Chapter 352. A long serpent, a terrifying city


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This black shadow … A few moments ago, it definitely was not …

But now she clearly stood between the bank and the hotel!

And when Mo Fan sorted through all the buildings around, she definitely turned around!

This huge silhouette was somehow incomprehensible, its huge physiognomy was absolutely flat.

A pair of triangular eyes glowed with bright light, like lamps in a hypermarket, but they were so terrible that they immediately imprinted in memory.

The head was turning into a wide neck, which gave the impression that it was a huge hat. The body was black, but under the light of the surrounding street lamps one could understand that there were some patterns on it!

Mo Fan did not risk to look at him.

It was clear that this silhouette of someone looking carefully, as if trying to see people inside buildings. However, Mo Fan inside guessed that this silhouette was looking for him!

This was the look that makes people instantly feel like tiny and scanty creatures.

Like a monarch, this silhouette stood in the most abundant place of the city … It was as if he did not care how many people were on the streets, or how tall the buildings were around. He continued to stand … But not as if he had just appeared here, but as if he had been standing here for thousands of years …

An air object rose in the air, and white light fell on his body.

In this darkness, Mo Fan was finally able to see his appearance.

Snake, it was a snake.

The elongated snake stood transfixed. He looked like a sculpture, and if he hadn’t turned his head, everyone would have continued to think that this was some kind of new building.

He was huge. Mo Fan understood that with just one movement, this huge serpent can destroy everything around.

However, he did not move. Turning his head, he remained in that position. The fact that this is not a sculpture gave out a red forked tongue that was visible from his mouth.

“My God, what … what is this ???”.

In the restaurant now everyone began to pay attention to him. People started screaming in panic.

“Snake! Snake!!!”.

“This is really a snake !!! God help me! ”

Now the restaurant, in which people were supposed to retire in the meal, turned into a place of cries, tears and random sounds. All those present were very scared. And these are people who were in the restaurant, on the top floor of the building … And what happened to ordinary passersby on the street?

Even from the magical plant monster, Mo Fan’s heart didn’t beat so much.

Who can now explain what it is ??? What he just saw ???

This is Hangzhou! A city in which civilization has reigned for a thousand years! Where could something like this come from?

“Xin Xia, hide behind my back!” Said Mo Fan.

Since this is the case, you first need to deal with your inner fear.

Looking out of the window, Mo Fan understood that in the face of such a huge serpent, which rises to the skies, the people below can no longer escape, no matter how fast they run.

At that moment, when a huge serpent turned his eyes towards Mo Fang, only one thought flashed through his head – to save Xin Xia.

These eyes saw absolutely everything around …

A pair of human brown eyes was filled with fear, which was interspersed with the determination of the innate conservation instinct.

The eyes of the serpent did not express anything: neither hate nor joy … It was impossible to understand from them what he thinks he intends to do. But they only looked at this small restaurant …

The serpent did it all unconsciously, but for the boy, behind whom a fragile girl was hiding, it was a real threat !!!

In this lighted place of the city, which was the center of abundance and luxury, there were a lot of high-rise buildings. But this night the most unforgettable was not a building at all, but a serpentine creature !!!

This being with one of its appearance finally destroyed the world view of all these insignificant people!

The serpent did not move, and did not destroy anything, however, and so it was clear that the time of this place was already numbered …

He watched as many people run in different directions, cars got stuck in traffic jams, and people ran out of these stuck cars hoping to save their pathetic little souls with their two legs.

A place of horror, where everyone already didn’t care about precautions …

A few minutes later a man appeared with wings behind his back. Then a few more.

Flying magicians enjoyed unconditional veneration among people, they were considered the strongest of people. However, even they have not yet dared to approach this snake at a distance from which at least one could see the patterns on his body.

The good news was that the serpent turned its eyes to the other side, as if something had caught his attention.

He slowly began to turn the body. His eyes went to the side of a guy in a white robe who was flying toward him from the south.

This guy was very much like a girl. He slowly descended onto the dome of the bank building, under which there was indeed a pool. Some rich girl was already lying unconscious next to the pool for fear of everything that happened.

The guy directed a close look at the snake. There was not a drop of fear in his eyes, only a swift and determined gaze was reflected there.

“Even if everything here seems to you to be fictitious and unreal, however this does not mean at all that you can be outrageous on the streets of the city!” Said the lad right in the eyes of this snake.

Snake, of course, did not understand what this guy was saying there. He simply directed his head up, sticking out his forked tongue.

Suddenly, the snake’s body was surrounded by some strange weak fog, which soon began to thicken, so much so that behind its veil it was impossible to discern the very same snake, the length of heaven.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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