Chapter 37: Alchemist Sword Holy


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The next day-Delzogade Demon Academy, the second training hall.

Emilia enters the classroom when the bell starts. Behind them were black schoolboys.

“Good morning. Today I’m going to introduce you to a transfer student.”

Emilia writes on the chalkboard the name Ray Grandsdry. A student in black clothes has stepped forward.

“Hello, I’m Ray Grandsdry. I was supposed to take classes from the first day, but for some reason I’m going to move in at such a halfway point. I don’t know, but it would be helpful if you could tell me.

It was a clear voice. Light blue eyes with white hair. The beautiful neutral appearance and the slightly smiley expression give a cool impression.

“… Hey, he’s a seven-pointed star …”

“I’m stupid. What are you saying, right? Ray Grandsdry. One of the generations of chaos. The sacred sword. It can handle spirit swords and god swords that couldn’t be used by demons. It’s a nonstandard monster. ”

“If you didn’t see it when you said you would enroll, then you haven’t come to school yet …”

A generation of chaos? Like Sasha, it seems to be quite famous.

Demon King Army “Rei can use the magic of <>, so he can run for the group leader, what do you do?”

“Yes, what should I do?”

Ray says in a refreshing tone. It doesn’t look like a very warlike type.

“The team has already been decided, but there will be time to join the team until tomorrow’s group competition test. Of course, this time we will join some group and participate as the group leader in the next group competition test It doesn’t matter, but you can use your skills to other teams … ”

Apparently, Emilia wants to make Ray a team leader.

“I haven’t made friends with everyone yet, and I wonder if this time I’ll be in a group somewhere.”


Emilia screams in a confused way, saying what unexpectedly was what the so-called chaotic generation said.

“Well, I understand. You won’t find any students you want to be a member of soon, so you’re going to join a group temporarily. Probably more students want to become members of Rei immediately So then you’ll be a team leader. ”

“I don’t think the leaders are so good.”

Frankly, Ray says.

“Even if you say that, I think the leader of the group who enters surely says that you are more suitable for the leader.”

HM. It looks like Emilia’s guy is pretty much on Rei’s shoulder, is there anything?

“Then you’ll have to select a group. The group leader should stand up.”

“No, I don’t think it is.”

Emilia looked at Ray strangely.

“Do you already know the face and name of the group leader?”

“No, not at all”

More and more Emilia looked suspicious.

“But only one can understand.”

With that said, Ray starts walking. The gaze in the classroom was focused on him, and a whispering voice leaked.

“… Who are you going to join? …?”

“Is this the sword of the demon? Is that guy, the leader of the group you can control, in our class?”

“Ah, maybe you think Sasha is the group leader …?”

“I see. Yeah. No way, you wouldn’t expect the ruin witch to be a member of the white suit.”

Rei walked straight to Sasha’s seat, and then passed past Sasha. I stopped right before my seat.

“Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Ray Grandsdry.”

Ray asked me with a refreshing smile.

“What is your name?”

“Anos Voldigord”

“Then, Anos, would you like to be in your squad? You look like this, and you’re pretty good at handling swords.

HM. This is a surprising offer.

“Why did you know I was the group leader?”

Ray responded immediately.

“Because your magic is the strongest in this class”

I can feel it without fear of my magic. In other words, he has considerable magical power.

“Is it white?”

With that said, Rei had an expression that she noticed for the first time.

“Oh, if you ask me, I only saw magic.”

Futto Rei laughs at her failure.

“But Anos is amazing. Normally, white clothes cannot be a group leader.”

“What, if there is a rule, break it.”

Kutsu, Rei laughs.

“I want to join your team. It looks interesting.”

Ray offers me a handshake. What a refreshing man.

“Rei-kun. You can be in any of the groups, but Anos is branded …”

“A brand …?”

Ray turned his eyes on the stigma of a nonconforming person in my uniform.

“Oh, then, are you rumored? Non-conforming person since the beginning of Demon Academy?”

“Is that so?”

“Hey. Even if you have such a strong magic, if you become a non-conforming person, what is the aptitude test for?”

It was Emilia who was surprised at Rei’s remarks, such as simple questions.

“Rei-kun, is that statement a criticism of the royalty?”

