Chapter 333. God of Death Dongting.


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“There are bodies scattered everywhere, hmm, very strange,” Hong Nyao carefully examined the bodies around.

“The usual thing is that these people are constantly fighting for territory, or females, killing each other. Come, we are not far from the treasured jewel, the seed is already near! Let’s get rich here! ”Huang Kyaw Si laughed out loud, he seemed the most excited of them all.

From his cry, the crowd around shook up, unwittingly looking at the girl, who called herself Li Man.

“Nerd, why did you say that we are looking for the spiritual seed of the earth element. This is a very rare product for the market, with a price of about thirty million. If something happens to him, I will rip off your skin! ”Said the detachment captain, looking Huang Kyo Sy in the eyes.

Huang Zhuo Si embarrassedly smiled, and glanced at Li Man, making sure that the girl was looking completely the other way, and not a bit interested in the spiritual seed of the earth element.

They reached the mountain valley. From here in the west, a beautiful, shining sunset was visible, covering the whole earth with a golden glow.

“Fuck, how many lizard-headed birds are here!”, Hong Nyao looked in that direction and did not feel a dash of amazement from this species, rather his blood was drained in his veins.

If all of a sudden they all flock to the gorge, then no one will have a chance to get out of here alive.

“Captain, are you sure we should come in?”, Looking at these lizard-headed giants, Huang Kyaw Sy was ready to abandon this venture.

Such a jewel is much more important, having found it, it is possible to declare with confidence that life has not been lived in vain!

“I … I think the risk is too great,” someone said.

“We have already come a long way here, so calm down, since Hong Nyao has a plan, it means that everything will work out anyway,” said the captain with ease in his voice.

It’s really not worth worrying, this mountain valley is big enough to hide from so many monsters.


In the mountain valley, the paths of Li Man and the detachment diverged. She was naturally interested in the spiritual seed of the earth element, but she is not one of those who would rob someone, but to go with them like this, without a plan, is too risky. Moreover, she had to turn in the other direction: she walked along the remains, lying around.

Is happiness in women? They will get the treasure, they will sell, they will get the money, and they will easily find girls for themselves.

All the time behind the squad someone followed, and also entered the mountain valley.

He looked at the diverging hunters and the girl, looked at the bodies again, and followed the girl.

This man just left his military corps, and arrived here on the plain of Dongting Lake.

He followed the squadron from the city of Bi I, not seen by skilled magician hunters.

In the army, he studied reconnaissance and pursuit, which is directly related to his two magical elements.

“Brother Fan, I will find you very soon!”, Looking at the mountains of corpses, Zhang Hou’s confidence only grew.



Li Mang continued to walk over the corpses, the further she walked, the more her confidence in her grew, that she was going in the right direction. Her path lay to the God of death Dongting.

So the people called the organization, exterminating the lizard-headed on this plain. People noticed that death occurred in all for similar reasons, so they decided that this was the work of some organization.

“Strange, my legs became heavy, even considering the fact that I hadn’t been out for such walks for a long time, but my physical abilities just could not be at such a low level” .

She quickly took off her shoes and checked her feet.

“Damn it! How could I be so inconsiderate! ”, Li Manh now understood what had happened. Somewhere in the swamp, she stumbled upon something poisonous and now her once-white foot had turned violet.

Li Man only recently in these parts, she was not that familiar with the terrain, so she did not know anything about the local poisons.

“No, I have to remember the instructions of the comrades of the former team. First and foremost, you need to carry out opposing measures, but I don’t know at all what kind of poison it is … It is possible that a completely new toxin … Actually, what is this thing that acts so much! ” sad.

She used all the antidotes that she had taken with her, but the poison was rising higher and higher in the leg!

The elements of earth and water mixed in the swamp. The antidote to earth and water she used, and something no effect.

It all complicated many times!

Li Man was not afraid of the monsters, no matter how long it came, she would easily destroy everyone.

But poison is completely different. The most disgusting and insidious thing in the world, if a loner is not ready for such an ailment, the only thing that remains is to surrender.

“Magee-hunters are already far away … Can’t you call for help ?? The military corps can send people, but … If they see me, who is not able to cope with such a trifle, they will not just return me to headquarters, they will also laugh at me. This old hrych dislikes me, right from the moment I arrived at Bi Yi! ”, Li Man clenched her teeth, and once again called for help.

Li Mang continued to try to neutralize the poison, but she didn’t assume that she would stumble upon such a potent one.

But when the poison slowly reached the knees, Li Manh began to wildly regret her stupid decision.

This poison was completely unusual.

It was getting dark, Li Man’s body went limp and it was already difficult for her to give a signal.

The signal needs to be fixed somewhere, but the usual one will rather serve the monsters with a signal light, Li Man’s head was spinning, and breathing heavily, she leaned on a cold stone.

The poison kept rising, however, Li Man had the strength to stand on his feet when he heard the sound of lizard-like heads somewhere in the district.

Her eyelids were heavy, she didn’t know if she could hide in this place, but all she had to do was pray that the lizardheads would not notice her, otherwise …

** Bzzzz **

And Li Man was just about to disconnect, as she felt faintly that an electric current flashed by not far from her, as if it had pierced through one of the lizard-headed birds and killed him.

Li Man’s heart leapt. She had seen such a similar death many times – so many lizard-headed birds died that she saw on the way here. This is for sure! God of death Dongting, it was she who was looking for him!

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