Chapter 370. Meet, revenge!


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Mo Fan, with both hands, fired the flames one by one. The resulting balls of fire filled everything around with an amazing glow.

Dun Fan Mine was not cheap magical armor, which continued to contain the pressure of the ejection of the flame.

What else is there to do with Mo Fang’s unceasing bombardment, if Dong Fang Ming cannot breathe, even to form a star system?

Unhappy Dun Fan Min! Although he created an elementary stellar system of the average level, perhaps even faster than most of the magicians create an entry level, but during this bombardment, every time he lacked quite a bit of time to finish it. The flame was already rippling in his eyes, his ears were rustling, and signs of wear were visible on his armor.

Gritting his teeth, Dun Fang Min left his pride, and decided to retreat away.

For each movement he used his magic wings. These were beautiful wings, with blue plumage. With one stroke of Dun Fang Min was in the air.

Initially, Dun Fan Min was going to deal with Mo Fang on equal terms with him – on the ground, using magic of a similar level, but now, in order to intercept the military initiative, he had no choice but to take to the air.

Dong Fang understood that if the magical armor disappeared completely, he would not have a chance against Mo Fang.

The range of the ejection of the flame is very limited, and airborne Dong Fang Ming will be able to use a flaming fist.

The magical wings are a very expensive artifact, but it made Dong Fang Ming invulnerable!

“I’m not at all used to use such dirty tricks, but you didn’t leave me a choice!”, Dong Fang Min waved his blue wings, and he had already risen twenty meters up.

“Do you think I will let you fly up?”, Mo Fan laughed.

The red constellation was no longer visible under the feet of Mo Fan, why suddenly began to appear purple-black? It is almost drawn.

From head to toe, Mo Fan was surrounded by electric arcs, they flickered and shimmered.

“Qianjun, Thunder: Demon!”

Mo Fan pointed to Dong Fan Ming’s head, and lightning flashed straight to the indicated place from the night sky.

Storm clouds formed with terrifying speed, hovering over Dun Fang Min.

Dong Fan Ming saw the lightning element nebula, and was taken aback.

Lightning … The element of lightning?

His opponent only recently used the shadow element to dodge, and now also the lightning element, how can that be?

“Not only do you have special talents!” Said Mo Fan.

Only he finished speaking how the thunder of thunder came down from heaven.

Lightning, swift and terrifying, a tremendous black and purple overflow broke out in the middle of the night sky. And hitting the ground, it resembled the claw of a terrible demon. This lightning ruthlessly pierced in the air, Dong Fang Ming. He could not defend himself from the blow and flew head over heels to the ground …

Lightning ignited his body, except for the places under his armor, and if not for them, he would have turned into a handful of ashes in the air.

Dong Fang Min slowly rose, but he was exhausted. Violet-black sparks still flickered on his body, shocked him with a current. The armor could not stand the blow and split.

“Fifteen minutes had not passed, right?”, Mo Fan, laughing, stood at the inability to put up with the defeat of Dong Fang Ming.

A mid-level magician with magical wings, in expensive magical armor, with such things behind his back, Dong Fang Min always behaved arrogantly. And today he was disgraced by an ordinary average level magician.

“I … I … I know you … I know who you are!” – Dong Fang Min, gritting his teeth, suffered pain.

“A born owner of two elements, who else? Meet my revenge, ”Mo Fang said, squinting with laughter, trying not to reveal his secret.

“Wait for me!”, Dong Fang Ming’s eyes were fierce.

Mo Fan did not delve into Dong Fang Ming’s position, and headed in the direction where Tang Yue went.

It was opposed by three middle-level mages, and one advanced Feng Yu Que.

Those three will not make problems, but Feng Yu Que …

When Mo Fan caught up with her, Tang Yue did not skimp on attacking magical artifacts, she did serious damage to Feng Yu Que, but from three sides she was attacked by medium-level magicians. With no defensive artifacts, Tan Yue only remains to use shadow absorption to evade.

“Master Tang Yue, do not forget that I am here, and I also have no defensive magic. You distract those two, I will get rid of that puny, ”Mo Fang said next to Tang Yue.

Mo Fan, as always, breaks into someone else’s battle, but everything will work out if he can sneak in unnoticed by absorbing shadow.

“Good,” Tang Yue appeared for a second. Not far from them, an ice dungeon suddenly appeared, it blocked the absorption of Tang Yue by shadow.

Silently, Tang Yue stepped back.

She does not use the absorption of the shadow, and therefore opponents see it completely.

Mo Fan and Tang Yue are the magicians of the shadow element, and are largely coordinated silently.

Tang Yue pretended to be at a dead end, while Mo Fan was making his way through the shade of grass thickets.

“She is helpless, imprisoned in my icy dungeon!” Said Liu Yi Lin proudly.

“Don’t you hurt her, she has a pearl,” said Liu Zhong Min.

“Calm down, I am perfectly in control of the ice dungeon … Brother, arrest her. Soon I will become a judge! ”Said Liu and Lin.

Liu Zhong Min did not answer, the earthen waves controlled by him did not let Tang Yue leave.

However, about Liu Yi Lin, there was a voice: “Liu Yi Lin, the last time I took pity on you, because the girl asked me!”

The sound was heard right from behind. Liu Yi Lin frightened turned his head … And he saw the familiar hated physiognomy, this is the same student who stained his name …

A minute … and such a shame !!

But Liu And Lin didn’t have time to get angry, and his body was already shaking!

How did this type appear behind his back ??

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