Chapter 384. Major Breakthrough.


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West Fort.

All this time the young man did nothing but wipe the floors with blood from a bucket and a mop.

“I want to fight, I don’t want to be a cleaner anymore!” The young man said very angrily, throwing the broom aside.

“We need to get rid of the corpses in a timely manner, and if this is not done, then the real plague will soon begin, an epidemic in Hangzhou is already here, and if now and here, on the western fort …” said Wang Xiao Jun.

No sooner had he finished speaking, when suddenly there was a terrible scream in the middle of the barracks.

Several young men froze in surprise, completely unaware of what was happening.

Wang Xiao Jun rushed to the barracks in a hurry, reaching the door, he saw a terrible picture.Several people were beating against the wall in fear, as if they were turned inside out, as when the demon was moving in.

“What is it that happened?” Asked Wang Xiaiu Jun.

“Epidemic, epidemic, Da Li, his body has rotted before our eyes !!”, said one of the crowd.

Wang Xiao Jun squeezed in, saw a young man sitting in a corner, his knees tightened. Over and over again, he tightened his rotten skin, scratching his sores to blood. The room stank of blood.

All those present in the barracks were scared to death, and tried to squeeze out.

They all knew how contagious it was. And if an epidemic suddenly appeared in the barracks, then most likely they are all already infected!

“Brother Li, how are you?”, Frowning over himself, Wang Xiao Jun cowardly approached the patient.

“Why did you come up, quickly, get away from me !!”, the young man growled.

“I … I just want to take you to the medical department … this is not necessarily an epidemic, perhaps it is from a mouse bite, your blood smells appropriate,” – tried to console the young man Wang Xiao Jun.

“Wang Xiao Jun, there is no business for you, quickly leave. The doctor will arrive soon! ”Said the approached officer, pushing the young man away.

The officer, too, was afraid to be near the infected.

Wang Xiao Jun, rubbing his butt hurt from falling, left the barracks, uttering in a whisper: “This is not an epidemic, but the effect of a poison from a mouse bite!”

Just as Wang Xiao Jun whispered it, a girl dressed in a black and red robe ran past him.

Why would such a pretty sister appear in the fort?

“Hey, what did you just say?” The girl asked arrogantly and coldly, coming up to him.

“Where is respect, call me big brother!” Said Wang Xiao Jun.

“Enough balabol here, rather, repeat to me what you just said, where did you get that this is not an epidemic?” Asked Lin Lin Zhi.

“From the very beginning there was no epidemic. I once caught mice, and here, they often bit me. After the bite, such poisonous wounds remained on the hands to cure them enough of the eagle red leaf juice, and there would be no trace of them! ”Said Wang Xiao Jun, appreciating this arrogant lolita.

“Are you telling the truth?” She asked again.

Ling Ling was always on the western fort, studying the origin of the hemopreparation.

At first she was very doubtful about the connection between the hemopreparation and the epidemic, but now she seemed to understand everything!

The origins of the epidemic are definitely connected with this drug for treating wounds, and just this infected young man proved it to himself, Lin Ling saw with his own eyes how he, having just returned from the war, received this strange hemopreparation, and suddenly became blistered after taking it.

Inspection at admission to the fort is very strict, so that accidental infection is excluded.

And as soon as the sick came, Lin Lin was right there.

To the misfortune of this brave young man, he attracted attention for questioning Lin Lin.

“Why should I lie to you? I fed the ashen eagles, it is not a purebred subspecies, and the tamers dislike them, and underfed them, and here our squad, sometimes makes forays into the forest and catches large rabbits or mice, and feeds them. And several times I have seen a similar mouse poison, which causes similar ulcers on the skin. One of the ash eagles had this eagle red-faced leaf in his mouth, which he gave to me. This plant is found only on the western ridges. And after a few days, everything went away for me, and after that, when I ran into this poison, it didn’t affect me anymore, ”Wang Xiao Jun said seriously.

“Do you still have these eagle red leaves?” Asked Lin Lin Zhi.

“Not. The eagle red leaf does not grow in our region, and on the western ridges it is considered a simple weed. First with difficulty, but it was possible to get an eagle red leaf, now in any way. White magic eagles went berserk, settled in the western ridges, and even marched on the city …, ”said Wang Xiao Jun.

“Follow me,” Lin Lin said so easily, grabbed Wang Xiao Jun’s sleeve and led her to the observation tower.

Mo Fan sat at the edge of the observation tower, looking into the white western ridges.

It seems that white magic eagles became more and more, they, like people, accumulated military power, continuing to flood the tops of the mountains …

And it is not clear when they will attack next time, and how many such forces will take lives to Hangzhou.

“Mo Fan, I discovered something very important!” Said Lin Lin, bringing Wang Xiao Jun’s hand to Mo Fan.

Wang Xiao Jun saw that Mo Fan, in an officer’s uniform, stood at attention, command: “Hello, officer!”

Ling Ling told everything Mo Fang heard.

Mo Fan incredulously specified some details.

“Eagle red-leafed on the western ridges, look at them … White magic eagles filled them, wrapped in their white greens, like snow.Without this grass, how can we prove his words? ”Said Mo Fan.

Ling Ling shook her head and grumbled: “Dummy, we don’t have the opportunity to be on the western ridges, but we can send this kid to catch a poisonous mouse for experiments, we will prove the similarity of the ulcers from the epidemic and the mouse poison!”

Mo Fang’s eyes glittered, he jumped for joy, picked up Lin Lin and spun, then kissed her: “Haha, I would never have guessed … Guy, what do you call, let’s go, let’s go, immediately go catch the mouse, no, I will go with you, with your strength inadvertently and you can die. “

“Then we go to the forest, I have a plan how to lure these strange mice out,” said Wang Xiao Jun.

Mo Fan nodded and summoned an agile wolf.

If this guy was not mistaken, then the Hangzhou epidemic will finally get a major breakthrough.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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