Chapter 379. Emergency assistance.


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Mo Fan was dumbfounded by what he saw.

He had already heard the stories of Tang Yue about the totem snake, as if that its ancestor, and cared everywhere, protected it.

But Mo Fan didn’t expect the snake to feel sorry for Tang Yue in such a situation. All wounded, still tormented by lightning strikes, most of the monsters in his place would long ago have lost their mind, and attacked everyone they see in rage.

But the totem snake is not like that. He could not do otherwise, seeing the tears of Tang Yue!

And then Mo Fan suddenly realized that this giant serpent was feeding his feelings. For him, Tang Yue was like his own child.

“You believe? Do you believe that this totem snake is the cause of the epidemic and of all misfortunes? ”, Mo Fan changed his face, saying that he was looking at Len Qing standing next to him.

“What is the matter in what I believe?”, – Len Qing replied without any emotion.

In fact, she, too, was inclined to the same thing as Mo Fan, but unfortunately, there is no way out of this situation, anxious people demand the execution of a totem snake. At the dam there is a crowd of high-level mages, and they are waiting for the totem serpent to weaken even more. They flew to Ihu, just to kill this monster level commander.

The judges of the magical court, Zhu Meng and Luo Mian, simply stood and waited for him to let out his last breath, not attaching importance to this tenderness on the part of the serpent.

“Let’s get started?” Said Zhu Meng, who was already tired of waiting.

The western fort was still threatened by white magic eagles, and Zhu Man did not have time to delay the process further. He was required to solve the problem with the totem serpent, the epidemic as quickly as possible, and then fight back the white magic eagles.

“In no case do not underestimate him, you need to maintain the punishment of lightning, otherwise all these innocent people will be dead. Let him shed now, but he is still terribly strong! ”, – Lo Mian knew the totem snake better than anyone.

Zhu Meng slowly stood up, he looked at Mr. Wu Jing standing next to him.

Wu Ping Jin nodded his head: “Senior Assessor, do not worry, the punishment of lightning will do its work.”

Zhu Meng lowered his hands, waiting for a decision.

Immediately, the bodyguard of the imperial palace Li Jin ran up to them, without saying a word of greeting, in a hurry began: “The chief assessor, the western fortress asks for help!”

Zhu Meng frowned, glanced again at the totem snake, said, “Wait a minute, we need to finish with this snake.”

“This is very urgent, among the white magic eagles a monster of a commander’s level is found, all our celestial eagles are out of order, we have lost any fighting ability in the air, only high-level mages block the path to the legion of white magic eagles, all high-level mages are already deployed to the western fort, they were near, but they could not block the path to the invasion of the eagles. And without support, very soon they will all get to proud, and when they get to …, ”said Li Jin.

“The state of affairs is so terrible?”, Assessor Zhu Meng froze in surprise.

“Without the celestial eagles, security at the fort becomes useless,” said bodyguard Li Jin.

The chairman of the magical court, Li Tian, stood by and listened to this emergency military bulletin, and looking at Zhu Men, said: “The case does not tolerate delay, two assessors immediately take command over the judges and bodyguards, and forward to the western fort!”

“Impossible. We must kill him first, ”said Lo Mian.

Zhu Meng did not know what to do.

“The endurance of the totem snake is amazing, most likely its strength will not leave him until late at night, by that time there will be nothing left of the fort. In addition, he will definitely not recover from a lightning strike in a couple of days, so we will always have time to finish him off, ”said Senior Judge Li Tian.

Luo Manya’s facial expression changed, he glanced at the seriously wounded totem snake, then at Zhu Men.

“While time is running out, we need to kill at least one threat. The bodyguards of the imperial palace, Zhu Men, will almost certainly not survive, ”said Luo Mian.

“Wait!” Zhu Meng raised his hand.

“Zhu Meng, behead him, otherwise it may be too late,” said Luo Mian.

“First we will go to reinforcements!” Said Zhu Meng severely.

“This is …,” surprised Lo Mian.

“The bodyguards of the imperial palace, listen to the order! We are going to the western fort, to fight against the white magic eagles, and if at least one breaks through, then the demand will go with you! ”, Zhu Meng powerfully and convincingly spoke out.

“Yes sir!”

Wu Ping Jing jumped to his feet and in a moment flew over the dam, a pair of beautiful wings flaunted on his back.

“Six-winged … this imperial bodyguard has become stronger!”, – Mo Fan lifted his head and looked at Wing Jing, who was taking off.

In the wake of Wu Ping Jing, all imperial bodyguards lifted into the air.

Only magicians of high level of the element of air could take possession of these wings; they were beyond the control of others. They rose in the sky in a beautiful pack, forcing everyone standing on the ground to look and envy.

As if the totem snake did not suffer, but now he has time to rest.

Mo Fan wanted to go up to Tang Yue, but saw that Len Qing was looking at him.

“Sister, what is it?” Asked Mo Fan.

“This is not as easy as it seems,” Len Qing said in a serious tone.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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