Chapter 343. Fight of commanders-in-chief.


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The blood of the monsters flowed like a river, and their hatred for each other knew no bounds.

And somewhere in the corner of the cave

“We all ate her caviar, so her poison was not dangerous for us. Let’s destroy it together! ”Said Mo Fan to the other two.

The most dangerous in poisonous skolopendre is its poison, but now even its poisonous blood, released on the surface of wounds, is not dangerous.

Now is the best time to destroy the poisonous creature!

Mo Fan ran first. He had yet to manage to collect the soul of the armored monster before it had time to completely disperse.

“I’ve completely lost fear ???” – Li Manh shouted after him.

The poisonous skolopendra was seriously injured, but even being on the last legs, the monsters of the commander-in-chief level can calmly destroy the animal of the level of the pack leader. Mo Fan, running the wrong way, could easily get hit by a poisonous creature!

However, Mo Fan was not particularly soared about this, he needed to get the soul of the commander in chief.

Mo Fan ran along a huge carcass monster carcass, but it seemed to him more that he was running through some building, it was so huge. Running up, Mo Fan pulled his dark talisman out of his breast pocket …

Very soon the dead body of the monster began to radiate a glow, repeating the silhouette of the animal. At the same time, the dark talisman also began to glow, and the monster’s soul gradually began to separate from the body.

Mo Fan could not have imagined that such a huge monster like an armor-clad one would suffer so much in the face of his death.

With the passing of the wind, the monster’s soul seemed to have opened a huge mouth and headed towards Mo Fang.

Mo Fan was stunned. The soul of a huge monster was like a living … the last breath of a monster of the commander-in-chief level under great pressure came out of his body … The breath of the monster stopped …

The destructive roar that rang in his ears seemed to turn Mo Fanya’s whole inner world upside down.

The dense soul began to beat sharply, Mo Fan froze … As if the soul was angry …

The talisman, sensing that the owner was in danger, began to vibrate, making sounds.

The dark blue glow spun inside the dark talisman and with a sharp blow of the beam headed towards the soul of the killed monster.

Soul armored, frightened by this beam, walked a few steps and, turning, gathered to fly away. However, the dark talisman could not let her go, for him it was the first opportunity to taste the souls of the commander-in-chief level, which means that she just could not get away …

The blue ray turned into a spiritual chain and, grasping the monster’s huge soul with a hook, stopped it. The soul of the beast was now not only firmly attached, but was also sent to be eaten by the talisman …

Soul tried to resist to the last, uttering a heart-rending roar, but the dark blue beam held her so tightly that she had no opportunity to break …

In spite of the fact that during life the armored monster was a brute of very impressive dimensions and had immense power, his soul was now easily held down by a small talisman … The closer the soul dragged to the talisman, the smaller it became. By the time she was in front of Mo Fang, she was already only with the size of a candle …

This light was nothing terrible, but Mo Fan waited until the last, until his talisman completely consumed this little soul.

“It’s like living a little life …” said Mo Fan. His face was pale.

Mo Fan could not even think that even after his death, the monsters at the commander-in-chief level are so intimidating. Mo Fan once again swore not to get involved with animals of this level … They have not only powerful and huge carcasses, but also souls of hoo!

However, the dark talisman showed its power, which allowed Mo Fang to relax a little.

Once again, he made sure that the soul of the armored monster reached the inner river of the talisman.

Inside the dark talisman there was a special space. At the very beginning it was just a source, which soon turned into a long, long river of the little world. All the souls of animals that were in the talisman, hung in small lights over this river. Now all the space above the river has already been filled with animal souls …

These fiery little stars — the souls over the river of the talisman — were calmly shining there. This meant that the former once cruel monsters, these souls, finally, found peace and harmony within this talisman …

“We can assume that one soul of the commander-in-chief is already there … Although, of course, this is not his spiritual essence … but still …” – Mo Fan watched as the soul of the armor-clad monster settles inside. Now he could completely relax and not be afraid of the demonic confrontation, or rather his torment. After the soul of the commander-in-chief rests in the talisman, she will be able to give Mo Fanyu strength during the next confrontation, and he can finally become a man!

“Fan-ge, Fan! Behind you !!! ”- tried to call out Zhang Hou.

Mo Fan, who was already relaxed, turned and saw a huge, poisonous scolopendra, which was looking directly at him with a hated look.

Little people! Dared to collect fruits from someone else’s battlefield ???

The poisonous creature that killed the shell of a monster just now has again accumulated all its hatred …

It was terrifying that after the poisonous skolopendra killed a monster that surpassed her by a whole discharge, she now acquired even greater destructive power … This victory noticeably strengthened her physical and spiritual powers !!!

The scolopendra was breathing loudly from severe wounds … But even so, it was possible to feel that her breathing became stronger .. From the height, she attentively looked at Mo Fan, from this his knees began to shake.

