Chapter 368. The Light Green Flame of Dong Fan Ming.


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Feathers of winged birds were very durable. Each feather was so sharp that it seemed as if the wings were thickly covered with blades that were cast in silver under the moonlight.

The bird made a sound in the night sky, its keen eyes found Tang Yue with Mo Fang.

Mo Fan and Tang Yue did not plan to escape, moreover, their pursuers were waiting for help, which means they should be stopped.

Pointed bird all came nearer. The enemy was careful, so the bird did not fly sharply down.

“Captain Wu, we have found the target, we are asking for reinforcement,” said the person sitting astride the bird Liu Zhong Ming on the radio.

“Fine. Do not lose sight of them, it is impossible that they reach the White Mountain, we will arrive in 20 minutes, ”answered Wing Jing.

“Accepted!” Liu Zhong Ming answered rhythmically, an undisguised smile slipped across his face.

No other trainee could compare with him — a conscription mage with a flying draft animal.

“Brother, what are we going to do now?” Asked Liu Yi Lin, carefully watching the boy and girl from above.

Liu Yi Lin first participated in the mission of the magical court. On top of that, Zhu Meng personally gave the decree, which meant that the mission was extremely important and difficult. This all aroused some concern in Liu Yi Ling about the goals pursued.

If Zhu Man attracted even palace bodyguards to the case, then these are definitely not simple criminals.

“They are heading for White Mountain,” said a thick-browed lad with a winged magical artifact.

“You can’t let them reach the mountain for no reason, this is the captain’s order We must stop them, ”said Liu Zhong Ming.

“Well, let’s go down and deal with them!” Said the guy with thick eyebrows. He did not even think about the forces of the enemy.

From the height it was clear that these two men are a little more than twenty, which means that they have not so much silences, how can they fight with him – Dun Fang Min?

Dong Fang Min was a brave man, besides there were wings behind his back. He began to decline sharply. His body was burning bright flames, flying down, he looked like a burning meteorite, leaving behind a long burning trail.

When he went down, it became clear that he was wearing gray clothes, he was very strong, and his expression was cold-blooded.

He walked on the ground, which was scorched by him … His look was arrogant. He closely followed Tang Yue and Mo Fan.

“Since I was met by Dun Fang Ming, then consider that you have already been captured. It would be stupid of you to think otherwise! ”- Dong Fang Min stood in front of Mo Fang and Tang Yue, and his body glittered with reflections of fire.

According to his fiery aura, one could guess that he was using not a simple flame!

Although, if you think … a person who can afford a winged magic item can certainly buy himself a spiritual seed of fire. Difficult adversary … Mo Fan signaled to Tang Yue that he was taking on this opponent.

“Be careful, this is Dong Fan Min – an outstanding young fire element magician from the Dun Fan family,” said Tang Yue.

“Dun Fan Family?” – Mo Fan remembered something. It seems that the seed of the fiery rose that he had acquired somehow prevented this family.

Tang Yue, who was standing next to Mo Fan, moved to a safe distance, giving the guys the opportunity to fight.

Her movement did not like Dong Fang Ming. He arrogantly looked at Mo Fan: “Do you really think you can fight me alone?”

Naturally, Dun Fang Min has already managed to examine Mo Fang in detail and understand that he is no better than him in his cultivation. Among mid-level magicians, Dun Fan Ming was not equal, and even a few such guys would not be able to defeat him.

“Of course not,” said Mo Fan. “I’ll deal with you in 15 minutes,” he said, laughing.

If the palace bodyguards arrive in 20 minutes, Mo Fang will have to do away with this fellow in 15 to use the remaining 5 minutes to escape.

“Idiot!” – Dun Fang Min lost his temper. He also has no equal among the average level of magicians, and then someone says that he will do it in 15 minutes!

Dong Fan Min didn’t waste time. The star elemental system of the element of fire was already assembled under his feet. The speed was such that it was impossible to distinguish between the connection of the stars, only constellations of constellations were perceptible.

The elemental system of fire was already ready, and even Mo Fan could not believe such speed.

“I forgot to warn you, since I was born I have been given the ability to release the magic of fire!” Dun Fang Min did not forget to inform the enemy about this feature.

Mo Fan, too, very quickly released the magic of fire, but who knew that at the time when his system was only half ready, his opponent had already released a flaming fist!

He did not cease to compose the star elemental system, moving the shadow to the side.

The huge flaming fist was already ready – it was inappropriate to use an ordinary fist here. At that moment, Mo Fan saw that the flame of Dong Fan Ming had some kind of light green shell.

What kind of light green light is this?

Mo Fan, using the magic of the shadow, left the place of the flame, at the same time thinking about what kind of fire it was. Suddenly he felt how he was burned. Head down, he saw that his feet were feverish. This light green flame of vines reached its feet, while simultaneously burning the plants nearby.

And though the burned plants around became more and more, in a moment the light green flame already covered Mo Fan.

“So this is a burning spiritual seed, so he was able to immediately burn such a large area. There is nothing surprising in this flame, ”Mo Fan thought to himself.

The light green fire that surrounded it did not exceed the seed of the fiery rose in temperature, but it was not so easy to overcome it.

The flames around made it impossible to use the magic of the shadow … Once in this position, Mo Fan punched the ground with all his might!

Mo Fan did not believe that his fiery rose seed had not yet swallowed that light green flame!

Mo Fan, who was burning with red flames, looked like a great villain! At that moment, when he struck the ground with his fist, the ground around it began to gather in folds …

Flames scattered in different directions, capturing a light green fire …

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