Chapter 382. Still, this is it.


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Dawn was already reflected on the surface of the lake, scattering with a soft light due to the very magic of the lightning element that shook all people so …

In the midst of this magical spell, a totem serpent was imprisoned, whose body was strewn with wounds, and his appearance was very weak.

The body of the snake half protruded from the water. The serpent slowly looked at all these frightened people. He could once again try to overcome this magic of the broken ban, but it was so strong that the totem simply did not have enough strength.

Tang Yue was standing in the same place. She was next to him. If the totem snake had died, she would have gone with him and there.

There was a lot of wounds on the body of the snake, and even this magic of lightning did not leave him alone, not letting the snake even breathe.

Finally, the snake had no strength left … His body twisted and his eyes slowly closed.

“Snake, be patient, please, just a little bit, I’ll definitely find a way to save you,” Tang Yue shouted at the snake.

The serpent raised its heavy eyelids and made a sound, as if explaining Tang Yue that he was very tired and just wanted to get some sleep.

The wounds on the snake’s body are already festering. The lightning bolts continually sank into his flesh, making it clear that this execution would not cease while the serpent was alive.

Tang Yue continued to scream, asking the snake not to fall asleep, but he already closed his eyes tightly.

Tang Yue was crying … Lightning continued to bite into the body of the serpent, and she could not even understand how the totem fell asleep …

Western fort

The sky was azure blue with a cluster of fluffy clouds. If it were not for the mountains of corpses and shed blood, then this day could have been called simply beautiful.

A white hurricane formed in the sky that looked like a sky funnel. It is like a cap hanging over the western fort …

No one could have guessed that this hurricane is a huge flock of white magic eagles, who tightly captured the fortress!

Their harsh sounds cut their ears, their wings constantly waved in the air, and their eyes were directed toward the big city in the distance …

In the fort itself, magic was continuously produced.

The magic of the initial level formed an air vortex in the air, the aura of which could be felt on the ground.

Mages of the highest level also fought the air. They were surrounded by the glow of star galaxies, the light of which was constantly shining around.

The fire of burial with a heavenly flame struck the clusters of these white eagles, because of which the whole sky was red from this flame.

Under the attack of magicians, the corpses of white magic eagles burned right in the air and fell to the ground in the form of ash.

One shadow magician raised his hands high and made a turn. After that, everything in the neighborhood plunged into darkness * (the Power of Night spell is the magic of a high-level shadow) so that the white magic eagles cannot use their keen eyes.

As a result, under the cover of night power, a flock of white magic eagles seemed to be plunged into a nightmare.

The tide light spell * (high-level magic) began to strike the eagles with arrows, knocking them down!

Entry-level magic, after all, could only form a defensive line in the heavenly space above the fort, limiting the invasion of the eagles. However, only high-level wizards with their magic could add this murderous effect to this spell.

Palace guards also took part in this battle. It is not known how many white magic eagles were destroyed during this time, but their corpses were littered with everything around.

An eagle at the level of a commander, seeing that there was no point in fighting with people, decided to capitulate.

White magic eagles, too, returned to the mountain ranges after the sun shone brightly.

However, they did not return to their nesting grounds, but simply retreated to the nearest ridges to the fort in order to then attack again.

Mo Fan, dressed as a military doctor, and Lin Lin dressed as a nurse were walking along the western road to the fort.

Documents they provided Len Qing.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw the silhouettes of white eagles flying away into the distance, and one could already see in front a huge layer of eagle bodies.

Initially, the fortress was a grayish-white shade, but now it was completely red with spilled blood interspersed with eagle fluff. How many eagles were killed? How many mages sacrificed their lives?

Mo Fang didn’t have any particular feelings about this. He simply followed the instructions of Len Qing, who told them to move after commander Min Ko, who was supposed to bring hemopreparations into the fort. Entering the fortress, they should have already been guided by the situation.

When they reached the warehouse of the fortress, which was under the open sky, Mo Fan and Lin Lin planned to conduct an inspection using their medical records. However, they did not expect that only a few boxes were left from the hemopreparation.

“We are late,” said Ling Ling.

“The battle was only recently over, all the wounded were to be gathered on the same parade ground … Beware, someone is going … They are not like the people of the fort,” said Mo Fan.

“We need to hide first,” came the voice of Ling Ling.

Several guys changed their faces when they saw that most of the drug was gone.

“What to do? They could not already use such an amount … “.

“We must report to Lo Mianya, otherwise there will be a scandal,” said Deputy Deputy Court of Justice Wang I. in a whisper.

Several people left, by their appearance one could say that their plans were violated.

Mo Fan and Ling Ling hid behind the boxes … Right there they figured out the name of another key figure.

“Chairperson Lo Mian?” Mo Fan said in surprise.

“Hm, it’s him after all! My sister suspected him! ”Said Ling Ling, gritting her teeth.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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