Chapter 35: Union


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After class, lunch break. The students stand up all at once and leave the classroom for lunch.

The scepter will be judged again at the institute, and as a result, my team’s score will be determined. No way, I don’t think I’m going to steal it again, but it seems that Demon King Academy doesn’t want to appreciate the incompatible person. Perhaps the reason is related to the Unification faction that Emilia spoke about.


When I got up, women in white clothes called out. It’s Mass Iliolog, who has just eaten Emilia.


“Thank you for protecting me earlier.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I didn’t protect you.”

When he said, Mass laughed.

“But thanks were saved, I wouldn’t have been to school for a while if Anos hadn’t found the scepter.”

HM. Did he try to pass his own intentions with the disposal? It’s a guy who looked up.

“It was a mass?”

“Yes. I’m honored to remember your name.”

“I want to ask one, what is a Unification faction?”

Mass answers without breaking her smile.

“You know that Dilheide is now mostly ruled by royalty.”

“I have a rough idea, but I don’t know the details. Can you tell me?”

“Yes, gladly”

Mass was willing to accept and began explaining.

“The emperor governs all parts of Dilheide, but only the royal family who fully inherits the blood of the founder can leave the monarch school after leaving Mao Gakuin. Most of the power belongs to the royal family, The demons are now divided into royal and non-royal, with or without abilities. ”

Well, as far as I’ve heard from the royals, it’s not as expected.

“In contrast to the royalists who have the royal supremacy, the unification faction is to correctly unify the demons without separating the royal family and the mixed race.”

“Are the Royals dominating Dilheid, can the activities of the Unificationists and others be satisfactory?”

If the activities of the Unification School are banned at Demon King Academy, there is no other change.

“It’s not easy, of course, but we also have strong backing.”

That’s surprising. Well, because the royal family is so widespread, couldn’t they be a rebel against the Unification faction without one of the backing? Even if it says peace, it does not mean that you can freely make your own assertions.

“What is your backing?”

“I’m Melheis Boran, one of the Seven Demon Elders. He is the only one who agrees with the idea of the Unification School.”

The Seven Devil Emperor? That’s a bit confusing. If all the Seven Devil Elders are royal, the composition is easy to understand. Those who run the Demon King’s Academy have turned me, the violent Demon King, into a nonconforming person, trying to impersonate another, or herself, as the Violent Demon King.

But the Unificationists argue that royalties and mixed races should be treated equally. If this goes through, it’s ruined to make me a non-conformant. Does that mean that the Seven Devil Elders are not monoliths? Or is it easier for the Unification side to fulfill its purpose? There is no conclusion about not waiting for Ivis to report.

“… Anos. If you’re interested in the Unification faction, would you like to introduce Melheis?”

This offer cannot be taken with just kindness. If the Seven Demon Elders are trying to contact me, it may be that they are planning something. Well, if it moves from the other side, there is no way to get on.

“Thank you for doing so, but can you meet so quickly?”

“Yes. If you were Anos, I would definitely say.”


“We believe that Anos is the demon king of violence. We believe that the overwhelming power of the team-based opposition test and the wisdom of magical research shown in the Great Magical Training have resulted in almost a hundred demons. It’s not a business to make it happen. ”

If you don’t stick to the royal family, your ability is everything. It’s only natural to think that I’m the demon king of violence. But that’s because it’s so far. If you can believe this easily, don’t doubt it. From the perspective of the Unification faction, he may have just found a mikoshi that seems to be easy to carry.

“That … what happened …?”

“No, then talk to Melheis.”

As she spoke, Mass smiled happily.

“Okay, and if you like, why don’t you come to where our friends will be in the future? Everyone would be very happy when Anos-sama came.”

It’s about things. Do you want to go?

“Can you guide me?”

“Yes! Here it is!”

With a joyful voice, Mass returns her heels. I was guided by her and I walked behind.

Once you get out of the building where the training center is located, go outside.

“–By the way, will you come too?”

I call out to Misha and Sasha who are following me on both sides.

“Sasha wants to go.”

“It’s okay, I’m under Anos, so I went with him.”

Yeah, curious.

“So, Mass, should we have two more?”

Mass turned around and smiled.

“I don’t mind. You both believe Anos is the demon king of violence, right?”

Misha nods her head.

“Would you like me not together? I don’t believe but know.”

Sasha says with a sloppy attitude. What are you really competing for?

“That’s right. But if Sasha of the chaotic generation says that, it will be more persuasive. Especially welcome is it.”

Mass smiles with a smile.

“I’d like you to tell me what you know if you can, but …?”

“It’s not my decision.”

Mass looks at me.

“I don’t have any evidence. If you don’t, you’re not a non-conforming person.”

For now, I said so.

“But Sasha knows …”

“They are special”

Mass shut for a moment and muttered, “I see.” I’m wondering what’s special, but I won’t ask any more. For some reason, Sasha seemed a little happy.

“Hey, you’re a Unification faction. You’re banned from doing so in Delzogade.

“I’m fine.

Mass stops. That is one of the Union Towers. There are several towers on the Delzogade site, some of which appear to serve as a place for union activities on campus where students can share common interests and interests.

