Chapter 351. The strange shadow of the building.


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An agile wolf raced through the city streets, drawing the attention of passers-by and drivers.

Mo Fan, chasing cheap glory, did not even think that in Hangzhou I could demand documents for his beast.

In each city there are rules according to which, draft animals cannot rush through the city streets, so as not to induce excess horror. The exception is made by those persons who serve – the government issues a special permit to them.

Up to this point, Mo Fan has not strained himself with thoughts of having a certificate for a draft animal. He still could not believe that some man dared to stop him! He did not harm the passers-by, but just moved on the roadway!

However, this time Mo Fan did not dare to show off once again, so they just have to reuse the wheelchair and walk further.

The afternoon weather was very pleasant: it was not sunny, and not overcast, the autumn breeze blew from time to time. As the girls say, the most comfortable weather for walking.

He bought Xin Xia a glass of hot drink, which she held in her hands and sipped from time to time. With her eyes she drove around, looking at the street, peering through the windows, and picking up her favorite things. Xin Xia did not often have the opportunity to walk along the main streets of the city. She had no friends with whom she could walk from one store to another, choosing the favorite trinkets. No, the girls from her environment were very good, just who wants to spend so much time on a walk with a disabled person, dragging her through the floors and passages.

It was much easier to walk with Mo Fan. He did not get tired of raising her every time they entered the elevator, and he was on the drum what people think of a girl in a wheelchair with a reddening face.

Picking up things, Mo Fan sent Xin Xia to the fitting room.

“I can handle myself,” she threw him out of the booth, pulling the curtain.

“I didn’t have any thoughts,” said Mo Fan with a smile on his face.

These two years, Mo Fan and Xin Xia were on their campuses and did not meet so often. The omission of Mo Fan, as his elder brother, was that for a long time he did not pay attention to her upbringing.

However, unlike Mo Fang, Xin Xia was a shy girl, so she was strongly opposed to helping her change clothes!

Xin Xia got to her feet without any problems, at this moment her legs looked the same as the legs of other girls, only they were much more elegant, like an unrecognized masterpiece of art!

She changed clothes without any problems – from an early age she did not need someone else’s help!

Mo Fan, after seeing the women’s robe in retro style, immediately thought that Xin Xia has a simple beauty and submissive temper that was so valued in ancient times, and this clothing will further emphasize this! And no matter how expensive it is …

This long silk robe was perfect for this kind of weather. And, if it could make an ordinary girl old-fashioned, then Xin Xia looked fresh in it, original, fashionable and natural, with a bit of Chinese style.

Seeing Xin Xia, dressed in new clothes, Mo Fan, with a contented look, took out his credit card.

After a good shopping relies good to eat! Mo Fan found a good place with good food.

Having money, you can afford such waste. Mo Fang always liked places that are a sign of people with good money. Choose a table by the window, order a glass of cola … uh … a glass of red wine and the whole evening laughing and talking with a beautiful girl sitting opposite

Mo Fan had been a savage for some time and went through a lot … That is why such simple pleasures of civilization now seemed to him even more valuable.

While Mo Fan was enjoying the moment, Xin Xia was watching him closely. With a grudge in her voice, she asked: “Mo Fan, you will no longer leave the city for some tasks, will you?”

“Do not worry about me, there is nothing dangerous there,” Mo Fan answered with a smile.

“Ning Xue told me everything already,” said Xin Xia irritably. She knew very well that Mo Fan didn’t tell her everything so as not to worry.

“Um … This is …” – Mo Fan confusedly lowered his gaze.

The relations between Mu Ning Xue and Xin Xia were always very good, so it is not surprising that Mu Ning Xue had already told her everything about that internship. The realization of this made Mo Fang remember all those noodles that he hung on Xin Xia’s ears and that all this was to no avail.

The next time you have to be careful, and before lying, think about what Xin Xia his little wife can say.

Mo Fan, as usual, did not further develop this topic, but simply looked out the window, enjoying the beautiful view. He asked Xin Xia to pay attention to this.

It was the tallest building in the area. There were, of course, skyscrapers that rested against the clouds, but from there such a beautiful view did not open, and there was no such good cuisine.

A glance riveted the shadow of a building with red lights. Through this shadow one could easily see that Lake Xihu, which has been in peace and prosperity for so many centuries …

When they reached the lake with their eyes, the images of lizard-headed ones immediately surfaced in Mo Fan’s head.

Aside from it was a building with the name of the bank. The edges of the building were sword-shaped, silver-white lamps riveted attention, and the dome was completely made of glass. Mo Fan thought about how nice it would be to visit the pool under such a glass dome. The pool under the dome would not be public, there would be just a few sexy girls …

In front was an international five-star hotel, which stood out for its height. It was clear that the hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, and it was definitely famous in Hangzhou.

From the height of the view from which Mo Fan was watching, it was easiest to draw conclusions about the profitability of this or that five-star hotel.

“Strange, we recently went to that side. What kind of building is this? ”- Mo Fan finally found a topic for conversation with Xin Xia, pointing with his finger at the towering black shadow of the building between the bank and the five-star hotel.

Xin Xia turned her head and also looked at it with interest.

“And the light does not burn anywhere, can it just be built?” Said Mo Fan.

Xin Xia shook her head: “I was in these parts, and did not see any building there …”.

Looking closely, the expression on Xin Xia’s face suddenly changed. With a smile on her face, she said: “Brother, this does not seem to be a building!”

“Not a building?” – Mo Fan was stunned.

Looking more closely, Mo Fan froze the next second.

Gradually his face was filled with wonder. Eyes began to fill with fear …

This strange black silhouette, like the shadow of a building, turned slowly!

But, precisely at the moment when people began to pay attention to him, he stopped!

He definitely turned !!!

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