Chapter 331. I am an officer!


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The shopkeeper and Da Jing laughed loudly: “What is it all about? Nowadays, there are still boobies who are so easy to part with the cards? Malets, you have lived all your life in a deep forest, and have never been to big cities? ”

The complete owner of the shop had never met such stupid people before.

Just like Da Jing, how many times he deceived buyers, but he didn’t come across so many gullible fools yet.

Nine million is a good payment for a given life lesson, and hardly ever will he be so lucky.

“In that case, there’s nothing to blame for,” Zhan Hou already admitted that he simply gave the money to these shoddy sellers and didn’t want to talk about anything with them anymore.

The military has a clear rule prohibiting them from raising their hands to ordinary people or magicians, with the exception of those who themselves use deception or brute force, as a weapon.

“What? What will you do to us? Do you think we are a small shop? First, Second, Third, Fourth, go out, one guy is in trouble, help him find a way out! ”The shop owner shouted loudly.

Strong guys dressed in vests were right there. The magical aura that stood in the middle of the first was extremely strong, it was immediately clear that this is not a beginner’s magician.

“Well, whoever is asking for trouble again … still very young. Know your place, do not force uncles to do bad things, I hope you learned everything well, ”the first grinned.

“Yeah, our older brother is a famous hunter. He defeated the monster of the level of the pack leader, you, lad, if you meet the level of the servant, you will definitely put it in the pants. ”

All four were laughing at Zhan Hou. And indeed, he looked like a schoolboy, without a minimal life experience that would be easily intimidated.

“A very extraordinary look?” Zhan Hou chuckled coldly, glancing at the fat owner of the shop: I received another six million for the personal murder of the twelve leaders of the pack and 231 servants in the service. ”

The crowd in the shop was dumbfounded, once again appreciated Zhan Hou, and could not help but laugh.

“Haha, hahaha, schA with a laugh to die, haha”

“Such a lad dares say that he alone killed the leader of the pack. An uncle, four mid-level mages and twelve entry-level mages barely made short work of the death lizard. You here declare that you killed twelve one! ”, – the first one could not help laughing.

Look at this boy, he is the most twenty. Mages who have reached the average level of twenty are extremely few, and most of them study at the university. This little fool is clearly no match for them.

“Stop beating up with this boy, chase him out,” said the second one, who wore a big earring.

Zhan Hou didn’t see any sense in talking to them either, he slowly backed away. Not because he was afraid of them, no, he was just afraid that these bouncers would inadvertently injure themselves, or destroy something inside.

“Boy, let us introduce you to the magic of the middle level, show you what a real elemental star system is!”

“Too slow!” Zhan Hou jumped up with a laugh, and a third of the stars had not yet appeared on the earth, as his wind element map was ready.

He released her at an incredible speed, the second, third, fourth hesitated, they had not had time to finish their entry-level spells, as Zhan Hou had already prepared the middle one.

“Wind disk!” (Ppt. The magic of the average level of the element of the wind, formerly called the wind blade)

Zhan Xiao Hou hesitated to see if he should release a second-level wind disk.

“Windmill Drive: Whirlwind *!”

Suddenly, a crazy wind broke out, controlled by Zhan Hou, the fierce air flows began to gather at high speed, forming a hurricane right in the middle of the shop!

The whirlwind became more and more, he sucked in things, and knocked the glass.

The matt wind disc had a terrifying suction power, drawing in the first one.

“Fuck … Well, your mother !!”

But it was useless, the tornado destroyed the barrier wall, in addition, the three entry-level carefully resisting three mages already circled in the center of the disk.

At noon on the streets of the town usually there is silence, but in this area a furious tornado thundered, terribly frightened by all.

Such magic easily destroys buildings, what to say about people?

The shop was completely crushed, standing in the middle of Zhan Hou worried that he could hurt the innocent, and tried to dispel the true power of the wind drive, but this force was enough to discourage people in the shop!

Zhan Hou, walked through the ruins. Glass fragments and broken objects were lying around. He went to the owner of the shop.

“Map!”, Zhan Hou did not want to kill anyone, even such unscrupulous as this owner, especially criminal liability for the damage caused by magic, is enormous.

All over the body of the full owner of the shop were fragments of glass, clothes were torn, and he looked like a battered little dog.

Shaking, he pulled a card out of his pocket, and gave it to Zhan Hou.

Even after that, the shopkeeper and salesman Da Jin remained terrified, they all thought that this twenty-year-old boy was an entry-level magician. And their bouncers will be kicked out with ease, who knew that all four of them would lie flat in the ruins.

Now they believe that he alone could defeat the leader of the pack, even twelve leaders.

The strength of this boy is clearly superior to the strength of the hunters he encountered before.

“I’m not on a mission, so I don’t want anyone to know that I’m in Bee I. fat man

“In … Military, you are a military …”, – the fat man was stunned.

Yes, he mentioned that he was a military magician …

The end, the end, the end, this is an officer, he would never have thought …

The fat shopkeeper angrily looked into Da Jingyu’s eyes and said: “You fool, you dragged the military here, everyone who was raised in the army, they are all monsters!”

Buyer Da Jingyu wanted to cry even more. I myself have never seen such young military men lead here. And he was glad that he had caught a big fish, but in the end it turned out to be a man-eating shark.

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