Chapter 349. Raise your wife from your youth.


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For a couple of seconds, Liu Yi Lin’s face grimaced in surprise. He grinned, although he was ready to explode in his soul.

Why does Ye Xin Xia such a strange brother, committed not compliant with the girls, still talking about the control of his brother and sister … What kind of education …

“If you are everything, then do not call the eyes, go away,” Mo Fan pulled Xin Xia to his side, taking her to the gate from the campus.

Li Yi Lin could not allow this, it seemed to him that this man was unreliable, and the defenseless Xin Xia should not go with him. Too weird this guy!

Li Yi Lin tried to maintain friendliness, and said: “Since you are a friend of Xin Xia, that means mine, apparently, you came from afar. I invite you to … ”

“I say, do not bother, we need to retire to deal with each other, that is not for children … So stop talking here,” said Mo Fan irritably.

Little face, listening to this abuse, Xin Xia became bright scarlet.

What kind of doing each other … He wants people to burn with shame?

Li Yi Lin’s face turned white, this guy towards Xin Xia clearly has unhealthy intentions. By character, Xia Xia is too docile and cannot say a word of protest.

Brad some, Xin Xia does not protest. How she tolerates the words of this savage. Li Yi Lin resolutely took a step forward, said seriously: “My friend, do not go too far; for the last few months I have been courting Xin Xia, she is gentle, modest and submissive, I know that. You should not use these features of her character and carry such non-uselessness. She won’t say a word against it, but I, Li Yi Lin will do it for her! ”

Xin Xia, this was not to her liking and she was going to explain everything to Li Yi Lin. But during all these months she has told him about this many times, and this young man flew in the clouds.

Only Xin Xia decided to open her mouth, as Mo Fan stopped her, squinting, he looked at dressed up Li Yi Lin, said with a grin: “Do you really like her?”

“What are you talking about?” Said Li Yi Lin.

“It means yes? Perhaps for you these are ordinary actions, but this is not so, you obviously have a business to do with it, ”said Mo Fan.

Li Yi Lin once again glanced at Xin Xia. Well, today she will tell everything directly, it is impossible that this hungry wolf dog takes away such transparent ice as a girl, pure as jasper!

“Yes, it is!” Said Lee Y. Lin with a serious air.

“Or something wrong? Just now, when these girls ruffled their tongues, you did not even take an eye, but also joined them. Is that your man’s act? Now, when I ask you – this is so … “, – Mo Fan laughed louder and louder.

“I think only of Xin Xia,” Li Yi Manh, who was all pale, answered with indignation.

“Think of something else. I tell you, she’s my sister. And my wife, whom I bring up since childhood. I provide it with money in exchange for a relationship, you understand. And if you will continue to turn around my sister like an annoying fly, then I will beat you that my mother will not recognize me! ”Said Mo Fan terribly.

Mo Fang’s position was clear. From the phrase “the wife I bring up since childhood” Xin Xia, the hunt was to dig deep beneath the ground, the street was full of people, and it is impossible for him to say something quieter?

“If you beat me up, that my dear mother will not recognize me?” Zhejiang, and about me, Lee and Lina! ”

Both froze, the air around was strained to the limit. The element of ice and the element of lightning collided with each other, instantly filling the street with them.

Surrounding people realized that a fight had begun, and quickly tried to move away so as not to interfere, but look at the fight.

“How did this country boy so pissed off a member of a famous ice family, Li Yi Lin?”, They all supported Li I Lin.

“Who is this guy, he is not from our university?”

“Exactly not, otherwise who would annoy Lee I Lin! Look at him, he is shaking, and correctly, apparently he feels his quick death! ”, Said someone from support for Lee I Lin.

A gust of wind shook the trees, and leaves fell from them in a chaotic whirlwind.

Passers-by tried to bypass the battlefield in the widest possible arc. Some of them stayed and waited for when it all began.

The rules of the school have a ban on this, but in fact there have always been students who violated it.

“Xin Xia, be there, away. I will teach this lack of action, the power of my ice element is colossal, I don’t want to accidentally hurt you, ”- a member of the famous ice family Li Yi Lin, tried not to forget about outsiders.

Mo Fan did not specifically move Xin Xia away, black lightning flashed in his eyes, making it clear that he had already gathered the power of the element.

“That’s just as rich as you, I really like to put lightning on my stake,” Mo Fan stood next to Xin Xia, there was an elemental system of lightning beneath his feet, she drew silently and with great speed.

“Gad, he decided to fight me and keeps Xin Xia beside me, I won’t be able to use half of my magic!” Said a member of the famous ice family, Li Yi Lin, seriously.

“It’s not so difficult …,” Mo Fan laughed.

Passersby deliberately got away, but still not enough. And just so that nobody accidentally wounded Xin Xia, Mo Fan kept her close to him.

Similar to this rich, Mo Fan was always ready to incinerate!




Mo Fan developed intermediate-level magic very quickly. Saying, “not so difficult,” his finger was already pointing at the right place.

At the same time, violet-black lightning colored the midday sky in its colors, overthrowing the forked silhouette of lightning, which turned two powerful trees in ashes near …

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