“Now I have definitely disappeared! It was necessary to be so impatient! ”- thoughts flashed through Mo Fan’s head.

He was too worried that the soul of the monster of the commander-in-chief level would dissipate, so he rushed without thinking.

Who knew that seriously contused scolopendra would find the strength to beat him and him … Slowly she opened her mouth …

“Tide of light !!!”

At that moment, when Mo Fan was about to use the magic of the shadows to hide, the stern voice of Li Mang was heard nearby.

Star cloud enveloped Li Manh, creating a beautiful view!

A golden glow surrounded her, and under her control turned into a multitude of arrows!

“The magician … the magic of high ….” – Zhang Hou watched dazedly at what was happening.

Mo Fan also hatched his eyes, not believing them!

My God! Is this girl a high-level mage ???

the underground river Zhang Hou has already completely swallowed the spiritual seed of the earth element: Marshland. He just beamed with joy.

It was his first absorbed seed. According to his own feelings, he felt that he had increased his strength many dozens of times, and now he alone can cope with tasks that the group of magicians could not do before!

“Probably. this seed of the earth is one of high quality, strong as a stone, and it is incredibly difficult to do something with it, at the same time, it can take a supple form, like sand, with excellent adhesiveness, and it can become poisonous to everyone, ”said Lee Manh.

Zhang Hou was embarrassed, he could not even dream of something like that.

The seed of the swamp stream obtained by Zhang Hou obviously differed from the rest of the earth element, as Li Man said. He has two opposite properties, such subspecies of spiritual seeds are very rare. Besides the fact that it strengthened Zhang Hou’s earth magic twice, and besides, she suffered some other changes.

Take as an example the earthen waves, besides the fact that they turn a huge territory into a swamp, which sucks into the depths that have fallen into it, so much so that it is impossible to lift a finger, it now also poisons the victims.

Zhang Xiao Hou felt that his fighting power had increased several times!

Brother Fan is really not like everyone else. Other people save money all their lives to get spiritual seed, but a seed of this quality can only be dreamed of.

“What awkwardness? You deserved this! ”Said Mo Fan, slamming him on the shoulder.

Zhang Hou cheered up. Not long ago, this young man sold all his belongings, exchanging the money from them for two spiritual entities. Mo Fan simply could not let down his stupid little brother, and it was a miracle to find the Swamp stream. And if you do not give it to Zhang Hou, then to whom?

“Aha!” Zhang Hou shook his head.

“We have to go,” Li Man said.

“Let’s go to.”

“It would be great if, by our arrival, they would have been littered with corpses.”

… ..

Three people quickly rose to the surface, and with a crazy speed rushed to the mud lake.

The sounds of battle were heard from far away, Mo Fan, was admired by the strength of the poisonous scolopendra and armored monster. They spent so much time underground, and in the battle of these two the winner is not yet clear.

** boo **

Suddenly, a huge, like a giant tree, foot stamped on the ground right in front of them.

Their reaction was lightning: they jumped in different directions. The end of the scolopendra’s paw was pointed, and in general it looked like a huge sharp braid. On the face of Zhang Hou froze horror.

“The giant skolopendry has only six paws left!” – seeing this, Zhang Hou rejoiced.

In the air above a mud lake, a poisonous hundred-meter skolopendra wriggled around a carapace monster, striking blow after blow at its shell. As the strongest shell was, it was clear how powerful the blows were.

The armored monster moved to the middle of the swamp, being like on a hill, was able to take a breath. But the poisonous skolopendra did not give him such an opportunity, chained himself around the neck of the armor-clad monster, trying to turn his head.

The shell monster made every effort to make a move.

Three inspected the battlefield. It became a wasteland: there was no forest, no mountain heap, only a couple of weeds and a stone wall.

The shell monster gasped, and in madness tried to unscrew itself to throw off the poisonous scolopendra.

Everything around was covered with the blood of two monsters, dripping from their bodies!

Blood, guts, meat!

Monsters were on the verge of death. The fluids from the body of scolopendra were extremely poisonous, and they ran down the lizard’s shell, penetrating through it and open wounds to the muscles, getting into the internal organs.

The shell monster has already turned purple, the poison has penetrated deep enough.

Neck and neck terribly itchy, forcing to suffer. His last blow did not finish this damned skolopendra. He collapsed to the ground.

For so many years, the armored monster defeated the poisonous skolopendra, but this time, being fatally poisoned, he lost.

… ..


The lizard’s carcass fell to the ground.

The poisonous mucus completely covered the body of the shell-headed lizard, under the influence of the poison of the poisonous scolopendra, its muscles died, and the neck was covered with clearly visible thick veins.

But he was not completely enveloped in it, since the poisonous skolopendra also lost all its strength.

There were wounds all over her body, and she could barely hold on all three paws.

She raised her head and shrieked into the night sky from powerlessness, notifying all living things in the area that she had finally won back her territory.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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