Chapter 375. The Return of the Serpent to Shehu.


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On the ninth observation tower of the western fortress sat a 17-year-old young man.

He played a special village melody on a small flute at ease.

To these sounds, a grown up white-gray eagle flew out from the forest nearby and sank down beside the lad.

The boy looked at the bird and said: “Gray, did you catch hares again in the forest? Is it possible that the food you are given in the fortress is not to your taste? Or did this filthy handler treat you badly again? Well, well, well … I know that he hates blooded animals like you, and because of this he puts obstacles in your way. As the opportunity comes, I will definitely cook something tasty for you. ”

The gray eagle made a sound, as if he completely understood what he had just been told.

The guy with the eagle was sitting on the observation tower, as an alarm sounded suddenly. Instantly, anxiety covered the entire fortress, one could see how the ranks of military mages line up in columns and are forwarded to the front.

“What happened?” – shouted the guy from the tower to the liaison who was downstairs.

“Wang Xiao Jun, again you are sitting there. Go faster inside the fortress, hide, otherwise such small as you white eagles will eat without chewing ”- said the same connected.

“It’s okay, Gray will protect me,” Wang Xiao Jun replied.

Just at that time, a tall, lanky guy ran up, whose face was completely strewn with pock marks. Glancing up, he shouted to someone who was sitting there, “Will you protect you? The armed forces have just received an order that everyone must kill his eagle, which he feeds! The order should be immediately enforced. ”

“What are you talking about? How can they give such an order? ”Asked Wang Xiao Jun, not believing his ears.

The pockmarked guy said sternly: “In the western ridges, a commander’s magic eagle appeared, which means that soon all the eagles in the fortress will no longer obey and begin to rebel. What you froze there, it was said – to execute immediately! Failure to comply with the decree will entail punishment! ”

Wang Xiao Jun was stunned by what he heard. He looked at his eagle, which had not yet had time to really grow up …

Should he kill him himself? How does his hand rise?

The gray eagle was the only gift that was given to him by an older brother who sacrificed his life. He raised it from the time when the eagle was still a chick, and therefore the gray was his most important companion.

“And such a hybrid eagle should not have stayed in the army at all,” said this pockmarked tamer.

“I won’t allow it!” – Wang Xiao Jun looked at the eagle sitting next to him and, having bitten his lip, abruptly played the flute.

Hearing the sound of a flute, the gray eagle seemed to catch the order. His body frowned, expressing absolute obedience.

With the following flute sounds, the eagle flapped its wings and, making a circle, flew away.

Although the eagle had not yet matured, and its feathering was not thick enough, it surpassed the purebred eagles in speed of its flight.

After some time, the silhouette of a gray eagle turned into a point and disappeared in the wilds of the forest.

This pockmarked tamer lost his temper. Angrily addressing Wang Xiao Jun, he said: “Idiot! Open went against an army order? You are like your gray eagle – you are also not worthy to remain in the army! Do you even know what mistake you made? You let him go, and then he will join the pack of white eagles and attack our fortress !!! ”.

Wang Xiao Jun, head down, did not say a word. He did not understand what preceded such a ruthless order, did not understand what could have happened to such an awesome one. He just wanted to save the life of his feathered friend, and for this he is ready to suffer punishment.

Speckled away, and Wang Xiao Jun raised his head. The sky above his head was already completely littered with the bloody feathers of white eagles …

Not far from here was a ground for taming animals. The corpses of magical eagles were scattered everywhere on this site, drowning in pools of their own blood …

The young lad could hear the painful cries of these birds, he could hear their blood being shed …

The worst thing was that these birds were not killed in the battle … They died at the hands of the closest people to them – their owners.

Wang Xiao Jun could not look at it, he just closed his eyes.

He did not shed a single tear, but his heart was bleeding …

In the first moments after the news from the western fortress reached the meeting room of Lin Yin, all the assessors with a serious air fell into silence …

No one could even think that the situation would take such a serious turn. First, this epidemic, and now the white eagles are attacking the city.

“White magic eagles are the most unwelcome opponents for our army. Their system is completely destroyed, since they began to pose a threat to the fortress. It’s good that a decree was issued to get rid of them as soon as possible. If he had not been executed, who knows what the consequences could be, ”said the chairman of the magical court Lin Yin – Li Tian.

“Now we are in the center of inner turmoil. Has Mr. Lu already figured out a cure for an epidemic? ”Asked Zhu Meng.

“The medicine is ready, but this medicine, obtained from the blood of a totem snake, increases the body’s resistance, but does not completely suppress the disease. We still need a snake’s bile or something like that, ”answered Mr. Lou.

Tang Zhong glanced at the palace guards, then Tang Yue then whispered: “Go back to White Mountain, and bring back the serpent bile.”

Zhu Meng violently rose from his seat and said: “It is not surprising that there is an effect from a drug obtained from the blood of a snake, because it is he who caused the epidemic! Do you really not understand that your blind faith in ancient fairy tales has already destroyed so many people !!! ”

Tang Joon was silent.

Zhu Meng walked straight towards Tang Yue.

Tang Zhong jumped too, thinking that Zhu Meng would be coming out for Tang Yue now.

However, Zhu Man just stood in front of her, and looked at her, not taking his eyes off.

After a while, the imperious expression disappeared from his face. He completely sank down, as if begging.

“I understand perfectly well that you are doing your duty, but now Hangzhou is in great danger … White magic eagles have become another problem, and if we do not solve the epidemic problem in one day, then the whole Hangzhou will turn into a mountain of corpses … Therefore …” – began to speak Zhu Meng – “I ask … I beg you … Now return the totem snake, and then, I promise you that if there is the slightest chance to save his life, he will not be killed.”

Tang Yue retreated a few steps back, not believing what Zhu Meng had just said. She looked at Tang Jung. Tang Zhong shook his head in agreement!

Since Zhu Man offered a compromise, saying that he would try to save the life of the snake, you can not postpone his return.

“Well, I will immediately return the totem snake. I’ll return him to Xihu Lake, ”answered Tang Yue.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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