Chapter 380. Hidden parasites.


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Mo Fan was far from being a stupid man, so when he heard some hidden notes in Len Qing’s voice, he decided to ask: “Do you know something?”.

“My subordinates reported to me. I myself personally verified the identity of those two corpses that showed up at the very beginning. However, then I did not attach much importance. Now I really doubt about one person, ”said Len Qing. Her eyes sparkled with deadly energy.

It’s a good thing that she had a crazy little sister, thanks to which Mo Fan can tolerate the presence of such women at close range.

“Do you doubt this epidemic?” Said Mo Fan.

“Do you want or do not want to save this snake?” – Len Qing answered the question.

Li Tian and Len Qing have already discussed this and were inclined to believe that the snake is still the protector of the city. They spoke to Mr. Lou, who expressed his point of view, saying that although the blood of a snake helps the body fight, it cannot completely cure the infected. This means that the totem snake is not the source of the epidemic. Since the worst epidemic situation was in Bai Zhen, and the totem itself all his life lived in Lake Xihu, which is the site of the first cases.

Chairman of the magical court, Li Tian and Len Qing were investigating, and even found clues, but could not find the root cause of everything.

“I want to, but …” – Mo Fan looked at Tang Yue.

Mo Fang did not have any evidence that the totem snake was not involved; he could only confirm the fact that the snake was not aggressive.

He had never seen Tang Yue before so weak and broken, because of this he could not stand his gut.

“My subordinates have already been transferred to the western fort, but all of them are useless there. If you want to join me, go to Bai Zheng as quickly as possible, and check if there are any traces of other magical animals there, ”said Len Qing.

“There are probably quite a few researchers there, does it make sense for me to investigate everything again?” Asked Mo Fan.

Bai Zheng was the main epicenter of the epidemic, and the arriving members of the magical court had already excavated everything up and down, does it make sense to go there?

“There may be people who hide the true source of the disease. I already sent Ling Ling there, so you can keep her company. But remember, you have little time. At that moment, when the white magic eagles begin to retreat, Zhu Meng will immediately return here to deal with the snake, ”said Len Qing.

“Well … Calm down … If something is hiding in Bai Zhen, then I will definitely dig it out!” Mo Fan thought to himself.

“Then we need to separate. We must find out the true source of the epidemic before they return here, ”said Len Qing.

“I don’t even have a single clue right now, where should I start?” Mo Fan asked excitedly.

“I have already transferred all the data to Ling Ling, she will explain everything to you.”


Lan Qing walked away with quick steps, without explaining what important news she had just received.

It was clear that something was hiding behind all of this, and no matter how, but Mo Fan must deal with everything.

As Len Qing said, Mo Fan arrived at Bai Zheng.

Bai Zheng was completely closed, and getting inside was not easy.

When Mo Fan was thinking about ways to enter the city, Lin Ling called him, who said she would wait at the gate.

At the door, Mo Fan saw Ling Ling dressed in a black cape. Her blue-black eyes gazed at Mo Fang. Her hair was gathered in two tails, and this hairstyle was a distinctive feature of Ling Ling. Not holding back, she rushed to him with hugs.

“I knew you were alive,” Ling Ling said with a smile.

“As you grow older, you become more and more whimsical,” said Mo Fan.

Ling Ling didn’t like being treated like that; she immediately turned into a little savage.

Pushing her head down with one hand, Mo Fan said, “Well, well, things are not waiting.”

“Hey, don’t you dare hold me with your hand like that, otherwise I’ll break her!” Ling Lin showed her irrepressible temper.

“Your sister said that you must have some data. What’s in them? ”Asked Mo Fan.

“Yeah. About two months ago, my sister asked me to deal with one hemopreparation. He was transferred to the postal station of the province of Zhejiang, the military. You know, during the attack of magical animals, there are a lot of wounded there – they get 1/5 of the required drugs. Those who hunt beyond borders often die. Postal stations, front lines, forts — a huge amount of medicine is required in these places … ”said Lin Lin, looking into her laptop.

There are too few healing magicians, so not everyone can receive medical aid from such a magician. A lot of drugs are being developed by magicians, including hemopreparations. After taking these hemopreparations, the hematopoietic function improves 10 times, healers can simply bandage the person’s injury, and it heals itself, without any infection.

Hemopreparation – not cheap thing. Mages of healing, located in the areas of hostilities, spend the drug in excess of the norm, so the suppliers of hemopreparation earn huge money.

“And what’s the drug?” Asked Mo Fan.

“A hemopreparation is isolated from the blood of magical animals and undergoes a laborious process of refining. After that, he still has to go through various checks, and only after that he can be delivered to the military, to hunters or …. to dealers. The sister found out that some unscrupulous individuals replace magical blood with cheaper counterparts, that they reject the drug batch, ”said Lin Lin.

“Unfair merchants?” Asked Mo Fan.

“The hemopreparation is controlled by a magical association with the participation of the government, in case of resistance from the merchants,” said Lin Lin.

“What?” – Mo Fan knitted his brows.

It seems that the magical association and the government are the hidden parasites in this business!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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