Chapter 369. Emissions of the fourth stage flame.


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“Flame of the fire rose? Is it really a fire rose? ”- Dong Fang Min was dumbfounded at the recognition of this flame.

The raging flames fiercely headed toward the light green fire.

The bright red flame of the fiery rose reached the green silent flame, tearing it apart. Greenish pieces of flame began to dissipate, giving way to red fire.

Mo Fan added more magical power. The light green fire was defeated, and the flame of the fire rose engulfed the whole district.

Unfortunately, the duration of the flame of the fire rose is very short. Its main force is destructive power and rage, whereas the green fire of the seed of silent flame * (the seed of fire used by Dong Fang Min) can burn for a long time, patiently burning everything around.

As a result, the tongues of silent flame did not dissipate completely, they spread to the grass around.

“And do you think this is a flame?” Asked Mo Fan, pointing to the remnants of green fire.

“Hm, today I’ll definitely send you to the interrogation of the magical court!” Dun Fang Min furiously replied.

At the very beginning, Dong Fang Min, under the leadership of an old hunter, was sent to a village in the vicinity of Hangzhou, where one could find the seed of a high-temperature flame. However, the village at that time was in drought. Dun Fan Min from the very beginning wanted to get such a specific seed, but due to the fact that the check of the magical court was canceled, the opportunity to get this seed fell to other outstanding magicians.

Dong Fang Ming could not have imagined that he would meet the owner of this seed right here!

“Dong Fang Ming, you shouldn’t make any drastic actions, we just need to prevent them from entering the White Mountain, wait for the palace guards,” said Liu Zhong Ming emotionally.

“I don’t need to tell me what to do!” Dun Fan Minh replied angrily, the green silent flame on his body kindled even brighter.

Mo Fan was not afraid of a direct attack from the enemy, but of the fact that he would beat around the bush. Another thing to consider is that the enemy had a magic winged artifact, then the course of the confrontation can change very abruptly.

Mo Fan was standing there, and the magic he used was no longer average. He expertly redirected the magic of the fiery rose.

“Burst of flame! *”. (* initial level of fire magic).

The fire flew from Mo Fan’s palm and, drawing an arc in the night, went straight to the place where Dong Fang Min was.

Dong Fang Min decided to release mid-level magic against Mo Fang, who fired flames like a machine gun. In this case, his flaming fist should have been like a rocket launcher!

“Do you want to harm me with your small lights of the initial level?” You are so naive! ”- said Dun Fang Min Mo Fang, not moving. Under his feet continued to form the star elemental system.

Because of the fiery power of his body, the emissions of the initial level could not affect him.

“Well, which of us is naive?” Said Mo Fan with a grin.

Mo Fan put all his anger and explosive power into this fiery release, which, splitting, turned into a two-meter fiery shell. He was directed toward Dong Fan Ming and threw him several meters away.

The fire projectile was simply huge, its split particles ignited in the air, and then scattered by countless sparks …

This is the entry-level “Burst of Flame: Blast Wave” spell, backed by the seed of a fiery rose, can inflict flaming blows of destructive power along with flaming fists.

It’s good that Dun Fan Ming’s body was covered with his own flame, otherwise “Burst of Flame: Blast Wave” would have left him disabled!

“Your burst of flame …” said a breathless Dun Fang Min with a black face. His gaze was evil.

So how can the initial level magic be as powerful as the average level magic ?!

“You must be the first to encounter fourth stage flame emissions,” said Mo Fan, with a grin, with another flame emitted in his palm.

“The fourth level of the initial level …” – Dong Fang Min was dumbfounded.

Dong Fan Min was undoubtedly an eminent average magician. In addition, he possessed various bells and whistles in the form of winged magic items … All this inspired him with the assurance that there was not a single average level mage capable of surpassing him. Now, his surprise knew no bounds – it turns out there is a magician who can beat him with the magic of an entry level of the fourth level !!!!

So much to advance the magic of the initial level is possible only with the help of a whole spirit, the cost of 1 piece of which varies from 3 to 5 million. For a guaranteed result of stars, you need a lot of such spirits of excellent quality!

Each constellation requires in spirit for each of the 7 stars, and this is another 35 million! Yes, with this money you can buy one good spiritual seed!

“Only fools spend such sums on these trifles!” Dun Fang Min criticized.

“Well, to whom is nothing, and who is not! You yourself felt the effect of my flame! ”Answered Mo Fan.

The fire rose belongs to the high-temperature flame, it increases the power of the fire about 2.5 times.

Emissions of the fourth stage flame do not have a pronounced specific effect, but represent an enhanced third stage explosion wave.

If we talk about Mo Fan’s spell “Emissions of flame: blast wave *”, then it is 5 times stronger than a similar spell of an ordinary magician !!!

(* magic element of the element of fire initial level, 3 steps).

The blast wave is the most destructive magic spell entry-level fire. Increased 5 times, it reaches half the power of average magic.

The entry-level magic of Mo Fan coached and cultivated very hard and for a long time, so she alone is already equal to half the power of the average. Magic Dun Fan Ming does not have this property!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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