Chapter 350. Vehicle super class.


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Purple lightning formed ferocious electric claws.

Liu Yi stood and did not even have time to prepare. How could he know that mid-level magic would be faster than his ice magic in its speed?

He managed to draw only half of the elemental system!

Liu Yi Lin hurried to use his protective magic item. At the same time, the protective plates, like fish fins, covered it, radiating a specific glow.


Violet peals of thunder sank directly on these protective plates, which were destroyed under the blow of lightning magic.

Even such a durable and stable protective object could not resist the lightning!

The falling pieces of the protective object threw Liu Yi Lin on the ground, everything around him was covered with smoke.

A face hit on the ground caused bleeding from the nose of Liu Yi Lin. His body trembled, he tried to rise and realized that his mind was clouded, and his whole body ached with pain.

Onlookers crowded around who could not believe their eyes !!! In their eyes, the famous offspring of the ice family of Liu Yi Lin was beaten by some kid !!!

“This fellow, where did he come from with his strength?”

“Ofiget, Liu Yi Lin as if nailed with an iron plate!”

“Hmm, that’s how they decided the famous son of an ice family!”

Listening to such speeches around, and feeling the strange looks of others around you, Liu Yi Lin breathed more air.

Walking again to the dark-haired boy, he no longer dared to show him his contempt.

The magician, who, at such a young age, already controls the spiritual seed of the element of lightning, and even cultivates a second-level nebula – certainly not from the simpletons.

Liu Yi Lin recognized his defeat this time, but this does not mean that he will go to the world!

“Next time, don’t get in my eyes if I see — I will tear it apart!” Said Mo Fan arrogantly, gazing at Liu Yi Lin, who did not dare to come closer.

“As you see, you tear me to pieces?” – for the first time in his life, Liu Yi Lin heard such words in his address.

In fact, to prove anything at that moment was useless. His forces and the forces of the enemy are at different levels!

Mo Fan didn’t talk about it anymore, and turning the wheelchair Xin Xia, left the place.

Passing through the crowd and calming down, Mo Fan glanced at Xin Xia, who had not said a word during all this time. Involuntarily asked her: “You probably think that I was already completely impudent, allowing myself to treat your classmates like this?”

Xin Xia shook her head negatively: “You only do it for the best of reasons.”

Xin Xia now also did not know how to relate to Liu Yi Lin after all. For her, he has always been a well-mannered and intelligent young man, but his inner arrogance is still no-no and yes, and slipped in his words and deeds. She herself did not want to get close to him, fearing constant ridicule from Chen Yun Qi and her girlfriends. Xin Xia herself told Liu Yi Lin that she was not interested in him. Although he thought she did this only because of her disability.

“Hmm, did not know that you also dislike him. If he knew, he would have marked him even earlier. Most of all, I hate princes on white horses like him, ”said Mo Fan.

Coming out of the campus, Mo Fan noticed that Xin Xia was very dressed, so he decided to take her shopping.

Against the backdrop of such a beautiful autumn, Xin Xia should also look accordingly. Mo Fan, it was a pleasure.

At the gate, he noticed that a lot of couples are also waiting for a taxi. Mo Fan quietly stopped the car, opened the door and was about to put Xin Xia there, as from an unknown place, some guy jumped into the car and dragged his girlfriend there too!

“Hey, this is my taxi, I called the car with a wave of my hand,” said Mo Fan irritably.

“Brother, I also waved my hand, you just did not see it. No problem, the next car will arrive soon, ”said the guy in the baseball cap with a grin in his voice.

The driver of the car, having seen that he would have to take the wheelchair into the car, decided once again not to bother himself and, waving Mo Fanyu’s hand, made him understand that he was going to leave.

“Okay, brother, don’t be angry. With a friend like yours, you should drive the car yourself, ”the boy said unequivocally in a baseball cap.

“In your words there is some truth” – Mo Fan approvingly shook his head.

Taking a taxi was really not the best option. Especially if you consider that Mo Fang had a good magic option for moving quickly – much better than stupidly standing here and waiting for the car.

Mo Fan closed his eyes and after a while simultaneously opened them – now they were already silver.

A silver constellation began to form nearby.

*** Auuuuuuuu ***

There was a wolf howl, instantly attracting the attention of the crowd around.

Who knew that there would be a beautiful blue wolf!

“Come on, sit down” – Mo Fan seated Xin Xia on the back of an agile wolf.

Xin Xia was not used to this, so, sitting on the back of an agile wolf, she literally clung to his fur.

Mo Fan threw the wheelchair back (pp: I would not be surprised if in one of the chapters a wolf has a real trunk xD), he sat down behind Xin Xia, put his hands on her waist and nuzzled her fragrant hair.

Everyone at the gate was scared.

Needless to say that all, even the coolest cars, nervously smoked on the sidelines against the background of such a vehicle !!!

Even that impudent boy in the car was stunned by what he saw, and the driver did not dare to press the gas!

Holding the helpless Xin Xia, Mo Fan showed everyone what it means to a super class two-seater vehicle!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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