Chapter 385. Warning Lights


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Together with Wang Xiao Jun, Mo Fan and Lin Ling entered the forest and caught this strange poisonous mouse.

The beast turned out to be very familiar to Lin Ling, she recognized him at first sight. It was a subspecies of monsters-rodents living in the forests, which are also called sea-carrying mice.

The mor-carrying mouse is an extremely weak monster of the servant level, Mo Fan easily caught her with his bare hands. These mice were much weaker than big-eyed rats from the city of Bo.

Ling Ling immediately began the autopsy of the mor-carrying mouse, and she did it wonderfully expertly. On the faces of Mo Fan and Wang Xiao Jun, a grimace of surprise froze, they could not believe that this ten-year-old loli was capable of such.

“Strange, you have to be so lucky. I discovered specific blood, ”said Ling Ling. Looking at Mo Fan, she pointed to the depths of the forest with her finger: “Go and catch a few mice again to check for this specific blood.”

Mo Fan fulfilled the request. With such a difference in strength, such an occupation does not require much effort. And what surprised Mo Fan, all the sea-carrying mice caught by him were found to have specific blood.

Such specific blood is usually found in one in ten monsters, and it goes well in the market. Many hunter magicians specifically kill monsters in order to find it, as well as specific skin and bones. Specific skin and specific bones are converted into important pieces of magical artifacts. The use of specific blood is even wider, for example, this regenerative hemopreparation is based on it.

Specific blood is a rare item, but it was found in all sea-carrying mice, which is simply unbelievable.

Mo Fan reported this to Lin Lin, who had just analyzed the autopsy. Ling Ling was almost finished, her corners of her lips slightly raised: “In fact, you can already see the progress.”

Mo Fan and Wang Xiao Jun were sitting next to Ling Ling.

“These mori-carrying mice are extraordinary, a similar look is extremely rare. They are very weak. So weak that they cannot find a place at the bottom of the food chain. I studied extremely curious literature on rodents. Physically, they are very weak, which they do not hide, in addition they are extremely stupid. So how did these moron-carrying mice survive? And all because they breed at an incredible speed. “

“First of all, their body contains infected blood, infected blood and specific blood are extremely similar, which led on the wrong track, without a clear analysis it could not be established. And it closely connects the latest events … “

Mo Fan, having heard about this, said Ling Ling: “Someone uses the blood of these sea-carrying mice for the production of hemopreparations, which detonated into an epidemic.”

Lia Lin shook her head, said: “According to the data provided to me by my sister, hemopreparation was found on two rotting corpses, which, according to the information, they bought in Bai Zheng. Most likely, infected hemorrhaging mice were used in all hemopreparations. ”

The magical association keeps all the hemopreparation production under strict control, the probability of an error in the choice of materials is extremely small, thus, most likely, there is someone in collusion with the tester from the magical association using this infected blood for the hemopreparation.

It seems that the effect of the drug with this blood and normal blood is directly opposite, but no one has figured it out. The specific blood of the mouse carrying the plague, hiding in the human body, leads to pathological changes, which eventually become more and more noticeable, and more noticeably, generate an infection that spreads very quickly. And the drug is quite popular, which again accelerated the spread of the epidemic, which reached Hangzhou.

We finally found the cause of the epidemic!

Which does not have the slightest connection with the totem serpent. Obviously, the epidemic is the work of the people!

It remains to find who committed such an atrocity.

Mo Fan and Lin Ling told about the discovered Len Qing. Len Qing also collected a lot of data, she managed to find out that the contractor of the hemopreporate was the wife of the deputy senior judge Wang I.

But Wang Yi himself did not know that sick blood was used in the production, and after an investigation, the only villain behind the scenes turned up at the top – Lo Mian.

And if the culprit is really the assessor Lo Mian, it also means that he could collude with Zhu Men!

Ultimately, the scapegoat was needed for the epidemic case, and the totem monster came in handy, so he tried to resolve the situation with the totem serpent as quickly as possible, so he could throw all the blame on him.

What a terrific result, what a terrible conspiracy!

… ..

Very quickly, Mo Fan, Lin Lin, Wang Xiao Jun, Len Qing, and Tang Yue gathered together at Xihu Lake. And after Mo Fan explained the situation, Tang Yue’s face turned red. She was furious. She could not even imagine that assessor Luo Mian had brought this terrible epidemic; now she hated him even more. In the end, they used the fear of people totem snake, accusing him of all, not stopping at nothing in his deceit!

“Since we have got to the bottom of the truth, we should rather arrest Luo Myan!” Said Wang Xiao Jun.

“The power of a high councilor is much greater than the power of a judge, and if we want to arrest him, then we must first let Zhu Meng let the totem snake go,” said Mo Fan.

Lan Qing nodded, if the culprit is not one, then the arrest of one will force the other to act.

The fist of Tang Yue unwittingly clenched, it infuriated that the perpetrator was found, and the punishment would have to be postponed.

Talking on the phone the news of Len Qing, she understood how helpless they were: “Deputy Chief Judge Wang Yi committed suicide, the news recently reached the western fort.”

“There is a problem with blood going to the western fort, we need to stop the supply as soon as possible!” Said Mo Fan.

“There is no point in knowing the truth. Luo Mian sacrificed a pawn, and now he will easily throw off all the problems of the western fort to the late deputy chief judge Van I. Now the epidemic is raging on the western fort, which greatly weakens his defense ability. Probably, the white magic eagles will take advantage of this weakness to invade … It will be a disaster for Hangzhou! ”Said Len Qing, looking far to the west.

The sunset showed a dark red light from there, intertwining them together, like a forerunner of impending terrible disasters.

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