There are various types of unions, such as a swordplay union that trains swordplay and a magic research union that studies magic. There was a plate at the entrance of the tower, where the name of the union was largely stated.

“Anos Fan Union”.

“Huh, how about this? I became a fan of Anos and formed a fan union that supported Anos. And he just talked about something wonderful about his dignified figure, cool things, etc.

“It’s stupid!”

Sasha thrust into the mass she was proud of.

“That’s right, but it follows the rules of the Demon King Academy, so I will not be penalized that much. As long as I follow the rules, Melheis’s mouth is also effective.”

While saying so, Mass opens the door of the Union Tower.

“And Anos van Union is a tentative figure that hides in the world. In it, there is a serious debate about how we can defeat the imperial repression every day.”

Upon entering the Union Tower, the students inside turned around toward Anos all at once.

“Kyu aa aa! Anos-sama, Anos-sama!”

“Lie, it’s true. Why? Why?”

“What should I do? Now, maybe I’m not breathing the same air as Anos !?”

“That’s right, this is an indirect kiss!”

“Oh, oh, oh, calm down! Then you’re indirectly kissing everyone here!”

Sasha turned her white gaze at Mass.

“What was the serious discussion?”

“Ah, ah … embarrassed, it should be a tentative figure that sneaks through the world, but if you notice, everyone has been disturbed by the charm of Anos-sama …”

“It’s not embarrassing.”

At that time, one woman stood in front of me with a determined decision.

Signing: “Oh, Anos-sama! Could you do this?”

The contract says, and the ladies unfold the magic of <>. Contract I swear to be my fan for the life of the contract. I have absolutely no disadvantages, frankly, I can only say <>.

“Hey, you’re not going out! I’ll do it too!”

“I have it!”

Contract The students gather around me one after another and develop the magic of <>. No matter how eager you look, it’s a contract that only puts them at a disadvantage.

“Is this something that is common in this era?”

When she asked Misha, she shook her head.

“Only popular people”

I’m also a popular person, but it’s a yummy story.

Contract “Is this <> just because it’s popular? What’s the point?”

“Two thousand years ago there was no fan union?”

“Unfortunately I never heard of it”

Misha thought and said,

“Everyone wants to show loyalty.”

HM. So that’s it. Is it loyal? Speaking of which, I don’t feel like a Shin person. I’m just proud of swearing to me. I thought that such a peculiar demon was just about him, but it will change when the times change.

“Oh, hey, don’t do that suddenly, because things have an order.”

The mass broke into the women who were signing.

“It looks like there is no decent person other than you. Is the Reunionist OK?”

“… I think everyone will do it when they do it …

Mass seems to have to laugh vaguely.

“Well, don’t worry, Mass. I’ll do one or two, as much as you want.”

“Oh? That’s right? Then please!”

Contract Mass used <> with tremendous momentum and bowed. Sasha looks at her in the eyes of you.

“Ah, huh … isn’t that good …”

“Well, Mass, sly!

Signing “Yes, right. Everyone wants to be No. 1 of Anos!”

Mass protested against the women’s protests.

Signing: “No, this is not the only thing I can afford. I am the one who brought Anos-sama, so I should have the first qualification! I’ll get the first even with all my might!”

Perhaps because the mass is ready for war, magical particles rise from the body. HM. The wavelength of magic power is different from ordinary demons. Is this a mix of spirit powers?

“No matter how much mass, it won’t be so easy …”

Signing: “Yes. No matter what you throw away, you can’t afford the first!”

Other women also began to release their magical powers, and for some reason the atmosphere became immediate.

“… Hey, calm down. What do you do to quarrel with such a mess?”

When Sasha complained, the women shouted.

Signing: “No, Anos-sama is worth your life!”

“Yes, I don’t regret even if I die here. It may look humorous, but we can’t afford it!”

She expressed the expression that Misa had imagined, and uttered quietly.

“Mr. Sasha. Please laugh. Please do not dismiss Anos-sama in any way you like. That’s ours, Anos Fan Union.”

Magic and magic scatter sparks. The moment they tried to move together, I said.

Signing “Hmm. The point is that everyone should be the first?”

With that voice, the women stand still.

Signing: “That’s true, but it’s inconsistent that everyone is the first. No matter how much you do it at the same time, there is an error of 0.1 seconds and 0.01 seconds. Because … ”

Signing: “Why is the first thing so exciting? … If it’s 0.1 second, let’s say it’s the same …”

Sasha is blurred.

“Well, the beliefs are individual. I won’t laugh at it. But if you believe me as a demon of violence, don’t stop that contradiction as impossible.”

Contract I signed everyone’s <>.

Signing: “Oh, that? Kyaaaaa! Look at it!

“I and I too! And look at it! There is no difference in the contract time by 0.1 seconds. 0.00001 seconds. The time is exactly the same!”

“That’s really the first one!”

“But how do you do it !? Is there something like this?”

I told the surprised women.

Time operation “What, <> stops the moment for a moment and just signs each <>”

Immediately a screaming voice was heard.

Signing: “How cool is it to stop time!”

“If that happens, my heart will stop!”

Good grief.

“It’s noisy like signing.”

“If you think so, don’t stop time like signing …”

Sasha muttered an unnecessary word from the side.

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