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For Martial Artist, for a month, the finger is over.

Since the servant of scorpion poisoning, Chu Xingyun no longer glimpsed cultivate, and often used his tricks to train Martial Study.

At this time, in the courtyard.

Chu Xingyun holds the sword of Martial Spirit, just like a gust of wind, move towards vicious killing, the sword shadow is heavy, so it is hard to get back, almost blink of an eye, the sword, approaching the front.

The poisonous technique showed a movement technique, and it was easy to avoid. When preparing for make a move to shake back Chu Xingyun, there was no sign, and a very weak thunder sounds came.

That’s right, it’s the sound of thunder sounds.

Seeing Chu Xingyun’s word momentum changed, the spirit sword was turned into a cold-skinned thunder light, breaking through the strong wind, with a very smashing angle, move towards the poisonous chest, and it was astonishing.

“Shock!” The scorpion complexion was shocked, and the subconscious agitated the spiritual power and shook the spirit sword.

Chu Xingyun stepped back and forth again, a lifts the head, and there was no slight color on his face. Instead, he smiled and said, “You lost.”

It turned out that Chu Xingyun and scorpion venom had long been stipulated that sputum poisoning must suppress the cultivation base to the same level. It is not possible to use the momentum of Spirit Gathering to suppress Chu Xingyun.

But just now, scorpion venom was obviously a violation of the rules, with a strong spirit to resist the sword.

“The master just had a sword, like a wind like a wind, I really can’t resist it, but also ask the owner to punish it.” Poisonously bowed his head in a respectful manner, but the words spoken were not aunt’s words.

Chu Xingyun’s sword, weathered by lightning, is several times faster, and it is extremely hidden, which makes him somewhat unprepared. If his cultivation base is much higher than Chu Xingyun, he will really be stabbed.

For most of the past two months, cockroaches have often learned from Chu Xingyun. Almost every time he can play, he can clearly feel the amazing progress of Chu Xingyun.

In the case of suppressing the cultivation base, at first, the two are quite equal, but it didn’t take long for the scorpion to feel a little hard, and had to use the movement technique to avoid it.

For the first severe days, Chu Xingyun entered the Body Tempering Sixth Level, and the swordmanship became faster and more ethereal.

Until recently, Chu Xingyun exhibited a ‘thunder’, which made the anti-drug feel a strong threat and had to violate the rules.

Ju Xingyun’s current strength, even in the face of Body Tempering Eigth Level’s Martial Artist, can also win!

“Come and eat fruit.” At this time, Shui LiuXiang and Chu Hu came over and hand-cut the fruit.

During this time, the scorpion venom was living with the three people of Chu Xingyun. After a long time, everyone’s relationship became familiar with the many, and there was no restraint at first.

However, Chu Xingyun did not immediately announce the smuggling, but concealed it. In addition to the three of them, the other Chu Family people did not even know the excitement of viciousness.

“Flower, what’s the situation?” Chu Xingyun asked, making Shui LiuXiang’s smile solidify, and he shook his head a little.

Chu Xingyun’s look changed slightly, and the brow immediately wrinkled.

After a month of careful care, Shui LiuXiang’s physique has completely complemented, no longer weak, but I don’t know why, she still can’t condense Martial Spirit.

In this regard, Chu Xingyun has made a move check several times, and even thought a lot of methods, but still did not find the root cause, even if the cold qi is from the Martial Spirit, he is beginning to doubt.

“Cloud big brother, in fact, can cultivate, it is not important to me, don’t disturb my thoughts for my sake, I can stay with you, I am already contented.” Shui LiuXiang said very seriously, She didn’t want Chu Xingyun to be so anxious for her sake.

Chu Xingyun licked Shui LiuXiang’s long hair, and his eyes were full of happiness. He was able to have this wife.

After a short break, Chu Xingyun entire group left Chu Town and headed for the mine.

A month has passed, according to Chu Xingyun’s estimate, the heart is ripe, it is time to harvest.

As the fire stone was gradually mined, as soon as it entered the cave, the hot air dissipated clearly and walked in the cave without any feeling of uncomfortable feeling.

“It’s weird.” The poisonous face was puzzled and said: “The fire stone is being mined, and the hot gas is dissipated. This can be explained, but the mist from the heart is completely gone.”

Hear this, Chu Hu and Chu Xingyun look at each other and see each other’s smiles.

At the end of the cave, when the scorpion venom saw the scene, the whole person was surprised to add.

In the field of vision, the fragrant heart tree stands there, and more than a dozen fragrant nuts hanging on it are fully mature, and they are full of red and fragrant, and they are emitting a very attractive scent.

As for the fog, it has long since disappeared because of the maturity of the heart.

“How could this be?” The scorpion venom had come in the cave. He knew very well that it took years for the heart to mature. Why, just a month later, it was fully mature?

He was full of surprise and looked at Chu Xingyun. Needless to say, he could also guess that the early maturity of Yan Zhiguo was absolutely inseparable from Chu Xingyun.

The more he contacts, the more he feels that Chu Xingyun is unfathomable. Even the precious cultivation techniques such as “Five Poisons” can be taken out at will, and it is not impossible to come up with a way to ripen the heart.

Chu Xingyun stepped forward, took the heart of the fruit, took the next one, and the rest, all handed it to Chu Hu, said solemnly: “Inflammation is hard to come by, later, but it is of great importance to Chu Family. If you contribute, you will reward one.”

“Well?” Chu Hu and scorpion gaze gaze, with Yan Zhiguo as a reward, this is too expensive, so generosity, I am afraid that the entire West Wind City, can not find a second.

However, it is surprising to be surprised that Chu Hu still accepts Yan Zhiguo, and rewards and punishments are clear, in order to improve the enthusiasm of the tribe. This is obvious, he still knows.

“After taking the yin heart, my cultivation base will be promoted to Body Tempering Seventh Level, so strength, it is time to go to Hidden Dragon Peak.” Chu Xingyun in the heart secretly thinking, the hollow sword is The Treasured sword of Magic Item level is still very tempting for him.

“Patriarch!” At this time, a Chu Family deacon ran in from the hole and his face was full of panic.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Xingyun looked away.

“Beyond the cave, a large number of people suddenly gathered outside the cave. There are hundreds of them. The entire cave has been surrounded. These people seem to be all from other towns, Expert, Big Elder and Three Elder. “”

The deacon said with a gasp, apparently shocked by the scene just now.

Nearly a hundred people armed with weapons, coming to the forefront, completely surrounded by the mountains, apparently not good intentions!

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