Chapter 339. Little … Little poisonous creature?


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The valley of the underground river is a huge winding cave under a mountain valley, from the lake above it is separated by a dense layer of rocky rock.

Li Man prepared the equipment. For this solitary assignment in the cave, she has a watch that can illuminate the road; Mo Fan still specially prepared them to catch the signal in the cave from those on the ground. He also prepared special signs on the way.

Not to say that this case seemed difficult, Li Mang and Zhang Hou were military officers, and they had, in addition to the basic necessities, special items made in laboratories.

“Li Man, are you there?”, Mo Fang’s voice was a little unintelligible in the ear.

Having corrected the in-ear headphones, Li Mang replied: “I am underground, the signal is barely catching, and you can’t hear it very clearly.”

“Time is running out, the lizard-headed ones have finished their ritual dances,” said Mo Fan.

They should come forward after the lizard-headed ones go to dry at sunset. Everything should be done in turn, and without delay, so it is important for all three of them to keep in touch and synchronize actions.

“You go forward, I will be soon,” said Li Man. She has already noticed the second mark, which they made with Mo Fan, from which it can be understood that you are already at a sufficient depth.

“We need to do everything for sure. Remember that you need to bang harder! ”, – said Mo Fan with persistence in his voice.

“Serve those monsters to my table, I’m alive with them!” Li Man said indifferently.

“Wow, you know how to joke.”

Li Man raised her tiny white corners of her lips, if she uses high-level magic, she can easily make a hole enough to bring these two monsters down.


Zhang Hou had already lost count on the ground, how much he had eaten antidote fruits in the swamp, waiting for orders.

While Zhang Hou watched the sunset go down over the water, his heart sank in alarm. He repeated himself over and over again: wake up a poisonous creature, lead her to the negotiated place, wait for Li Man to undermine the mountain bed, run away from the whirlpool that has formed … This is not to say that it was difficult and dangerous.

“Monkey, come on … They say that you, the military, have good communication tools that are great for use outside the urban environment,” said Mo Fan’s voice.

“Only magicians can use this. We magicians can put our magic power in them, thus encrypting messages from enemies, ”said Zhang Hou.

“Yeah. Almost time, go wake a poisonous creature, I will go to a big lizard, ”said Mo Fan.


Zhang Hou nodded and examined the swamp, the water in it was an unusual color. It was separated from the large lake and belonged to the habitat of only this poisonous creature, apparently not to disturb the others.

Zhang Xiao Hou ate the fruit antidote in advance so as not to fear the effects of the poison. And with a satisfied look I got to the dry ground. Using the technique of earthen waves, he rolled the ground under his feet.

“Come on, come on, don’t make me use mid-level magic!” Said Zhang Hou, trying to take control of the swamp.

After a heap of mud heaved water, Zhang Hou forced her to do crazy things, forcing water to boil and splashing mud.

According to Mo Fang, Zhang Hou realized that this poisonous creature is very irritable, and if it is enough to piss her off, she will be ready to catch you at the edge of the world, but Zhang Hou could not understand how Mo Fan learned this.


** gurgling water **

Something stirred, and Zhang Hou was very glad that it finally happened. Layer upon layer, the dirt rose fifty meters up, and it looked very majestic.

The marsh continued to seethe, the water turned black, and in the middle of it a huge body, like a giant anaconda, suddenly grew, but apparently this long torso had a pair of legs at both ends.

The height of this creature exceeded thirty meters, and on the top of it stood just that very dried tree.

One pair, two pairs, three … seven !!!

It was visible about half of the whole body, and already 14 legs!

** uk **

In the middle of the swamp a head appeared with huge claws. The creature opened its mouth, uttering a shrill, indignant sound.

The air whirlwind, formed from the scream, ruffled Zhang Hou’s cheeks. He stood stupidly in his place, amazed at what he saw.

“Little … Little poisonous creature?”

Now Zhang Hou’s heart was leaping like a herd of horses.

Is this your mother a little baby? Yes, his paw more man!

Scolopendra, huge swamp skolopendra!

If you look at the usual skolopendra, then at least you can see it at full length, which can not be said about this!

“Fan … Bro Fan … I woke her up … I woke her up,” Zhang Hou was in shock, and with a shudder in his voice, announced that Mo Fan was done.

“So run soon !!!”

Zhang Hou could not let his brother Fanya down, he pulled himself together and did it.

The path of the wind!

Earth waves!

Zhang Hou used two accelerations toward himself, turning into a small, running at a crazy speed, point on a swamp.

You also need to use this scolopendra … Ai, tfu, what a scolopendra, a gigantic, indescribably terrible scolopendry, and you need to keep a distance with it, otherwise it will flatten me in an instant.

You need to run at full speed, much faster than ordinary mid-level mages, and only with the combined use of the wind path and earthen waves, so that it would seem to everyone that you are lightning-fast.

Only now Zhang Hou still felt that he was doomed to death, since you need to run from fourteen paws of scolopendra!

The swamp was boiling, mud was splashing around. Giant skolopendra distraught chased along the coast for Zhang Xiao Hou, and if he did not oppose anything to her, then she would kill him with one sneeze.

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