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Connaught of a large open space, caught in absolute silence.

Everyone fell on Chu Xingyun, full of surprises and shocks.

Chu Ping’s scorpion swallowed, and he looked at the face of Chu Xingyun’s calm and composed, and his heart continued to sink.

It turned out that during the time of the past, Chu Xingyun did not deal with him, not because he did not have enough strength, but disdain and disdain to fight with them.

Ridiculous as he, actually regarded this disdain as fear, and again and again, Chu Xingyun.

At this point, the emergence of scorpion venom, like a slap in the face, slamming the fan on his old face, let him completely collapse, and in his heart, it also raised a strong sense of shame.

Chu Xingyun walked to the front of Chuping Tian, there was no emotion in the eyes: “Chu Pingtian, I was a Chu Family member at the beginning, and I have contributed a lot to Chu Family, so I will let you live a path, but you are so obsessed with it. In exchange for the interests of Chu Family, gathering people to kill me, I can leave you…”

“Dead in your hand, I have nothing to say, I just regret, when you were young, you couldn’t kill you.” Chu Pingtian clenched his teeth and said to Chu Xingyun.


Chu Xingyun took his eyes back and turned around for a moment. The poisonous hands burst into the purple light, and each rays of light was like a poisonous blade, easily piercing the eyebrows of Chu Pingtian and others.

a path of blood column spurt, in the blink of an eye, the whole ground was dyed red by fresh blood, more than ten people including Chu Pingtian, all died, fell to the ground, turned into a cold corpse.

When the crowd saw this scene, the shock in the heart could not be added. A dozen people said that killing would kill. There was no hesitation in the slightest. Is this teenager in front of him really only sixteen years old?

Chu Hu and others are also shocked, but compared to the shock, more in the heart is the deflation.

Chu Pingtian, these people, completely for the benefit of own, completely abandoned the Chu Family, such a guy, even if Chu Xingyun does not do, they will not easily let go.

The scorpion venom still exudes a strong atmosphere, and looks at Lin Chongdao and others, saying: “Master, how do these people deal with it?”

Lin Chongdao complexion changed, knowing that today is afraid of eating a big loss, forcibly pulling out a reluctant smile: “Chu Family, the things just happened, all are misunderstandings, we are all tempted by the traitor of Chu Pingtian So I made the move just now. If I am offended, I will definitely apologize on the day.”

As the saying goes, I don’t know how to reach out.

Lin Chongdao smiled on his face. When he opened his mouth, he pushed all his responsibilities to Chu Pingtian. Anyway, Chu Pingtian was dead. This crime is not pushed.

Even more how, what he said is Lin Family Patriarch, in the West Wind City is also a face-faced figure, Chu Xingyun will not be Hulai.

“Is it confused?” Chu Xingyun smiled. “I don’t mind letting the Lin Family master wake up.”

The scorpion scorpion flashed a hint of coldness, the figure flashed, and suddenly appeared in front of Lin Chongdao, and a palm slammed out.

Lin Chongdao subconsciously wants to resist, but when he thinks about the current situation, he still dares to fight back, and he is looking at the scorpion’s palms closer and closer, and even takes the initiative to scrape the past.


The palm of the hand was solidly photographed on Lin Chongdao’s body, and his whole person was shaken out. He poured out a fresh blood on his head and fell on the ground. He dragged a trace of more than ten meters long.

The poison did not stop make a move, and once again, it was shot again.

This palm, the more fierce, let Lin Chongdao can not help but mourn, face becomes extremely distorted, but also spit a mouthful of blood.

Pēng pēng bang!

The palm of the hand is continuous, almost every palm is shot in the wound. The poison is to grasp the force very accurately, without hurting the life of Lin Chongdao, but let him wake up to bear these pains.

Another palm was shot in the chest. At this time, Lin Chongdao was not adult. He fell to the ground and suddenly felt that the idea of own was just ridiculous. Chu Xingyun was simply a Hulai, totally unreasonable.

“Lin Family, are you awake now?” Chu Xingyun asked with both hands on his back and whispered softly.

“It’s completely awake, and many thanks Chu Family’s help.” Lin Chongdao mourned.

Expert from other towns, watching Lin Chongdao, who has been arrogant and arrogant, is so whispering and begging for mercy, and he is begging for mercy with a teenager who is only sixteen years old. All of them are shocked and their body trembles even more.

“You are Lin Family Patriarch, one person above, under a thousand people, even the murder a person with a borrowed knife is such a simple strategy, but it is worthy, but you understand it now, I hope that you will not commit the same in the next life. mistake.”

When talking, the smile in Chu Xingyun’s gaze gradually dissipated, and a cold and chilly bloom, saying: “Smack the poison, kill him!”


Upon hearing this, Lin Chongdao was all playing up and lost his voice: “Kill? You want to kill me?”

He even suspected that his own ear had a problem, and his eyes were full of mistakes and shocks. Extremely angry anti-said with a smile: “Chu Xingyun, you are crazy, I am Lin Family Patriarch, Xifeng City, Xiongxiong, you killed me. Don’t be afraid of endless revenge from Lin Family!”

“Why should I be afraid?” Chu Xingyun looked at Lin Chong’s knife as if he were a fool.

“You just said that you want to kill me. In my heart, you are already a dead person. What Lin Family, what revenge, not even in my eyes, I want you to die, you have to die!”

In the words, Chu Xingyun exudes contempt, which makes Lin Chongdao’s heart almost stop. He suddenly feels that he is a humble ant, life and death, all in Chu Xingyun’s thoughts.

This time, Lin Chongdao was completely afraid, deep in one’s heart, the last bit of self-esteem, disappeared in an instant.

He squatted down, looke pale: “Chu Family Lord, I am wrong, I really know it is wrong, I am the Spirit Gathering Fifth Level Expert, as long as you don’t kill me, from today’s beginning, Lin Family is Chu Family’s most Faithful allies, blessed with the same, have the same difficulty!”

Chu Hu’s heart is a joy, Lin Family is a strong side, if you can get their help, for Chu Family, it is definitely a big boost, it will become more powerful.

“Allies?” Chu Xingyun disdained with a smile: “Spirit Gathering Fifth Level, is it strong? In my eyes, even if your cultivation base is hundreds of times stronger, I won’t take a look and kill!”


Everyone’s heart is twitching, Spirit Gathering Fifth Level, the head of the family, this identity is enough to affect one party, but in the eyes of Chu Xingyun, it is so unbearable, even his glance nothing.
Just like the sound of the sizzling wind, a purple black light burst out, suddenly fresh blood spewed out, sprinkled on the ground, dyed into a blooming red flower.

Lin Chongdao, a sly character, died, so he died in front of everyone, the body is separated!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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