Chapter 356. Totem Beast.


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“And so he appeared, without destroying a single building and without crippling a single living soul?” Asked Mo Fan.

The report has already been published. The giant serpent did not demolish buildings and did not kill people. As if he had specially appeared in the place where at that moment there were no people, otherwise he would have crushed them all.

Tang Yue nodded her head.

“The government knows about your existence, and knows that it is your deity spirit, therefore, it covers all traces?”, Mo Fan continued to ask questions.

Tang Yue continued nodding in agreement.

“But … do not you think … What he…”.

“That he is very formidable, and, at the slightest loss of control, can destroy everything around?” Tang Yue kept smiling.

“Aha, he appeared so arbitrarily in the very center of the city, and he disappeared so quietly. I think that even if you fully publish this case, then all the inhabitants of Hangzhou, the whole country will oppose this. Moreover, the fact that your village is under the protection of this spirit, which in the eyes of other people looks like a terrifying monster … Even this one fact can lead to a wave of thoughtless actions on the part of people … ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was a very experienced magician who, moreover, was afraid of almost nothing. However, at that moment he, too, was among those people who were scared to death by the sudden appearance of this serpent in the city.

“We are also concerned about this issue. For many years, the serpent first appeared in the city, and we also do not know why. Perhaps there was some kind of force that poses a danger, what caused its appearance … That is why I called you, you were an eyewitness to everything that happened. Maybe you noticed something strange in that place, or maybe you looked at him and saw what … ”said Tang Yue.

Mo Fan mentally returned that day and that place. However, he could not say anything strange about the scene, because there everything was strange !!!

However, there was one thing about which Mo Fan could not be silent.

“I had the feeling that he was staring at me,” he replied.

“Are you sure about this?”.

“Not that I’m really sure. But his eyes were so huge. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the building in which I was located, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan inside himself thought that perhaps this was due to his demonization.

Demonization has undeniable destructive power. If a giant snake sensed her danger, could he therefore appear there? And, having understood that at that moment she was not dangerous, quickly disappear?

However, Mo Fan’s thoughts were incoherent. Demonization could only endow him with the power of one animal commander-in-chief level. The snake itself was clearly superior to this level, and would hardly have appeared there because of this.

In this case, inside the building in which Mo Fan was then, there had to be something else that could attract the attention of the serpent.

Tang Yue was deep in thought. However, she did not think about the appearance of a giant snake in public, but about the reason for this!

“Then, is that serpent really your guardian angel?” Asked Mo Fan, specifying.

“Yeah. Previously, he guarded the settlement, but it was several thousand years ago. Now he is guarding the city, and this city is Hangzhou, ”answered Tang Yue.

Mo Fan opened his mouth. So much time he could not utter one sentence!

Who would have thought that such a huge and frightening beast, in fact, is the spirit defender of the whole city. Because of his appearance, people will not be able to believe this mystery.

“Why have I not heard anything about him before?” Mo Fan asked.

“You must have heard about totems,” said Tang Yue, and walked over to the wall with the map.

“Totems … I think I remember something. In ancient times, people depicted animal defenders on their banners … Would you like to say that this serpent is a totem animal? ”Mo Fanya seemed to dawn suddenly.

In the history books you can find the names of totems. Previously, people used totem images of animals to preserve calm in the area. Totem animals were not magical animals, nor could they be draft animals. The totems were specific animals that are not related to the killings, but could easily coexist with people, carrying their guardian function.

Unfortunately, all the totem animals of that time have long been sunk into oblivion. In the current era of the heyday of magic, people tend to protect only themselves, so only conscription animals remain, and only legends of totems remain …

“The serpent belongs to the ancient totems. Our clan from generation to generation protects it, and he, in turn, protects the city. If you think carefully, today many magicians are afraid that totems can use their forces against people, therefore they resist them. In addition, today totems can no longer just appear in broad daylight, and people will not accept them. We are worried that there are very few totems in our country … ”Tang Yue breathed.

“Keeper of the totem … Master Tang Yue, I would never have guessed this particular trait of your personality … What about the fact that you are a member of the magical court?”

“It does not interfere. The magical court is aware of the existence of Lake Xihu totem, moreover, the chairman of the magical court is my uncle … ”

Mo Fan was speechless. He could not have imagined that Tang Yue is such an extraordinary and versatile person. Keeper of the totem, and yes even the niece of the chairman of the magical court. What association, military unit or family it will not fall into, it will be accepted everywhere with open arms.

“Then tell me, why did you need to go to Bo city right at the beginning?” – Mo Fan recalled this important question.

Tang Yue already revealed a lot of her Hangzhou personality, now you have to tell about that little town.

“Because in the city of Bo, perhaps, a group of totem keepers was also hiding,” said Tang Yue.

Hearing the words of Tang Yue, an enlightenment seemed to descend on Mo Fang.

“It seems … Xin Xia told me something about this. At the time of the emperor we were the guardians, but they, like, protected the sacred source. How can a sacred spring be associated with a totem? So you mean to say that the Black Church didn’t destroy the city of Bo because of some kind of revealing revenge on society, and chose this city for a reason? ”Now Mo Fan felt that he had grasped the real purpose of the Black Church in destroying Bo City.

“At first we thought that they had done this in search of an already lost totem, but then they realized that their goal was different … But, unfortunately, I was no longer responsible for further investigation,” said Tang Yue.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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