Chapter 36: Half magic sword


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“I’m sorry. I’ve been disturbed …”

When the matter was signed, Mass responded like that.

“Everyone seems upset by the first raw Anos.”

“I hate that way …”

Sasha says that Misha nods when she is next door.

“Like sake”

“Hmm. Raw Anos sake?”

“I don’t have to dig there.”

Have a point.

“In the first place, there were some people in the same class, and it’s probably not the first time we have met today. I don’t know what’s raw.”

“Ah, what can I say? Anos-sama has an atmosphere that is isolated from the world, and there are places where we are not in sight of us. I feel like I got it. ”

“Well, honestly, it wasn’t in my eyes.”

“Ah … it’s …”

The mass also looks slightly depressed.

“Don’t bother. If you’re not interested, you just ignore me.

“I’m not following it.”

Misha nods to agree with Sasha.

“But I learned today. From now on, I’d like to taste my raw life.”

“It’s kind of obscene …”

Misha wonders at her neck.

“Are raw Anos obscene?”

“Nothing. Misha doesn’t need to know.”

Misha turned her gaze into the air with no expression and said quietly.


“Ah, Misha-san, are you going to join Anos Fan Union? I think I can teach you a lot.”

Sasha rushed to eat the words of Mass.

“I can’t stop my Misha from injecting something weird! Is it like a recruitment if you have such a chance?

“Oh, why don’t Sasha join?”

“Huh! Why is that?”

Sasha shouts astonished.

“Because Misha is worried. Isn’t it safe to go with me?”

Nico Nico and Mass say.

“I refuse. There is generally no reason to go into this place.”

“I see. Sorry.”

Misa put her mouth near Sasha’s ear and muttered something in a whisper.

“… Now, a magical photo of Anos who took a hidden photo came with a special offer …”

“Such thing-”

Sasha turns to me for a moment.

“I’m not interested at all.”

Sasha approached the mass, and Sasha shouted.

“… By the way, what kind of photo?”

“Fufu, do you see? Some half-naked shot a moment while changing clothes?”

“Semi-naked … ??? … It’s such an unhealthy …”

Sasha turns his face red.

“Ah, I don’t like that. Then I’ll prepare something with a more healthy and dignified look …”

“Well, wait …”

Mass has a cute expression.


“I’ll see it just in case. Just in case.”

Sasha emphasizes just in case. HM. What are you talking about?

You can hear it if you listen to it, but, well, because you’re speaking in a whisper, why don’t you listen?

“Okay, so it’s on the second floor, so I’ll guide you. Anos-sama, can you wait a bit?


Sasha seems to be relieved, and Sasha goes upstairs with her mass.

“Can Misha go?”

“Because Anos does not go.”



After a while, Mass came down the stairs.

“Sorry I made you wait”

“What happened to Sasha?”

“Fufu, it looks like you’re having fun.”

Masses say meaningfully.

“Um … Anos-sama, actually, I have one request …”

Mass changed from the previous one, and Mass had a serious expression.


“I know you’re a bold offer, but could you let us join Anos-sama?”

So that’s it. Well, is it a reasonable request? The other group leaders are royalty. Obeying that would be unwilling as a Unification faction.

“There are conditions for me to welcome you”

“What’ll we do?”

“Strong or interesting”

Then, Mass laughs in trouble.

“After all, it doesn’t seem so easy …”

“Ask one, why are you doing this?”

“When you say this, are you a Unification faction?”

“Oh, Derheid is dominated by the royal family, the demons are divided, but it’s not too much of a problem. If you close your eyes, life will be quite comfortable. ”

Despite royal issues, it’s a much better time than 2,000 years ago. Anyway, in the mythological era, the powerless have died. It’s a luxurious story that you won’t be killed at all.

“If you don’t have much power, try to unify demons correctly, isn’t it just danger first?”

“… Yes, exactly as Anos says.”

For a moment, Mass falls. However, he raised his face and smiled as soon as possible.

“If you like, could you guide us to our Union Tower? I have something to show.”

The mass comes with a dedicated gaze. It doesn’t seem like you don’t want to answer.

“Well, let me guide you.”

“Yes! This is it!”

Mass goes up the stairs and gives a brief explanation of the inside of the Union Tower. On the second and third floors, there are things related to Anos van Union, where normal activities take place. I had a brief look at sculptures that imitated me and a logbook that summarizes my heroism since I enrolled.

The fourth floor is a living space where you can sleep, and the fifth floor is full of Dilheid history books and books related to demons. At first glance, there was no history book that accurately described 2,000 years ago.

