Chapter 374. Revolt of the heavenly eagle


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The chain of snow-white mountains stretched to the west, huge, majestic, their tops were hidden behind the clouds.

For a very long time, these western mountain ranges were not considered as an area for flying, but all because a large group of white magic eagles nested here.

White magic eagles have always been famous for their hot temper, and they reacted equally to any uninvited guest, be it a commander-in-chief monster or servant, all at once defended their territory.

They were ferocious and cohesive, and also posed the greatest latent threat to the west of Hanzhou.

However, they themselves did not attack people, and for more than ten years nobody approached them either, they were satisfied with their lot and their habitat.

In all these years of tranquility, the western forts relaxed their vigilance over the eagles, mistakenly believing that they were peace loving. Who knew that with the epidemic in Hangzhou, the eagles will try to get their benefit.

The western fort, military magicians stood in the ranks, peering into the horizon, waiting for the battle …

In truth, for many years they have not met at all any large-scale invasions of the human world by monsters.

“Go ahead, everything is after me, we rise to the sky,” – the young military man seemed to give a wave of his hand, ordering his people to ride the celestial eagles.

The power of the white magic eagles is not particularly great, the biggest problem is that they are feathered, and the magician from the earth cannot oppose anything to them.

For a long time, against the sudden blow of a flock of birds, it was difficult to resist, fortunately, every year there were a considerable number of good magicians in the western fort. They were specially trained to fly on celestial eagles.

“It has not been so much fun for a long time!”, – the military adjutant licked his lips bloodly.

“Everyone is listening to my order, we are taking off!”, – the young military commanded.

All officers in pure military uniform climbed onto the back of the celestial eagles, and were going to fly in the indicated direction.

However, everything went awry.

All the celestial eagles continued to stand on the ground, without ever moving their wings.

Heavenly eagles simply had to obey the order and immediately take off. They were tamed by the magic of the element of the spirit, and should always obey the tamers without question.

“Call the handlers, something strange happened to the celestial eagles!”, – the squad leader was in a rage.

“Commander, did you call me?” The tamer approached.

“Look what happened to the celestial eagles, why they do not follow orders,” said the squad leader.

The tamer approached the eagle, put a hand on his body slightly, closed his eyes, felt his calm heart.

A minute later, the tamer opened his eyes, and looked at the horizon, thought it over and said: “They are afraid.”

“What are they afraid of?” Asked the squad leader.

“The heavenly eagles and the white magic belong to the same species, although we have tamed them, but in them the blood of the monster-eagles still flows. And they cannot go against the whites … “,” the tamer did not manage to finish.

“Damn flock of useless sparrows!”, – called their squad leader.

“Though the heavenly eagles are tamed by us, you will not go against nature, however …”, the tamer stopped the phrase in the middle, he stroked the eagle, in which there was indescribable horror in his eyes.

In an instant, the tamer’s facial expression changed, he fully realized what was going on in the hearts of the celestial eagles, with their incredulous eyes into the distance, where the white magic ones are located.

“However, what? Something you keep back! ”, Said the head of the squad, irritably.

If you fight without the heavenly eagles, how many magicians do they have that can fly?

This is getting terribly problematic!

“As soon as the commander-in-chief, the four-footed eagle, appears, the celestial eagles will not fight with him and the plan will go to pieces,” said the tamer.

“Idle chatter, if our heavenly detachment is destroyed, then the city will be attacked immediately,” said the young squad leader.

The tamer’s eyes were still filled with fear, he shook his head, and again looked at the restless eagles.

Little by little, the eyes of the celestial eagles began to change color from black to dark red, they flapped their wings, not at all in order to take off to fight, but in order to shed riders.


“Wii !!”

Suddenly, all the celestial eagles began to emit a piercing screech, they looked at the flying aggressors, and seemed to respond to someone’s call.

“What’s happening?!”

“My heavenly eagle does not obey.”

“My too!”

The heavenly eagles flapped their wings, twisted under the riders, their legs were chained, otherwise they would fly away arbitrarily.

“Riot … They are rioting !!”, shouted the military man, who was already faced with a similar situation.

“What?”, The young head of the detachment examined everyone, and noticed that the color of the eyes of all the celestial eagles had changed, they desperately resisted, became cruel, even dangerous to people.

“The plan failed!”, – the tamer could not keep them under control.

“What is going on here?” Shouted the young squad leader.

The heavenly eagles have long been obedient, obeyed orders, why did they suddenly decide to resist today?

“I just told you that if the commander-in-chief appears, the four-eagled eagle, the celestial eagles will not risk approaching him and will try to escape as soon as possible. But if an eagle of the level of a commander appears, then they can rebel under the influence of his aura! ”Said the tamer, pale with fear.

Commander level!

Hearing this, the young commander was stunned. The level of the commander, there is a monster of this level, amazing!

“Faster, you need to kill all the heavenly eagles, you can not let them rebel! These low-level animals will not be able to resist the aura of coercion of the commander! ”, – the words of the tamer were eaten understandably in a hurry.

Monsters of the commander level were so terrifying that since childhood the tamed celestial eagles began to behave this way …

“What are you frozen, do you really want the fort to be destroyed?! Rather, kill all the rebellious celestial eagles !!”, the tamer cried angrily, seeing as the officers had already folded their arms.

“Kill!” Kill faster! ”, Gritting his teeth, the young commander of the squad commanded.

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