said the old colleague.

“Write a retroactive statement about backing for the post, then you will come and put my military seal. This dunce is silly, of course, but it gives great hope, ”said Zhan Kon.

“Got it.”

“We recently reported on the arrival of a pack of magical wolves, I must deal with this matter on the spot. You will take this copy of the application to the city of Bi Yi and hand it over to Qiu Xin. He is my senior mentor, and he knows exactly how to resolve this matter at Dunting. And yet, if Zhang Xiao Hou catches his eye, then he should immediately be sent back until he dug his own grave, ”instructed Zhang Kon to his colleague.

“Okay, right now and I’ll do it.”

In the city of Bi Yi, dressed like a hunter Zhang Xiao Hou stopped one person on the road, deciding to find out from him where the place of sale of magic items was located.

“Let me ask you, is a spiritual entity being sold here?” Asked Zhang Xiao Hou, lifting his hat’s visor, opening his eyes.

“Of course, for sale. This is the city of Bi I – the fortress nearest to the tribe. In the city, which is located near the mountain-lair of lizard-headed, no matter who, the military or the hunters, every minute they kill these lizards. Every month we receive two deliveries of carcasses of lizard-headed giants. They also bring spiritual essence, so it is always on sale, and it is always fresh, ”answered a person resembling a second-hand dealer.

“Great!” Zhang Xiao Hou shook his head.

“Hey, boy, I see that you want to buy a spiritual entity. I have an offer, if you buy, I will give you a good discount! If you go to the market, they will cheat you out there mercilessly! ”Said the middleman.

“Really?” Zhang Xiao Hou said happily. He did not think that he would be so lucky! Purchase a spiritual entity in the city of Bi &, when in small towns it can only be purchased at auctions.

“Of course! But do you have enough money? ”Asked the dealer.

“Enough, sure enough! I have … 9 million yuan … ”

“Nine? Nine million ?! ”- the middleman looked dumbly at this simple-looking boy.

“Yes, but I would like to acquire three spiritual entities, however, I heard that even the simplest spiritual entity costs about 3-4 million. The one that is better will cost about 5 million. But I have only 9 million, even selling my magical artifact, I miss. Tell me, can you sell them for 3 million apiece? ”Zhang Xiao Hou asked.

The dealer still could not come to his senses. He could not imagine that a person with such an ordinary appearance could be so solvent.

“Three … Three, so three! Our business, of course, is not so thriving. But I see that you need to make a purchase very urgently, so I will help you and introduce you to the right person, ”said the dealer.

“Oh! I am so grateful to you! By the way, how can I call you? ”Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

“Um … call me … You can call me Da Jing.”

“Good! Thank you very much, brother Da Jing! You are probably very patient, because getting three spiritual entities is not so easy! ”

“Yes Yes! That’s for sure! ”Da Jing laughed with a fake smile.

The fraudster brought Zhang Xiao Hou to the magic shop, the sign of which was covered with a dense layer of dust.

These magical shops differed from the magical markets and fairs not only by their smaller area, the absence of tenders, but also by the fact that they were opened by private traders. In addition, here it was possible to meet quite rare things, which were transferred to dealers by their familiar magicians. Prices for goods were much lower here than at the auction, and you could get a good discount.

Upon entering the shop, Da Jing, smiling, sat him down in the small living room.

There were no visitors at all, there were magical artifacts and tools on the shelves, but mostly they were magical stones.

After landing Zhang Xiao Hou, Da Jing went to another part of the shop, where he arranged something with the owner, who apparently weighed more than 100 kilograms.

“Let’s sell him those false spiritual entities that we bought for 200 thousand. He is a stupid person, and he will not even know that there are fake entities in front of him … Yes, even if he … hehe, ”Da Jing whispered to the shopkeeper.

“And even if the representatives of the magical association come, we will say that he himself is guilty, kept them incorrectly, so they disappeared. And then it’s not our problems anymore, ha-ha-ha! ”The fat owner continued to say,“ if you continue to find such idiots not from the local, then immediately bring them to me. ”

“No problem!”.

After that, the fat man brought three false spiritual entities.

The fake spiritual entities were actually spiritual entities, but were collected either improperly, or the vessel was not used to preserve them, or their strength had already disappeared. The sense of such fakes is very, very little, and, of course, can not be compared with the use of full-fledged spiritual entities. Such fakes were sold only in small shops, it was unacceptable in the markets.

“They are here, but first you have to pay so that we can personally see and recount. We are a small shop, so if you deceive us by giving counterfeit money, it will not be fair, ”said host Zhang Xiao Hou.

“All the money on this diamond card.”

“Diamond card ?! But she’s besparolnaya! Is this the same card, the money from which you can cash out only in a magical association or a league of hunters? ”- the smile spread instantly on Da Jing’s face.

Diamond cards were created specifically for the convenience of magicians in operations with large amounts, so as not to be tied to their personal documentation, something like bills of exchange that can be cashed by anyone they hold.

“Here, take it. And I personally check this card myself, ”said the owner.

Zhang Xiao Hou, without hesitation, handed him a map, and he himself took the vessels with the three spiritual entities, examining them. Very soon he changed his face.

“They are not real!” Said Zhang Xiao Hou, knitting his brows.

“Where are the fake ones? You yourself considered them incorrectly, so they disappeared! ”- the owner made a surprised face.

“Give me the diamond card back!” Said Zhang Xiao Hou, returning the vessels of the essence to them.

“And you yourself do not seem to know that in small shops the buyer first inspects the goods, and, having only ascertained its quality, makes a payment. You yourself did not really look at it, but should I give you the card? ”Said the shopkeeper.

Zhang Xiao Hou’s face grew gloomy. He could not have imagined that he would let someone fool himself!

Da Jing and the shopkeeper smiled wickedly. Da Jing was experienced in these matters and was well aware of people who had not yet dried breast milk on their lips. But even he could not imagine that such an impulsive boy had such money! How easy it is to be deceived!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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