Go up the stairs and come to the top floor. In the center of the room was a stone pedestal, into which an evil sword stuck.

HM. It’s strange. Potentially, it feels as magical as the gem of the mythic era, but is imperfect. The sword is only half as if it were split vertically.

“Is this what you want to show?”


Mass walks slowly, stopping in front of half the evil sword. She stares at the sword.

I wouldn’t open my mouth as it was, but I would wait silently. Eventually, she said quietly.

“… maybe Anos-sama may have noticed that I’m not a pure demonic. My father is a demonic, but my mother is a spirit.”

Is it half-spirited? You can feel the power of the spirit. But the time when spirits and demons intersect is more surprising than when we know there is a mixture of humans and demons.

“My mother died shortly after I was born.”

Mass says a little sadly.

“I’ve never talked to my father. I don’t know his face or name.”


“My father is a royal family and seems to be in a very high position. Perhaps he is the Demon Lord who governs somewhere in Dilheid.”

I don’t know.

“What happened?”

Then Misha said.

“The royal family is obliged to retain the descendants of the royal family. If a non-royal family breeds blood, the family is excluded from the royal family, from the person to the third degree.”

“I see. Does it affect not only me but also my blood?”

Even if the daughter is mixed blood, the blood of the person is not thinned. Think of strange things in your head.

“It’s exactly what Misha says. Of course, my father knew that too. I shouldn’t fall in love with anyone but the royal family. ”

He laughs, Mass laughs.

“Well, this is just a delusion, but I thought it would be nice …”

Mass says, but if you don’t really like it, you won’t take that risk. Even your own position is at stake.

“My dad can’t talk to me. If I know that there is a half-spirited half-daughter, I’ll lose everything. There was no. ”

Perhaps he thought he couldn’t get his blood involved.

“Only on my one-year-old’s birthday, she gave me half this sword using a familiar owl so that no one knows.”

Mass touches the handle gently.

“I wouldn’t really want to leave such a trace, but I thought it was a message from my father who couldn’t say anything. The other half of this sword would definitely be my father Now the day when these two swords will become one will come together, and the day when the royal family and the mixed race will hold hands together will come, so my father is fighting. I was waiting for me to pick me up, and I thought he told me that way. ”

Mass looks back at me.

“Dilheid is peaceful. The reign of the royal family is excellent, and even if I do not have parental protection, I can go to school and live without any inconvenience.”

She cut off her words and laughed sadly.

“But I wanted to be able to laugh with my father, even if poor, more than to live without any inconvenience.”

It was a word that squeezed out emotions.

“Dad and daughter can’t even talk torn apart. I want to end that sad thing. Everyone, yes. Everyone in the Unification School has been relegated to the shadow of the peaceful reign of the royal family, They just have the experience of not being able to meet or lost their family. ”

Mass stares at me with an appealing gaze.

“But the gap between ideals and reality is deep. So, Anos. When you saw you at the school, when you were overrunning the royal family with overwhelming magic, we finally found the light of hope. I was able to believe you as a demon of violence. ”

“Hmm. So what are you going to do if I’m not the founder?”

“I’m okay. We will fight the founder to win this modest happiness.”

Mass clearly asserted.

“It’s your word that we believed. You believed because you said you were the demon king of violence.”

The founder did not need it, right? Certainly, there is no reason for the Unificationists to seek the royal founder.

“Sir Anos, please forgive us without help, and fight with us …”

I got the general situation.

“When was the next group competition?”

It was an unexpected question, or Mass could not answer immediately.

“day after tomorrow”

Misha says.

“Then, Mass. You should challenge me the day after tomorrow.”


“I won’t say that I won. I don’t want anyone to rely on me. If the word to fight the founder isn’t a lie, be ready.”

She shut her mouth and nodded as determined.

“I see. I’ll definitely meet Anos’s expectations.”

“Well, why call Sasha and have lunch?”

Leave the top floor and go down the stairs.

“Speaking of which, is Anos familiar with sword handling?”

Mass asks.

“No. My sword swings around with brute force. Why?”

“That’s tomorrow, because it’s a great demon sword training, so I wondered if I could see Anos-sama’s bravery.

I remember hearing that story.

“Sure, an instructor is coming from outside?”

“Yes, Melheis said that the Seven Demon Elders may come in the same way as during the Great Magic Training.”

HM. Avos Dilhevia knows what I’m skeptical about. What are you going to do? Let’s go for a regular look.

“And this is probably because the students don’t know yet, but new students are coming.”

I didn’t particularly notice the words of Mass, which I said meaningfully.

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