Chapter 360. Hidden threat.


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“Calm down, calm down. Mr. Zhu Meng, do you really not know about the abilities of a giant snake? Having set yourself the goal of killing him, you must understand that it is not so easy to do it, ”the elderly chairman of the magical court said with a smile.

“There is no point in so much ranting, this time you will not be able to shield him,” said Zhu Meng in a decisive voice.

“Block off … Why do we need to block it?” The totem serpent has been living on this territory for many years, and this place has become its habitat. I really do not understand why we should drive him out of these places? ”Said the middle-aged totem keeper.

“This is your totem, it has nothing to do with me. I only worry about what he might do! ”Zhu Meng continued to persist.

“It seems to me that you are not worried about what the serpent can mess things up, but that its existence is a threat to your strategy, and you will not be able to take the place of the chairman of the imperial palace of sorcery!” The elderly totem keeper said with anger.

Zhu Meng looked at the elder’s beard and laughed softly.

The bearded old man made a piercing sound. He watched if there was anyone else in this room who would dare to openly speak out against this representative of the highest ranking assessors of the magical court, but Luo Mian himself was not at all afraid.

Luo Mian, too, was the highest ranking judge of the magical court, but he would never allow Zhu Meng to use the totem snake as a springboard for his power and glory.

“Representative Luo Mian, you should understand better than anyone that the holy serpent crippled people. You must be thinking that I am doing this on purpose. However, at any time you can go to the city, and ask those people, who then had to be tamed by a military detachment, about the incident a week ago. Then you will understand that absolutely everyone is talking about this, and you will be able to see the reaction of the residents with your own eyes! ”Came the voice of Zhu Meng.

Tang Yue, who always defended the totem snake, could not stand it, said: “The totem snake cannot harm people. What makes you think that those two corpses are the result of his actions? ”

“A girl who does not know the local rules! You don’t have the right to vote here! ”The bodyguard said loudly beside Zhu Meng.

Zhu Meng glanced at Tang Yue, and seemed to recognize her. With a wave of his hand, he signaled to his bodyguard to no longer raise this question.

“Usually evidence is required. Just dragging two corpses from nowhere and say that the totem snake did it … Yes, you probably laugh? ”Tang Yue angrily continued to speak.

“Tang Yue, do not break the rules, go away,” said the chairman of the magical court. Looking at Zhu Maine, he said: “My niece was not mistaken – evidence is required here. If our totem serpent and killed someone, he would not even leave the bones of this man … And so decomposed corpses found in a week without a reason – just want to hang them on our totem? Do not hurt our people so much! ”

“Right, right says. This case requires a thorough investigation, ”came the voice of another elder.

“Investigations are beyond my competence. I am responsible for hidden threats. Your totem snake just appeared in a crowded place, which in itself is a threat from his side. In short, I give you two days. Either you will drag it yourself, or I will deal with it personally! ”Said Zhu Meng.

“That you did not understand! You cannot come here and threaten our totem snake! ”The bearded old man said angrily.

“I am a representative of the highest rank. My words are endowed with the power of the imperial palace of sorcery and the Oriental pearl. And if I, Zhu Man, said that the totem snake did it, then that means it is so! ”- Zhu Meng snapped. He did not want to talk anymore about what is already predetermined, namely, that the totem serpent must die!

The totem serpent appeared in a crowded place, expressing a threat. Then corpses were found – because of all this, numerous residents demanded a response from the city authorities. The people have already made their decision – the totem snake must be destroyed!

Zhu Meng left the hall with his bodyguard, leaving a whole crowd of people at a loss.

After that, representatives of the imperial palace of magic and Oriental pearls, too, began to fuss to leave.

This case has already been resolved. Zhu Meng said to destroy the snake, and it looks like the giant snake will have a hard time escaping punishment.

People diverged. Only the chairman of the magical court Tang Jun, a bearded old man named Luo Mian, Hey Yu with hawk-eyed eyes, Tang Yue and Mo Fan remained in the room.

“How so? We were so anxious to protect the totem snake, but it was discovered anyway, ”breathed Tang Zhong.

“What do we do now? Zhu Meng is firmly opposed to the snake. Even if we send a letter to a higher authority, I’m afraid that we can’t do anything, ”said Hey Yu grimly.

“In reality, Zhu Meng is playing with fire. Well, he wants to fight the totem serpent, so let him fight. He must have excellent skills to resist the snake. He had long intended to do this, why did he have to pull up to this point? ”Said Luo Mian, stroking his beard.

“Representative Lo, the fact is that every ten years a snake sheds. And the real reason for his appearance in humans is that his concern is related to the upcoming molt. And during his shedding period, his abilities are noticeably weakening, ”answered Tang Zhong.

“You want to say that in the near future he will begin to moult?” Lo Lo Myan was stunned. He was very surprised.


“Poorly. So this Zhu Man deliberately podgadal time. ”

“We think there is a traitor among us,” said Hey Yu.

Does it not seem strange that everything fits so perfectly? Zhu Meng dared to speak openly, which means that he managed to prepare well.

Most likely, the traitor has already reported to him about the start of the kite molting.

“Tang Yue, I want you to take the totem snake to safety. We need to wait out his molt in a quiet place, ”said Tang Zhong to his niece.

“I see,” Tang Yue nodded her head.

“I will take over guard Tang Yue and the totem snake,” said Hey Yu.

Chairman of the magical court Tang Zhong shook his head negatively: “If during the period of molting at least one animal of the commander-in-chief level or high-level mage appears within a radius of 20 kilometers from the totem, the totem serpent, being very sensitive during this period, may accidentally attack. Tang Yue is the only one whom the serpent will definitely not attack … ”.

Tang Zhong glanced at Mo Fan, he didn’t take long to see Mo Fan’s cultivation level: “This kid isn’t a high-level magician, which means snakes are not dangerous for him.”

“Is he?! How can one entrust a matter of the highest degree of importance to a person who came from the side? Besides, he is only a mid-level magician, what is the use of him there? But the whole guard of Zhu Maine is all high-level magicians, ”objected Hey Yu.

“Hey Yu, you think wrong. This fellow can be very useful to us, ”answered Tang Joon.

Mo Fan listened and did not understand what was going on at all …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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