Chapter 346. Shocked state


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Li Man’s face hardened to a barely perceptible smile.

The worst threat to the city of Bi Yi is the settlement of lizard-bears nearby, when Li Mang arrived in the city, she had no idea how to deal with them.

Her primary task was to find out who the God of the death of Lake Dongting was, and how he could kill so many fleshheads.

Who would have thought that she would meet someone resembling a savage and such a naive officer who would manage to cope with a monster at the level of the commander in chief. And the incident very much pleased her, and the city of Bee And now it can breathe out with relief.

“I immediately said that the corpse belongs to me,” Mo Fan said in a serious tone, pointing to a mountain of meat: the corpse of an armor-clad monster.

“It so happened that I also need it,” said Li Man.

“Fan Fan, I need him too. With a mountain of meat, you can build yourself a nice house, ”Zhang Hou chuckled.

The body of the monster level commander in chief is like a treasure.

“I will help you. I will call on the help of military mages, they will help you to bring the corpse, you alone will obviously drag it for a couple of days, ”said Li Man. Her cheeks were reddened, a pretty blush appeared, from which she became even more attractive, that’s just not clear what this is about: either the poison got out to the end, or she harbored a grudge.

“Or maybe you buy it right away, and you yourself didn’t put on a comic share of forces for the murder, so I’m selling you a ten percent discount,” said Mo Fan, he didn’t want to mess with this carcass, realizing what a headache is waiting for him.

“So it goes, too, the magical research center would naturally not mind getting the body of a lizard-headed commander for experiments,” the title of Li Man made it possible for them to make such decisions.

“For a pleasant cooperation!”, Mo Fan extended a dirty hand, in addition the hair on her was very long, it can be seen that demonization has not yet completely retreated.

“For pleasant cooperation!”, Li Manh laughed, narrowing her already narrow and long eyes: “You are unique. I first meet a middle-level mage who would be able to cope with a commander-level monster. Even for high-level mages, defeating such an enemy is considered an achievement! ”

“Ha-ha, I became a savage for a few months, not to dedicate myself to Zen,” Mo Fan grinned, exposing the top two fangs.

“Then, tell me why, before my arrival, these two monsters were already injured?” Li Man strictly looked at Mo Fang, realizing that he was hiding something from her.

“I do not know,” he looked at her with honest eyes, pretending that the incident had nothing to do with him.

Li Man did not interrogate him and went to dress.

She believed that the God of death of Lake Dongin and this lad-savage were somehow connected, but she couldn’t explain why she thought so.

… ..

Upon returning to Bi Yi, Mo Fan felt that the last stage of demonization would soon begin.

This is what Mo Fan must pass. For the use of force beyond the capabilities of the organism, punishment always follows. If he can get through this, he will remain safe and secure, if not, he will be doomed to death.

Mo Fan has already lost track of how many lizard-headed he finished off, how many souls he swallowed, and does not want to get under the control of the demon again.

If he can withstand another transition, then the demonic bead in it should disappear.

If the demonic element had not had such a dangerous negative effect, Mo Fan would never have parted with the demonic form. There is no greater power in the whole world, but the price is too high!

I remember that Jiang Yi said something about the fall of those who soared high …

In the city of Bi Yi, after Mo Fan let the soul of a commander-in-chief monster into the spiritual river, serious damage was inflicted on his own soul, and cultivation did not give any result.

From this, Mo Fan wanted to cry, but he could not … It was very difficult to bring the magic of the fire element to the third level. And now the Burning Fist: The Nine Palaces, so surprised everyone, became inaccessible to him again, and the Burning Fist became the strongest magic: Tower (p. P. Former “deceleration”)!

Well, if only the element of fire is weak, but lightning, shadows, invocation – all elements are weakened by one level. This made Mo Fang even more willing to use the demonic element. So much energy spent on cultivation, and here you are on: a similar regression.

And the development was given to him oh, how not easy!

Of course, now demonization of Mo Fan is impossible, the last transition remains and the demonic element inside it will completely disappear. And if you once again want to be demonized, then a new bloody bead will be needed.

Bloody bead is in the military. Mo Fan decided to recover first, then prepare his soul and body, strengthen his elements again, and only then return to this issue.


After rebuilding, Mo Fan and Zhang Hou arrived at the southern military headquarters.

The only soldier Mo Fan trusted was Zhan Kon. He hid everything that was connected with the demonic element, and there were not many people who knew the secret.

“You, little boy, are an extraordinary lucky person who did not die!”, Zhan Kon spoke to Mo Fang, who jumped up laughing.

“There is no difference with death, I regressed very strongly,” said Mo Fan, laughing from grief.

“Nothing, you will repay this regress very soon. I appointed people who had a full examination of your body, and it, like, completely cleaned the demonic element, the soul is also healthy, ”said Zhan Kon.

“Good,” Mo Fan nodded.

“In addition, we took a test for the presence of a bloody bead, and found that the body has acquired immunity to it,” said Zhan Kon.

“Immunity ??”, Mo Fan was puzzled.

“In short, the bloody bead does not affect you in any way, and you cannot be demonized. And if this is really a new element, then most likely you will be able to awaken the demonic element, like any other. Now you have four elements, a demonic element unknown in the whole world, will be discovered by you. But, boy, these studies were very dangerous: they were infected with a virus, they made terrible experiments … ”, said Zhan Kon.

Mo Fan left.

Vicious methods for changing the world, dirty search for a new element – all this eventually drove the squad Liu Nanny crazy.

“You can train here. For all you are still dead. And as soon as your body becomes completely ordinary, you can return to study, ”said Zhan Kon.

“Thank you very much,” Mo Fan shouted happily.

“Stay longer, Brother Fan,” said Zhang Hou, laughing.

“Perhaps you can get to the cultivation of the ancient capital,” said Zhan Kon.

“The ancient capital of Xi An … I heard that not repentant souls are found there,” said Mo Fan.

Nodding, Zhang Hou replied: “Those who could not rise after death — stayed there and do their own” affairs. But with my Swampland, I can not be afraid of the spirits! ”

“There is an opportunity to check!”, Said Mo Fan, with a sigh.

How much has happened! Sunrises, sunsets, life raged in the world!

The setting sun glows on the water’s surface, all life rejoices, and then fades … graves … coffins … gravestones …

What a world is still fascinating, how much is in it all!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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