“Oh, sorry. Can you do what I didn’t ask?”

“What I didn’t hear …”

I scream laughing at Rei’s attitude, which he does not touch the teeth of the royal family.

“It’s a pretty funny guy.”

“Is it okay? I’m often told I can’t read the air.”

“It’s interesting”

Rei peeks at her refreshing smile.

“It’s the first time I’ve been praised for that.”

Ray faces Emilia.

“Isn’t it impossible not to be in the non-conforming group?”

“That’s the rule, but … I’m hoping to make the right decision as a royal family and one of the generations of chaos that is seen as the reincarnation of the founder of the Demon King.”

Emilia told me to impose a tacit understanding.

“I see. That’s a good decision.”

Rei answered, then tightened her expression and turned her back to me.

“Well, why don’t you join Anos’s team again?”

HM. Did you think it would be fine if he looked like a royal family? A man who can’t read the air completely.

To my surprise, Emilia opened her eyes and opened her mouth as if her chin seemed to come off.

No, it’s a masterpiece.

“… what is that? Why is the sword sacred sword suddenly going down to the gate of the incompatible person …?”

“… Oh, no matter how provisional, it’s not …”

“If Ray Gransdry came, I thought I wouldn’t have to look at that inconsistent person at last …”

A miserable mutter of a student who seems to be an royal family leaked,

“As expected, Anos-sama! It’s super cool to show which one is better without fighting!”

“Yeah, yeah! The charm of Anos-sama, and the sword sacred alchemy is also awesome!”

“Wait! I’ve noticed something tough”


“Isn’t it attractive at first sight to be charmed?”

“Well, then, Rei-kun, our rival !?”

“But, because it’s a man …!”

“I’m helpless before that love !!”

A strange Anos van Union voice resounds.

“Are you guys disappointed?”

Hint at the royal family. Well, Ray twisted his head.

“I was honest, I was wondering what to do if there were no good group leaders, but Anos is absolutely stronger than me?”

Ray says in a plain tone. He doesn’t notice that I’m a non-conforming person. I don’t know how true it is, but it doesn’t sound like we’re lying.


“Well then, hopefully. It’s good for my gender to do it as an order under a competent leader.”

This freedom, not bound by the royal family, has something like the demons two thousand years ago.

“That’s why it’s good?”

“Hmmm, yes. I refuse.”


Ray had a stern look.

“If you just want to be as comfortable as you want, get in there. If you really want to be with me, show me the power.”


With an awkward expression, Rei said in a playful tone.

“I said I wanted to do it, but it wasn’t that easy. I have to go up. I want you to be in your team! ”

“Well, then show me the power.”

Ray returned to a refreshing smile again.

“… It’s strange. He’s good at acting …”

It’s a man I can’t grasp. She is as easy as the air.

“… Re-sword sword saint has refused to say that he wants to join the group!”

“As expected, Anos-sama! High! High!

“Wait! I’ve noticed something tough”

“What’s next?”

“… Ray-kun told me now …”

“Take it !?”

I said to the Anos van Union who had a confusing conversation.

“Just right. Mass, you guys are in Ray’s squad.”

“Huh? Ah … yes. If Anos-sama said so, he would …”

Mass is confused.

“Work together and challenge me in a team-based competition test. If it works, I’ll add it to my subordinate.”


Then I saw Ray.

“Is that okay?”

“The leader isn’t so good …”

HM. As I said before, I don’t seem to be humble. A group leader is essential for becoming a demon emperor, but he has power but is not interested in power or politics.

“You’re pretty funny. I just wanted to play a little, but if you’re not motivated, I won’t force you.”

“Well, good. I’m interested in you too.”

Rei exchanges opinions as easily as she can. Then he smiled freshly.

“Be gentle”

“Oh, I’ll crush it with all my power.”

Ray rephrased with a mysterious face.

“In fact, a one-year-old daughter is waiting for his return.”

“That means it fights with all its might to live and return home.”

She laughed like a squirt. This must have been a lie. A decent man.


“What is it?”

“No, I felt like I could do well with Anos.”

“Hmm. It’s strange. I just thought so.”

I woke up in a whim, but mysteriously, the words seemed to be understood by myself.

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