Chapter 359. The Association of the Magical Court.


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“In the case of the big snake, corpses appeared. Due to the fact that the bodies of two hunters were eaten away by poison, it was not easy to identify them. They were installed quite recently, the cause of death is poisoning with poison at the time of the appearance of a large snake, ”Mo Fang looked through the latest news.

Watching the news, Mo Fan didn’t stop worrying.

There were no casualties in that incident a week ago. Where did these two corpses come from? And if the victims were then, then why are they talking about them just now?

“This is all slander. There is definitely someone who can blame a giant snake for profit, ”Tang Yue’s face turned red with anger.

“Why do you think someone falsely blames him?” Teacher, your phone is ringing, ”said Mo Fan, pointing to his mobile phone.

Tang Yue picked up the phone. In her strict voice it was clear that she was speaking with the authorities.

“You’re coming with me,” said Tang Yue.


“In the conference room of the association of the magical court.”

Going behind Tang Yue, Mo Fan reached the building of the union of magicians of the city of Hangzhou.

On the elevator they climbed to the very last floor. Here was a conference room, which was exquisitely decorated and had a panoramic view.

They approached the main entrance, which had guards in uniform. Mo Fan immediately thought about the format of the activity of the magical court, if the protection of their entire high-level magicians.

Some time passed before a man in a black gown entered the door. With his hawk-like eyes, he looked first at Tang Yue, and then at Mo Fang.

“My student is Mo Fan” – introduced Tang Yue.

The black hawk-eyed man nodded, inviting the two to enter.

In the hall, as expected, there was a large round table, in front of which sat 7-8 people in suits.

Next to them were more than 20 people, in appearance who could be said to be members of a magical court.

If there were high level magicians at the entrance, then the level of those who were here was clearly higher. This scared Mo Fan, he was trying to figure out if there was anyone here whose magic was akin to his level.

All those present were outstanding magicians!

The man in black dress undoubtedly impressed Mo Fang. For the first time, Mo Fan saw him when he stood on the dome of a bank building and looked directly into the eyes of a giant snake. It was clear that his abilities far surpassed the powers of Zhan Kona! However, in the hall he was among those standing.

“This is my senior colleague, Hey Yu. He is also the deputy chairman of the magical court, ”Tang Yue said in a whisper to Mo Fang standing next to her.

Mo Fan nodded his head – only now he understood what level of people he had reached. Suddenly, a middle-aged man with a thick beard, who was sitting at the table, struck sharply on the table: “People died, and you all continue to block this poisonous snake! I came here from the imperial palace of sorcery not to discuss something with you, but to fulfill the decree! It is said to deal with the hidden threat that is in Lake Xihu, so it would be better for you if you pass this giant snake at our disposal as soon as possible! ”

Tang Yue glared at the man with the thick beard, cursing him in a whisper.

Seeing Tang Yue’s broken expression, Mo Fan asked in a whisper: “Who is this?”.

“Zhu Meng, a member of the highest rank of magistrates,” said Tang Yue through clenched teeth.

“You seem to hate him?” Mo Fan continued to ask.

Tang Yue, not hiding anything, told Mo Fang how things were going.

The magical court has always been aware of the existence of the totemic giant snake, moreover, the leaders of Hangzhou did not interfere with the continuity of the people who are the keepers of the totem. However, Zhu Meng, who arrived from the imperial palace of sorcery, was strongly opposed to this.

Zhu Meng and his faction said that the snake represents a hidden threat that could harm the city or its inhabitants, which means that this problem should be eliminated at the root.

Zhu Maine’s grouping attributed the totemic giant snake to the highest degree of danger. They clearly said that the giant serpent could not remain in the city, because at any moment he could carry his head, his bloodthirstiness would awaken in him, which would lead to a catastrophe in Hangzhou.

Zhu Maine was supported by many. Many years ago, he had already expressed his assumption, but then there were elders who said that the totem beast was the bearer of the magical culture of ancient China, and besides, by that time he had not touched a single resident, which means there was not a single good reason to drive a giant snake out of Lake Xihu.

“So this Zhu Man is the main opponent of your spirit?” Said Mo Fang in a whisper, looking at the bearded man.

“Aha, as soon as the victims appeared, he immediately rushed here with the accusations, as if he had been waiting for the right moment for a long time,” said Tang Yue.

“But why are you so sure that the giant snake has been slandered?” Asked Mo Fan.

In fact, Mo Fan, too, thought that the presence of such a huge beast in the city posed a great danger. And, if it were not for the story told by Tang Yue about this snake, then Mo Fan would also be inclined to believe that the snake should be destroyed.

“Indeed, the giant snake is poisonous, but it’s not so easy to make him release poison. Moreover, he can not use it against people. If the serpent released its poison, then there would not be a single living creature in the whole district. We checked the place of his appearance a week ago. There was a construction site, on which then there was not a soul. This means that he could not poison anyone! ”Tang Yue said furiously.

Tang Yue knew the essence of a giant snake like no one else. He could not offend any living soul, and especially the people who feed him.

These bodies that were discovered have absolutely nothing to do with the snake!

“And most importantly, during the molting period, the entire secretion of the snake is aimed at skin renewal, therefore during this period of time it is not poisonous at all. So, there was a blunder, and these two mystical corpses lie on someone’s conscience, ”Tang Yue confidently summed up.

“That means it means” – Mo Fan nodded his head.

It turns out that during the molting period the snakes are not poisonous at all. However, there are two poisoned corpses … Mo Fan thought that Tang Yue would not lie about what is so easy to check.

It seems there really are people who are hampered by a giant snake.

If you believe the news, then the already dead business took a new turn only due to the suddenly appeared corpses. This led to a wave of indignation from citizens who demanded explanations from the city authorities.

“Do you think this is all his tricks?” Mo Fang asked in a whisper, pointing to Zhu Meng.

“He definitely did it!” Tang Yue said confidently.

The existence of a giant snake was the main obstacle for Zhu Maine in obtaining the highest rank!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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