Chapter 34: Unification school


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After the break, I came to Delzogade Demon Academy as before. Today, it will be the first class after the dungeon test, so the test results will be announced.

When I entered the second training hall, Misha and Sasha were sitting on both sides of my seat.


Call out, I sit down.

“……Good morning……”

Misha says in a modest voice.

“Good morning. Did you get the misunderstanding?”

Sasha asked to lean on my desk.

“What are you talking about?”

When asked back, Sasha appears stunned.

“What the hell is it. Your parents. I and Misha were supposed to marry you. I don’t know what it means.

“Hmm. Do you hate it?”

When asked again, Sasha blushed and turned away.

“… I’m not asking that … idiot …”

A weak mutter leaked.

“If you have a complaint, why not say it directly?”

Then, Sasha turned around and glanced at him with floating in her eyes.

“In any case, it’s confusing because you put a ring on Misha’s left ring finger.”

Gaze at Misha. The ring finger of her left hand had a .

“The other fingers aren’t the right size?”

Misha blinks her eyes and then nods.


“On the left ring finger?”

Misha nodded and said.


“Oh, yes. So why was she so excited?”

However, she is always quite excited. I didn’t know why, but because of that ring, how did happiness suddenly begin?

“I was amazed. You didn’t know that.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve just been reincarnated.”

“Are you two thousand years ago?”

Misha asks.

Contract “Oh. Engagement two thousand years ago is done in <>, so you don’t have to worry about being betrayed.”

“What is it? There is no piece of emotion two thousand years ago.”

I laughed and nodded at Sasha’s words.

“Everyone in mythology was in the middle of a war. If he acted with his love, he would have died first.”

“Hmm. Then Anos is …”

Sasha looks up at my face.

“… I didn’t have a favorite girl …?”

When I looked straight back, Sasha stepped down to cover her face.

“Well, say something …”

“No, I don’t think I’ll be asking that question. It’s pretty fresh.”

Favorite girl? To this me.

“Have you been asked?”

“Oh, you didn’t think the violent Demon King would fall in love with anyone. Well, indeed, that was right.

Next, who will kill and what will he destroy? I did my best to protect this Dilheide from what was in front of me. I don’t know because my favorite girl is talking about this now.

“Hmm. There is plenty of time until Avos Dilhevia moves. It’s peaceful. It might not be bad to fall in love.”

Looking at Sasha’s eyes, she said, and she dyed her cheeks vermilion.

“Why do you tell me …?”

“Any problem?”

“… But there’s no problem …”

Sasha mutters weakly.

“Well, Sasha.”

“What, what?”

“Your face is red.”

Sasha hides her face in her arm.

“… Oh, it’s not red, idiot …!”

She stared over her arm, but turned to look away again to escape, probably because she knew I wasn’t moving.


I turn around to Misha’s voice.


Misha shows her on her left hand.


Misha stares into my eyes.

“Anos wants to fall in love”

“Well, I just said on a whim.”


So that’s it. If I put the ring I gave to the ring finger of the left hand, would anyone misunderstand that Misha was engaged with me? I may have had a hard time falling in love with you, so I would have offered it.

“Do you want to remove?”

When asked, Misha blinks her eyes for a moment. After staring at her expressionlessly, she shook her head only slightly.

“Then, just wear it until you get tired. I’m not so small that you can say how to use a gift.”

“Are you not misunderstood?”

I laugh at Misha’s words.

“Misha. I’m not afraid of misunderstandings. No matter how misunderstood, it’s not true.

“It’s bad to be cool, but be afraid, especially in front of your parents.”

Sasha comes out from the side and doesn’t need it.

“Ah, hey, I’ve always wanted to ask you–”

Just then, a bell rang and Emilia entered the classroom.


“Okay, later.”

Sasha turned forward.

“Good morning. We’ll be announcing the results of the dungeon test during this time today.”

Emilia announces the score for each group. No group other than us reached the treasure house under the ground, and roughly 3 to 5 points. The highest point is seven points at present.

Scepter “–Then, the score of the last Anos squad. The Anos squad has obtained what is said to be at the bottom.”

As Emilia said, the classroom was busy.

“But, very unfortunately, the scepter was stolen by someone before the test was conducted.”

This time the roaring leaked into the classroom.

“Now, we are looking for the perpetrators with the full power of Delzogade. Until then, the score of the Anos team will be provisional, the highest point of the current situation, 7 points.”

There was a bang on the desk next to me.

“I don’t understand”

Sasha rises and speaks.

“It’s the fault of the institute that the Scepter was stolen. If you score on a provisional basis, wouldn’t it be natural to get a perfect score?”

“I understand Sasha’s feelings, but there are various possibilities, so this time I handled it like this.”

“What are the various possibilities?”

“I can’t explain it. It’s a school decision.

Sasha stares at Emilia. The eyes of the doom are likely to emerge in their eyes. At that time, a muttering was heard from the inside of the classroom.

“Because it’s possible that you’ve stolen it yourself to get a perfect score. It’s better to be a fake scepter before you get out of it.”

With that as a trigger, voices leak one after another.

“Ah … I see. Is there such a viewpoint?”

