Chapter 341. Saving funnel


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There was a noise.

Multiple layers of mud rolled in a huge, black wave onto Mo Fang and Zhang Hou.

Zhang Hou, no matter how trying to stay clean, now turned into a monkey, drenched in mud.

Mo Fang’s business was different: even before that, there were so many layers of dirt on it that one more layer did not significantly change anything.

“Fan … Fan-ge, what are we going to do?” Zhang Xiao Hou was standing next to Mo Fan, trying to stay away from the poisonous creature.

Looking around at these two monsters, Zhang Hou’s belly began to make strange sounds. Although he was a mid-level magician, who killed a lot of evil spirits, however, in the face of commander-in-chief animals, the hamstrings involuntarily began to tremble on their own.

“Nothing can be done!” Said Mo Fan, looking at the black dirt that rolled in waves — one after another.

In the darkness, it was already possible to discern the outlines of Mo Fang’s slowly appearing, sharp like knives, and how his eyes gradually changed color.

To tell the truth, Mo Fan didn’t really like to re-use demonization, as each of its uses turned into even more severe mental anguish for himself. But if you do not use it now, then perhaps he will no longer need to save his soul …

In addition, each use of the demonic element destroys the resilience of his soul before the fourth bout of opposition, completely erasing all his previous efforts to preserve his soul.

The huge long body of the poisonous creature skolopendry rose above the marsh mud, it was fast like a snake in the water, and the roar coming from her mouth induced icy horror.

If all her legs were in place, she would have moved more quickly and accurately overtook Zhang Hou in pursuit. From her mouth protruded the tips of a forked tongue, which looked like sharp blades. At the same time, she made sounds that seemed to be the harbinger of big problems. At the same time, from the throat of the venomous creature, a growl continued to be heard, which was directed toward the marsh armored monster.

At the same time, the armor-clad monster, who obviously did not expect to meet the old poisonous acquaintance, rounded his monstrous eyes, looked straight at her … He opened his mouth, which was huge like a cave, with a powerful deafening sound.

These reciprocal welcome dances of the monsters gave Mo Fang and Zhang Hou some time to think.

Then, being rather non-stupid creatures, these two monsters sort of agreed to destroy first the humans who threw themselves here in search of their own death.

“Funnel, Mo Fan, funnel !!!” – at that moment, when their life hung in the balance, a funnel began to appear among the swamp dirt.

Mo Fan, seeing this, hurried to reverse the demonization process that he voluntarily provoked in order to survive.

Grabbing Zhang Hou, Mo Fan used the magic of shadow.

In the darkness, the claws of a marsh armored monster who decided to attack flashed. The destructive force of the claws could destroy a small mountain, not like some humans.

Mo Fan and Zhang Hou, who were already somewhere off to the side, were still terrified of the monster’s almost killing claws. They both jumped from the strong vibration, and it seemed that their bones were about to crumble …

Fortunately, this vibration came from the funnel. If they had once again been attacked by these creatures, they would have been able to say goodbye to their lives.

Mo Fan, holding Zhang Hou tightly, headed towards the funnel.

The stone bottom of the marsh has already been pierced, and the marsh mud has already poured into the underground channel of the river. Together with it all the swamp water merged down … The funnel, which at first reached only a few meters in size, was now getting bigger and fiercer …

All the time before, peace and quiet reigned over the swamp, but due to the strong movement of the contents of the marsh, drops of mud hung in the air.

Both monsters, who were right in the center of the swamp, did not understand what was happening, began to growl at the funnel phenomenon, which carried away the dirt and water in which their huge carcasses were located.

Gradually the funnel reached the 20-meter size!

Now, even from the height of the gaze of these animals, the funnel did not seem so small … Drainage carried huge volumes of swamp fluid to an unknown depth.

Mo Fan and Zhang Hou were already in the funnel. Layer by layer they went down below, finally reaching the very bottom!

The monsters, seeing that the little people are literally trying to slip away, hurried to stop them.

However, their carcasses were so huge that when they both rushed after Mo Fang and Zhang Hou, it looked like they were trying to attack each other …

The marsh armored monster furiously kicked its feet, forming from the remnants of the marsh mud a whole tsunami spreading towards the shores …

On the shores in the area there were a lot of resting lizard-headed ones … They all could not understand where this phenomenon comes from … And it spread further and further, reaching the most remote places, plains and foothills …

The funnel has disappeared.

Fortunately for Mo Fan and Zhang Hou, the hole at the bottom was finally broken through only due to the incredible strength of the bog armor monster with which he stomped along the bottom from the very beginning …

Li Manh, who was all this time downstairs, saw that the swamp fluid began to pour from above, moved away to a safe distance.

Due to the force of the pressure from which the liquid poured into the drain, the nearby rocks were also destroyed.

As a result, the hole opened, the drain was formed. There is only one question left: what will happen to these two … Where will they be carried by this stream?

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