Chapter 358. Plan of Betrayal.


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“In that case, this is me …”, Mo said.

“In fact, we suspect that a conspirator has appeared in the family. Everything was kept in secret, but the rumors could still spread, and I suggested to the senior judge to choose someone reliable from the side, ”said Tang Yue.

“Am I the one who is“ reliable from the side ”?”, Mo Fan pointed his finger at his nose, not finding more words. Everything would not have happened if he did not answer the phone call to Tang Yue.

Watching Mo Fang straight in the eyes, Tang Yue laughed with a charming and overflowing laugh.

“I believe you, that’s why I told you this secret. But you are not part of our race, and you have nothing to do with it. In addition, you are rather resourceful, you know a lot about improvisation, it seems to me that once you are in Hangzhou, you really helped the teacher! ”- it’s unfortunate that Tang Yue can’t kiss Mo Fang on the cheek.

In fact, it bothered Tang Yue for a long time.

The fact that the Spirit sheds once every ten years is a very big problem; if someone sees this, it can decide that this is a threat to humanity, but Tang Yue has so much survived with the Spirit, and she is confident that he is an excellent defender, this city is more important than people.

People care for the wall, the wall for the Spirit, the Spirit protects people, people support the Spirit. If people got close to the Spirit, they would understand how humble and decent he is.

Tang Yue from a small clan who came into contact with the Spirit. They took into account that during the molt the Spirit was too impulsive. Because of his strength and people’s fear, the senior judge and Hey Feng finally decided to take matters into their own hands.

There were many masters in the lineage, which allowed them to come into contact with the Spirit.

In addition, the Spirit can flare up during a molt, and someone is needed nearby.

This time, more and more seriously, there was information that a traitor appeared in the family, which further burdened Tang Yue.

It is very fortunate that Mo Fan appeared, in order to hide the place of the Spirit molt.

Therefore, after the call of Mo Fang, Tang Yue could not hide anything, in general, that was how she dragged Mo Fang into her boat!

Those whom Tang Yue trusts are few, but Mo Fan is among them!

“Do not forget, you are a very important person for me!”, Tang Yue narrowed her eyes and smiled sweetly.

“I once again saved you”

“Um, but I did not do enough for you!”, Tang Yue blushed.

“In the past, the reward was the tools of the spiritual path, but I returned you two,” said Mo Fan, showing that he does not live in poverty.

“In the past, this is in the past!” Said Tang Yue, breathing hard. This guy takes a lot of himself, asks to give a promise in advance.

Mo Faan, damn you, this may not be lucky!

“I will think about it,” said Mo Fan.

“Good,” Tang Yue did not demand anything from him, in the end it is a serious matter: “If you disagree, forget about what I said today. The fewer people who know the location of the Spirit, the better. ”

The spirit will never be accepted by the public, people will look at it with eyes full of fear, the Supreme Court of Hangzhou and the government will not stand on ceremony with this outdated totem.

This time, the spirit appeared in a lively area of the city, and has already attracted the attention of the magicians of the Minzhu and Imperial universities. It is not known how many magicians may be interested in this. And if they all decide at once to fix the problem, then the Spirit will not have a chance against them.

Tang Yue bit her lips, looking at the water.

How she wished the Spirit would calmly relive this critical moment.

“Is he very important to you?” Asked Mo Fan, seeing how Tang Yue is praying for this Spirit.

“Once upon a time, my father sacrificed himself in a war with monsters, and I’m always a little girl on my own. One day I went to the Lingyin Mountains, and met a fierce wolf with protruding tusks, there was not a soul in the area. The wolf looked very hungry, I thought that I would die there, but it took a little long time, and when I opened my eyes I saw that he was running away. I turned my head and saw Lake Xihu in the night. Moonlight was reflected from him, and the silhouette of a huge lizard was vaguely seen, so I first met him, ”tears accumulated in Tang Yue’s eyes:“ He was very big, huge, but I was not afraid. He was like my old neighbor, looking after me since childhood. I was just a little man on Shehu, and he protected me. ”

Mo Fan attentively, without interrupting, listened to the story of Tang Yue.

And that is why she needs a person who will not be afraid and will be able to help.

“They say snake skin is great for magical armor, I will help you, and you will give a piece of skin to me,” said Mo Fan.

“Um, that’s all you are!”, Tang Yue pretended to be irritated.

Tang Yue pouted out in spite of him, and started walking faster, not wanting to talk with such a student who does not respect the teacher, took out her phone, pretending to read the news.

Suddenly, Tang Yue’s face was flushed, his eyes staring at the screen in shock.

“Absurd! Absurd! ”Tang Yue said irritably.


“They are going to ruin everyone …”, – Tang Yue conveyed the latest news to Mo Fang.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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