“That’s right. How much magic is so incongruent …”

“… It’s a white suit. Honestly, I can’t find a scepter besides the royal family, and maybe it would be more appropriate to think of a self-made performance …”

“But Sasha is there.”

“What’s wrong with Sasha joining the nonconforming group?”

Hearing such a murmur, Sasha turned her eyes to the “Evil Eye of Doom” in the classroom as if she were glaring.

“Hey, I’ll tell you one.”

The area is quickly engulfed by tension.

“Anos has not done anything wrong. How long will he stop thinking because he is not a royal family? If he doubts his power that is always producing results, straighten my eyes. Look before saying. ”

All students turned their eyes away from Sasha, and the room calmed down with the scene.

“Ku, kuku, hahahahaha”

I laughed aloud unintentionally.

“Hey, Anos. Why are you laughing here?”

“No, I don’t think it’s going to change a lot. It’s under my control.

Sasha disapproves and sharpens her lips.

“I feel like it’s browned …”

“Well, let’s look at that fuss. At most the score of the test, nothing will happen.”

Then Sasha mutters small.

“… I didn’t say you wanted a perfect score.”

What did you get angry at? It’s a cute guy. When Sasha tried to sit on the chair as if she had been poisoned, her hand rose quickly from the back seat.

“I think this school’s decision is wrong!”

Standing up are women in white clothes. Habitual hair is chestnut hair, about the length of a shoulder. He had large, sharp eyes and a charming face.

“What was your name …?”

“Mass Iriologu”

Misha will tell you in a whisper.

“Mr. Emilia said that there are many possibilities, but if the student who brought the scepter was a black student, did you do the same thing?”

Mass speaks reverently to Emilia.

“Aren’t you discriminating because you’re a mixed race?”

Following the mass screaming, the students said, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Always always stupid us!”

“Isn’t the royal family so great! On the contrary to the teacher, none of the Seven Demon Elders can compete with the incompatible Anos?”

“Surprisingly, you just don’t want to admit the real Demon King to protect your position?”

The students in white clothes scream one after another, as if they had extricated their resentment. However, at that point, Emilia said in a cold tone.

“Misa. The royal family is the one who has completely inherited the blood of the founder. It is natural to give preference to the demons that could be the vessels of the founder. As you can see, the royal family and you are equal Is it a criticism of the imperial family? ”

“I’m saying it’s wrong. Why do you have to be cold and cold with the blood of the founder because it’s the same demons?”

Fu, and Emilia sigh.

“The Reunion is not allowed to work at the institution. Please sit down, otherwise you will be given the appropriate disposition?”

“How can you say that the royal family is right and that the royal family does nothing wrong? This may be the royal family’s attempt to not give the perfect score to white clothes.”

“It’s absolutely impossible. I’m fine going home today. I’ll hand it over later.”

“How can I say that it is absolutely impossible?”

“That’s it. OK, let’s start the class.”

“Emilia-sensei! Are you running away?”

Emilia writes magic characters on the chalkboard, disagreeing with Mass at all.

“Let’s start today’s class.”

I quickly raised my hand.

“What, Anos. If it’s a Scepter, I’ve just described it. Until the institute finds the culprit, my grades will be provisional. This is a decision.”

“Hmm. In other words, should we find the culprit?”

Emilia looks as if she’s angry.

“That’s right …”

Traces “Scepter of scepter has magic of <>


Traces The magic of <> is to leave traces of magical power so that the target can be tracked with a demon eye. With my magic and my eyes, I can find it even at the end of the earth.

“I see.

I get up and walk straight to that place. I stopped in front of a student.

“What, Anos …?”

A student in black says: Certainly, “It’s possible to steal it yourself to get the perfect score. It’s better to be a fake scepter. ”

“I’ll tell you, I don’t steal. If you do, show me evidence.

My right arm pierced the abdomen of a student in black clothes with no questions asked.

“It’s not a bad place to hide, but if you get into your body, be more anti-magic so you can see it.”

The scepter was pulled out of the student’s body in black. Stomping on the head of Gaku-kun, the man who collapsed on the spot with his shoes.

“Did you think you could just put your hand on mine, a thief?”

Magically wash the bloody scepter, and I walk to Emilia.

“It was impossible for the royal family to do this thing.

Emilia can’t say anything, she just makes her mouth pop. I let her hold the scepter.

“If you steal it, do it better.”

Emilia shakes her body. Yeah, figure star? It’s just a kama.

“Joke. Start class.”

Treat the belly of a man who has fallen magically and return to his seat. An unusual yellow voice echoed on his back.

“… What can I do, Anos-sama, it’s too nice …!”

“It’s really cool! It’s strong, smart, and it’s the same white clothes as we!”

“It’s really nice to treat that guy.”

“Yeah, but he might be a little enviable.”

“What? What?”

“Because I got Anos-sama’s hand in my stomach. I want you to put it in!”

“Huh? Absolutely hurt?”

“What’s the pain, something like Anos’s hand?”

“I’m a weird child. I would rather step on my feet than that …”

HM. Some strange ideas are mixed, but it seems that the wind has changed a little.

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