Chapter 353. Internal oppressive fear.


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The mist was getting bigger, it seemed that he was about to devour the snake.

The fog began to take shape of a snake, not even going to erode.

The wind from Lake Xihu blew in this direction, and only now this fog began to dissipate. After he had scattered, it became clear that behind the veil of fog there was no longer any huge snake.

He just disappeared. Disappeared without destroying a single building, without making a single sound … All that remains after it is the fog between the buildings … and the fear that will not disappear just like that from this place …

At this time in the restaurant, the dark shirt on the body of the guy has already managed to completely get wet.

Realizing that the snake had disappeared, Mo Fan felt weak in his whole body.

In truth, Mo Fan believed to the last that it was just a bad dream !!! Where else could such a terrifying picture arise if not in a dream?

In the end, a cold sweat of fear soaked his clothes.

“Mo Fan … brother” – Xin Xia opened her eyes. Realizing that she was behind Mo Fang’s back, she gripped his sweat-soaked shirt even harder.

Mo Fan stood rooted to the spot. Even breathing in as much air as possible, the trembling did not want to leave his body.

Hearing his calling Xin Xia, Mo Fan turned with a tight smile: “Nothing … Nothing terrible, everything is in order.”

“Did he disappear?” Xin Xia asked.

“It must be.”

“Mo Fan, do you know what it was?” Xin Xia asked with a fear in her voice.

Mo Fan negatively shook his head. Taking out the phone, he connected the Internet …

As a result, in such a short period of time the appearance of a huge snake in the city of Hangzhou reached the front pages of all the country’s media !!!

“The government will probably figure everything out … probably … somehow. In short, we first need to get out of here, ”said Mo Fan Xin Xia.

“Aha” – Xin Xia shook her head.

More recently, the sounds of shouts and crying were heard on the street.

People continued to run, they did not know whether this snake would return again or not, so they hurried to leave this terrible place as soon as possible.

Mo Phanu also did not care about the rules, therefore, calling his agile wolf, he also dumped.

He did not want to say anything and understand all the news reports on the Internet about this. Mo Fan only wanted to take Xin Xia to the place where it’s safest.

Mo Fan did not know what to expect next. Fear is still not left.

Please, let nothing happen this week !!!

“Residents of the city of Hangzhou do not have to worry about that giant snake. This is not a real animal. How could he suddenly appear on the streets of the city? And then also suddenly disappear? If it were a magical creature, then it would certainly have caused irreparable damage to the city! ”

Less than an hour, as the executive branch immediately laid out their assumptions.

“From the very beginning, it was just a shadow, which was formed by a cluster of clouds. I must admit that she looked very believable. ”

“Yes, and this pair of eyes that looks like street lights! Although I was a few blocks from that place, the impression was that the snake was very close. ”

“It definitely can’t be just a shadow!” The authorities are hiding something from us. At that moment I was at the bar, and even from there I could clearly see the head of this giant snake … Such an effect cannot even recreate the shadow element! ”

Throughout the day, the whole country was discussing what had happened. The authorities were quick to hide the testimony of eyewitnesses.

If there had not been such a wide coverage of this news, then after some time everyone would have switched to a discussion of other events.

On the second day, the indignant Internet users attacked the authorities with criticism, calling for them to open all the cards.

On the third day, the tendency of people’s faith to the words of the authorities appeared. Although this giant snake and looked very realistic, but he appeared and disappeared with the breath of the wind, so this is most likely some kind of atmospheric phenomenon.

If it were a real magical being, then the whole district would be turned into ruins.

Within a week, there were very few people shouting about this event. People began to shift their attention to other events …

All this week, Mo Fan was in Hangzhou.

For a whole week, some inner darkness in his heart began to slowly recede.


Shadow element?

Being a hunter magician who lived in the wilderness of a savage for quite a long time, Mo Fan could swear by his man’s honor, it was not just a shadow!

The giant serpent does exist!

And Mo Fang had a strange premonition that this serpent would appear again!

All these days, Mo Fan spent in rented accommodation. For several days he could not collect his thoughts for cultivation. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw the face of this snake, felt his gaze, felt fear and danger!

Who is this snake?

In this world there are no magical creatures, the real existence of which the authorities could hide. Why did the city authorities need to inspire everyone that it was just a shadow?

This huge serpent, as he suddenly appeared among these high-rise buildings, also suddenly disappeared …

And his level? This is definitely not the commander in chief level!

Mo Fan had seen quite a few commanders-in-chief, but none of them suggested such horror to him.

Initially, Mo Fan did not intend to contact this serpent. However, in these last days he realized that under the yoke of the fear of this snake, Mo Fan cannot do absolutely nothing, much less cultivate. This fear must be let go.

“Apparently, we need to clarify this situation. I have to ask someone. ”

Mo Fan wanted to know why, when he closes his eyes every time, a wave of fear covers him.

“Teacher Tang Yue, do you have time?” I am now in Hangzhou, ”said Mo Fan.

“Shouldn’t you have been reinstated in a military unit?” Did something happen again? ”Asked Tang Yue.

“I already rested. Just a week ago, something happened in Hangzhou … ”answered Mo Fan.

Tang Yue on the other end of the wire stopped for a few seconds, then said: “Did you see?”.


“Then come to me.”

“I am a little afraid to appear in the Xihu area now.”

“Ha-ha” – Tang Yue’s laughter was heard in the phone – “is it really such a daredevil as you are afraid of something too?

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