Chapter 367. The pursuing troops.


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Mo Fan and Tang Yue were both shadow magicians.

Subjected to the attack of a plant magician, Mo Fan and Tang Yue entered the shadows, heading toward the bound agile wolf.

The enemy, seeing that these two are going to release the wolf, not stint magical energy, released the magic element of plants of the average level. Thus, a forest dungeon was formed around the nimble wolf (item: Lunar Forest: dungeon, medium-level magic) to prevent these two people from releasing the animal.

The enemy was very intelligent: he did not show his face, all the time using the magic of plants to discourage Mo Fang and Tang Yue. It was clear that he was pulling time, waiting for the arrival of reinforcements. He acted wisely, because Tang Yue was a high-level magician, but in order to destroy him, she had to see the enemy.

Tang Yue also continued to use shadow magic, in which she was much faster and more agile than Mo Fang. This allowed her to instantly move between two completely hollow parts of the same shadow.

These two parts of the ghostly shadow blocked Mo Fang’s shadow, and if Tang Yue hadn’t appeared, this plant magician would continue to think that these are the two shadows of Mo Fanya and Tang Yue.

Mo Fan, using the magic of the shadow, left the neighborhood of the forest dungeon, and, listening to his magical intuition, went to the place where the magician of plants was.

Moving forward, Mo Fan saw a female intern who stood far away in tall grasses. Her hands were constantly moving, and her body was surrounded by a green glow from the magical constellations and the elemental system …

I must say that this girl was a true master of the magic of the plant element – her skills were even stronger than the skills of Mu Nu Jiao!

However, she never felt Mo Fanya approaching in the shadow of her.

“Here!” – the silhouette of Mo Fan began to appear. An invisible shadow constellation began to form under his feet.

“Man!” – the girl was really a powerful medium-level magician, by the time Mo-Fan had finished creating the shadow constellation, she already felt the approaching shadow.

“The youngest daughter of the dragon *, I am yours and Zhi Ping!” Said Mo Fan with a grin. (* the dragon is very revered in China, therefore, the most prominent personalities are phraseologically called the children of the dragon).

A huge shadow spike appeared (pp: Spikes of the Shadow – the magic of the shadow of the middle level), and at that moment when Mo Fan burst out laughing, the shadow spike took off without disturbing any blade of grass.

“Shameless!” The girl-intern of the magical court said in anger.

Her eyes snapped sharply, she already controlled the vines with her hands, trying to block the place where Mo Fan was.

At the moment when she wanted to release the vines, her breast seemed to have pierced something under her spoon. The girl felt her entire body shaking, and a strong black shadow digs into the depths of her soul … She could not move!

The magical powers of the plant element that bound the animal were constantly controlled by the magician. The shadow spikes of the shadow element had the ability to shackle the mental state of the victim. Mo Fan used this second level shadow magic property for the first time, and no one could know that in this desert place the magic of shadow thorns would be used on a girl trainee from a magical court.

The girl was immobilized, her state of mind was also constrained, she tried to scream, but all was useless. In theory, Mo Fan could flirt with her, imitating the style of a famous writer, but time was running out, and there was another girl waiting for him, to whom a huge snake boss walked.

“Do not be sad beautiful, if fate – then we will meet again,” said Mo Fan frantically, and his silhouette immediately turned into a shadow.

The girl angrily looked at Mo Fan, in her dark silhouette she could see his impudent smile.

Returning to the place where Tang Yue and the agile wolf were, Mo Fan saw that Tang Yue had already liberated the animal from the numerous plants that bound him.

“He’s hurt, we’ll have to go ourselves,” said Tang Yue, pointing to the wound on the wolf’s paw.

“And this girl is very dangerous! With one spell I managed to hurt my draft wolf, ”said Mo Fan.

“Perhaps she was chosen from among the best interns in the country, one should never underestimate the enemy,” Mo Fang instructed Tang Yue.

“Aha!” – he shook his head.

Without a nimble wolf, both of them can further advance with the help of shadow magic.

There was a lot of tall grass in the area. It was tall with trees and the shadow of the moonlight was very clear. The most important thing is that they have enough magical energy, in which case they will be able to continue their journey using the magic of shadow.

Under the moonlight their shadows were like the shadows of birds, they quickly moved between tall thickets of grass.

Unpredictable was the fact that several pairs of wings had already appeared behind them at a distance of about a kilometer.

No matter how fast Mo Fan and Tang Yue tried to move, they could not be faster than magicians with wings. Mo Fan, being upset, said Tang Yue: “But did our snake-big boss fall asleep there? How could he miss the cruise mages? ”

“Relax, these are not high level magicians. Most likely, these are trainees who use winged magic artifacts and conscripts with flying draft animals, ”said Tang Yue.

However, these words did not comfort Mo Fan.

Practitioners of the magical court with winged magical artifacts!

Mo Fan knew that such items cost fabulous money, which are very heavy for ordinary mid-level magicians. What kind of sponsors should these trainees have if they indulge in such toys at their level ???

And flying draft animals? Their cost starts at 50 million … Although Mo Fan has already heard about the people from which the magical court recruits subordinates – from those that can easily afford a winged draft pet.

“The pointed bird seems to be waiting,” said Tang Yue, looking attentively at the flying beast.

“The servant level beast is waiting ???” Mo Fang asked.

“Well, what do you suppose?”


Mo Fan wanted to swear. This crowd of trainees … They all skip the super flair of a giant snake.

“Mo Fan, I quite recently reached a high level, and I still do some magic tricks only by a book. I’ll deal with this bird and the three trainees on its back, and you take on that guy with a winged magic artifact, ”said Tang Yue.

“Good! I hate such rich people most of all! ”- he answered.

A mid-level wizard with a winged magical artifact …

Mo Fan could no longer tolerate such people begging for a good bashing!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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