Chapter 347. A Man Without Manners


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Autumn unexpectedly descended on the city of Hangzhou, making it even more picturesque.

Autumn in Hangzhou is not similar to the southern autumn, when summer heat is almost always there, it is not similar to the northern autumn, where there are icy frosts. Autumn in Hangzhou is notable for its comfortable temperature and beautiful landscapes …

The campus of Zhejiang University still has an ash-green color. Every day we had to clean the fallen leaves, which became more and more. Fallen leaves were like summer clothes, which were removed with the arrival of autumn.

Students here wear short skirts with stockings all year round, regardless of the season.

In contrast, the guys here go exclusively in flip-flops and sports T-shirts, sometimes throwing down jacket. In the south, students in such clothes can walk for three, or even all four seasons, and all because they are all magicians of the elements of fire and ice.

Inside the campus there is a small Seehu lake, in the center of which there is a gazebo. It seems that in this gazebo never cleaned. The bridge leading to the gazebo, was under water, because of what students are urged not to go there crowd. However, everyone absolutely does not care about this bridge, and all because all of them are magicians, and the presence or absence of a bridge does not play any role for them.

“I will help you, such a trifle won’t bother me,” said the guy with a smile, whose hair was perfectly smooth.

The surface of the lake was clean and reflected the speaker’s beautiful posture and his delightful mannered gestures, which indicated that he came from a good family.

He made a gesture with his hand, which immediately reflected on the water surface.

Green grass on the shore was gradually covered with a layer of white frost. This frost then turned to water, and the crust of ice on the surface of the lake could be heard crunching.

The ice was very strong, and the magic of the ice still continued to act, forming an icy bridge on the water surface – just a mystical picture!

“This is the son of an influential ice element family, Liu Yi Lin. Staten and handsome, and how he controls the magic of ice !!! He is truly worthy of being in the elite of Zhejiang University! ”- the girls nearby could not contain their admiration.

This offspring of an influential ice element family, Liu Yi Lin, came to the university not so long ago, but he was already admired by the entire campus. He had excellent ice magic, which delighted everyone. In addition, his outstanding appearance has fallen in love with a lot of female hearts.

Persistent cultivation, study, entering a famous university – all this is worth it to meet with such a guy !!!

“Hey, is that girl next to him?” I don’t understand why he is walking alongside a girl in a wheelchair? ”Came the voice of one of his crowd of fans.

The discussion of that girl caused an uproar.

“Yes, it is definitely from pity. Most of all, I hate girls who pretend to be helpless, they say, “Oh, I’m so tired, help me with the stroller” … Yes, we can all pretend to be weak! ”Said Chen Yun Qi sarcastically. Her antics caused her girlfriends to giggle violently and were heard in the neighborhood.

Liu Yi Lin just turned his head, looking at these girls, and smiled culturally, without the slightest hint of rudeness, he said to the girl in the wheelchair: “Do not think about them, they are just petty discussing why we are here together. Let’s go to the gazebo.

“I just wanted to walk here alone, sorry” Xin Xia put her head down. Her eyes reflected the calm expanse of the autumn lake. Xin Xia pushed the stroller further with small movements of hands, but she did not roll it onto the ice surface, but simply rolled it along the coastal part.

Liu Yi Lin rubbed his nose and laughed.

Just at that time, Chen Yun Qi’s voice came: “Oh! She pretends to be noble just to trap! ”

“Hey, Yun Qi, don’t say that. People don’t care about Liu Yi Liang, and she might just be trying to attract a loved one, ”said a girl with brown hair in a smooth parting in the middle of her head.

“And besides, most likely the guy who likes her likes to walk by the hand with such healthy girls like us who don’t have to be pushed from behind.”

“You’ve been reading love stories! Hehe.

Liu Yi Lin frowned. He believed that these girls had already begun to cross all the borders. Taunt over a person’s disability is already an indicator of their absolute lack of upbringing and manners.

The girls continued to talk word for word, completely unaware that Liu Yi Lin hears everything. Not enduring, he said: “Do not you think that you have already crossed all the boundaries of what is permitted ?!”

“Cross the border ??? That’s impossible! We can say whatever we want and do what we want! We do not like girls who pretend to be weak. People like her pretend to be good, maybe they curse all of us inside! ”Said Chen Yun Qi arrogantly.

“Yes, we do not like these girls!”

“Similarly, I hate those!”

From such speeches, Liu Yi Lin was simply speechless.

Liu Yi Lin at first did not know what to do. He was looking at this frail and lonely silhouette of a girl in a stroller. He could not find the words to console her.

At this time, a guy with a dark, light shirt appeared from somewhere. He looked like a southern man, but even so, that day it was too cold to dress so easily.

The guy in the shirt was angry, his body was surrounded by a specific shadow, and the unbuttoned buttons on his shirt betrayed his temper and nature, which was directly opposite to the nature and culture of an ice mage.

“Hey, bitches, isn’t it time to go swimming ???” – the guy in the dark shirt shamelessly turned to Chen Yun Qi and the girls around her.

Having said this, the guy without any hesitation kicked three girls from their original place.

Chen Yun Qi and two other girls were in icy water. They issued a heart-rending cry that frightened everyone around.

Among these three there was not a single magician of water … The girls very quickly got wet, their hair was tangled, and the makeup spread out …

Liu Yi Lian looked numbly at the boy in the dark shirt.

Can there be such rude women in the world, guys deprived of manners ??? Although in his head there were more than once thoughts to punish these girls, his many years of cultural education did not allow such behavior !!!

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