Chapter 342. Crusade monster against a venomous creature.


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After Mo Fan’s body passed through a serious test of a swamp discharge, he realized that only a young organism could bear this plan.

In addition, if it were not for the dirt and water accumulated below, trapped there by trampling on the bottom of the monster, the bodies of the guys would be blown to pieces.

All this time, Mo Fan and Zhang Hou struggled to hold their breath. One Almighty knew where this powerful current carries them.

Merging to the bank of the underground river, Mo Fan, dragging neither the living nor the dead, Zhang Hou, headed towards the rocky cliffs. There were so many layers of dirt on them that they had completely lost their human shape.

Mo Fan was constantly coughing, trying to clear his throat and nose, where dirt stuck in huge quantities. The feeling is not pleasant!

Li Mang quickly found these two. Seeing that Zhang Hou was unconscious, she sharply kicked him in the stomach without hesitation.

“Khe !!!” – from the mouth of Zhang Hou splashed a fountain of marsh mud, and he immediately came to his senses.

“Water shield!” – Li Man released the magic of the element of water. A large number of water beads formed a soft water belt around Mo Fan and Zhang Hou …

The blue water shield gently penetrated the noses and throats of the children, finally rinsing them from all sorts of dirt.

Li Mang released water shields several times to bring them into a human form. Looking at their exhausted faces, Li Man involuntarily said: “How long ago have I not seen guys who risk their lives.”

Li Man really thought they risked their lives. Anyone else, having heard of the commander-in-chief’s animals, would have fled far, far away, with a face that was pale from fear.

These two, simply unimaginable, really could run away from them !!!

“Fan-ge, the next time I will make a hole!”, Regaining consciousness, said Zhang Hou.

“Are you still hoping for the next time?” Said Mo Fan.

Zhang Hou shook his head in denial.

If it were not for such an urgent need in the soul of the animal level of the commander-in-chief, then Mo Fan would not have risked his own life to disturb these animals.

There were harsh sounds from above, the impression was made that the stone ceiling of the underground cave was about to collapse.

These two beasts already grappled in a mortal combat, and these harsh sounds and vibrations were the best evidence of this.

“Let’s go upstairs?” Said Zhang Hou, catching his breath.

“The commander-in-chief animal will not die so soon. It may take a lot of time … Oh yes, Li Man, did you say something about the spiritual seed of the earth element? ”Asked Mo Fan.

“Yes, it is in this place. But, unfortunately, we did not take any collective tools with us. As soon as a hole was made there, the energy of the seed began to immediately flow, ”Li Man said with a regret in her voice.

The spiritual seed of the earth element was the subject of the highest rank. Li Mang, using high-level magic, and then could not break through the rock immediately. So many hunters came here for this seed … If they could get him, they could help him out a huge amount of money at auction.

“Hey, monkey, your secondary element is an element of the earth, isn’t it? What are you slowing down? We must wait until all the spiritual energy of the seed flows out! ”Said Mo Fan, clapping Zhang Hou.

“In the sense of giving the spiritual seed to me ???” – Zhang Hou asked in disbelief.

“Well, Li Man and I do not own an element of the earth, so if not you, then to whom? Let’s wait until all the energy of the seed comes out and go after the corpses of our little animals! ”Said Mo Fan.

Zhang Hou, barely catching her breath, went to the place pointed out by Li Man to absorb the spiritual energy of the seed of the earth.

Mud waves rolled one after another.

Lizard-headed giants fled from the mountain gorge, trying to hide as far as possible from everything that happened at that time at the place of the swamp.

Echoes of the battle of the commander-in-chief level beasts were spread hundreds of meters around, so the safest place was about two kilometers from here!

The lizard-headed giants, like half-witted, rushed into the mountains, trying to avoid death.

Powerful destructive energy from the collision of two monsters was spread around the district in all directions. The situation was further aggravated by the fact that both of them were seriously injured … At this point, the monsters were absolutely on the drum, what happened to those people, they were completely absorbed in this deadly battle …

The poisonous creature lived in this region for a very long time, settling even before the time when lizard-headed giants began to proliferate here. However, over the past 10-20 years, changes have occurred: now the marsh armored monster has moved here, which is why the poisonous creature was forced to move to a nearby marsh. And so their old resentment and mutual hatred was born. However, there was nowhere to go: the fertile resources of the elements of the earth and the waters of this gorge were too tempting. In addition, every 5-6 years in this gorge a spiritual seed of an earth element or a water element of enormous power originated, which is why it was impossible to imagine a more ideal place for these monsters to live as commander in chief.

However, there should be only one commander in the gorge!

Not daring to endure such a poisonous neighborhood, which took up a lot of space, the marsh armored monster decided to attack, almost destroying his enemy!

However, the poison of scolopendra is very toxic, very soon it poisoned not only water, but even leaked into the air!

The poison of the scolopendry was its main protective force; by this she even surpassed the marsh monster, who was one rank higher in the chain of the commanders-in-chief of the beasts. Thus, skolopendra could literally turn the carapace into its food.

The crab monster, feeling that the poison had spread everywhere, was visibly weak.

Marsh armored monster had more power and strength compared to the poisonous creature. However, it was precisely the poison of this scolopendry, which was located at the sharpest tips of her forked tongue, which prevented the monster from finally destroying the annoying neighbor.

Aware of the destructive power of this poison, the armored monster tried to hide.

Who knew that this poisonous creature, stretching to its full height, would head towards the shell of a monster, biting off a piece of meat right from its muzzle!

Bog armored monster was at the limit! Having also risen to its full height, the monster used its claws to grab the scolopendra !!!

“Pam! Pam! ”

Two front legs of a poisonous creature flew in different directions …

Scolopendra, making a terrifying sound, sprayed poisonous liquid onto an armored monster with even greater force!

The poisonous creature, not paying attention to the fact that it had already lost two more legs, relying on the remaining twelve, rushed to finish off the marsh armored monster with its poison!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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