Chapter 348. She controls a brother, I control a sister.


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“This idiot! He dared to push the fragile girl into the water! I’ll deal with you! ”

“The one who is in a dark shirt!”.

“Girls, take off his skin!” Everyone at the university knows that we don’t have a finger in our mouth !!! ”

The girl’s hair, which had been laid on a parted part, now protruded in different directions. This girl immediately turned into a grumpy woman who, despite her wet clothes, was already creating a constellation.

Chen Yun Qi turned out to be even more cruel – an elemental star system was slowly created at her feet, but because she was trembling violently, the elemental system was interrupted.

“You, narcissistic girls, still dare to challenge me ???” – the guy in the shirt answered with interest. Looking around the three girls from head to toe, he said: “One has no waist, the second has drooping chest, the third has crooked legs. It’s not surprising that all day long you’re busy bothering others! ”

Upon hearing this, the girls were completely blown away from anger. Now they will definitely break the rules of the university that it is impossible to organize battles inside the university for personal reasons. Constellations and element systems went into motion.

“Lightning: a minefield!”

Mo Fan released the magic of the lightning element, and numerous electric arcs immediately surrounded his body.

Lightning instantly flew through the air. In seconds, they surrounded the three girls, cordoning them off into a 20-meter electrical circle.

Lightning flashed randomly around them, picking up speed. Everything else, the girls had wet clothes, which easily passed an electric charge throughout the body. As a result, they could not release the magic even the entry level for their protection.

The girls’ hair was burned, their clothes were torn off … Now they were no longer so complacent. Smoke was being poured from their mouths … The girls, who usually look cute and neat, were now so terrifying that even evil and ferocious spirits were nyashki compared to them.

The magic of lightning under the control of the magician is a little weak. Now she did not harm, but kept them in the same condition.

“This is the magic of lightning …” thought Liu And Lin numbly.

Chen Yun Qi was an average level magician, the other two girls were not weak magicians either, they were almost at the average level. However, they all turned out to be humiliated by the lightning magic of some kind of initial level !!!

This lightning wizard really was a master of his element: he was able to deliver so much trouble to the girls, without causing them serious harm and without injuring them! Passing by people, seeing these three, involuntarily began to laugh.

“You! You will get it from me !!! ”

“I, Chen Yun Qi, I promise that you will dance with me!” – Chen Yun Qi scolded, and all this time from her mouth continued to smoke.

The guy in the shirt, gleaming with his teeth, said: “Little child, if I don’t change my name, then look for Shen Min Xiao from Mingzhu University!”

“Shen Min Xiao … Oh well !!! You will wait for me, Shen Min Xiao! ”.

Chen Yun Qi, releasing steam, hurried off. Anyway, she is a girl, and her appearance is the most important thing. They can no longer be here to ridicule all.

Watching the three girls run away, Mo Fan headed towards Xin Xia.

Xin Xia was sitting in a wheelchair, her face expressed surprise and awe at the same time …

Very soon her eyes turned red and tears began to flow from them.

“Foolish, what are you roaring? I’m alive. ”Mo Fan stood near Xin Xia. His hands were in the pockets of his pants, and his eyes were on her small face.

However, seeing that her eyes were full of tears, Mo Fan pulled his hand out and held her cheek, helping her wipe away the tears.

Hearing these words, the tears poured Xin Xia even more out of their eyes. Standing on her hands, she hung on his neck, she pressed her cheek against Mo Fang’s cheek …

Mo Fan was numb … Feeling Xin Xia’s cheek wet from tears on his cheek, the tears involuntarily flowed from his eyes.

A modest girl in a stroller and this guy in a shirt … Now all the people passing by have become just a part of this autumn landscape …

“I remember how you told me a story: the emperor lived long ago. And he had two daughters of unearthly beauty, and they had one peculiarity – every time they cried, each of their tears turned into a pearl bead. The emperor betrayed the eldest daughter of a king from another country. He constantly beat her, making her cry. As a result, so many pearls have accumulated that this pearl thread could double the globe around! The younger daughter became the wife of a simple mountain peasant. The emperor was perplexed: just one tearful younger daughter was enough to ensure their family a comfortable existence … Why did her husband not shed her tears? And then he said to his son-in-law: “you are a really good husband, which will not make my daughter cry, unlike the king, who alone is busy earning wealth at the cost of his wife’s tears … Therefore, I give you my property!” Fan told the story.

Xin Xia shook her head: she heard this story more than once. It turns out that Mo Fan is like the two spouses from the parable?

“The peasant, having heard the words of the emperor, fell silent. He uttered only one phrase … “- Mo Fan continued to wipe Xin Xia’s tears -” Emperor, you forgot that your daughter married me only after she was blind. ”

After listening to this speech, Xin Xia became very uncomfortable. Squeezing her little pen into a fist, she began to knock Mo Fang on their shoulders …

This dunce! Ruined a fairy tale! Xin Xia read this tale before, and even then Mo Fan managed to spoil it, well, he can’t tell everything beautifully!

In the end, remembering how Mo Fan portrayed the peasant and his speech, she began to laugh.

Ah, this Mo Fan! Constantly turns the tale! Yes, and he laughs at them so strange!

“Xin Xia, is that the older brother you mentioned?” … Hello, my name is Liu Yi Lin, glad to meet you, ”Liu Yi Lin approached.

Mo Fan turned. Seeing a polished Liu Yi Lin, he said impolitely: “Do you know something that is not worth disturbing others’ manifestations of love ???”.

“Manifestations of love ???” – asked Liu Yi and Lin stunned – “are you not brother and sister ?!”

“She controls her older brother, I control my younger sister … Problems ???” answered Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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