Chapter 387. There is another eagle.


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“Luo Mian seems to have a lot of things that I don’t know about?” Zhu Meng looked with angry eyes at the bearded Luo Myan.

Luo Mian said with a feigned smile: “The situation requires an investigation, but first you need to deal with the first priority, the situation is very difficult … Did the riots begin at the top of the government?”

Yun Feng, shaking his head, said: “A flock of white magic eagles will reach our front line in less than two hours. Our front line can last about 3 hours, after which they will be able to penetrate into Hangzhou. In total, we have 5 hours, and during this time we must either resist the white eagles, or behead their commander! ”

“True, true!” Said Lo Mian, fearing that someone might recall a hemopreparation.

Len Qing, taking a step forward, said: “White magic eagles attack us only because of people infected with the epidemic, for the same reason they will soon head to Hangzhou. I believe that, first, we must find a way to deal with the epidemic, then the eagles will have no targets left and we will be able to chase them away. ”

“Looks like you have already found a way to fight the epidemic?” Said Lo Mian with a smirk.

“True, everyone, including Mr. Lou, has already given up. Now we have only 5 hours, and how in this period of time should we deal with white magic eagles? ”

“We already know how to get an antidote from a specific medicinal plant that grows in the western ranges – the eagle red leaf. You only need to get this plant, and then the epidemic will be defeated, ”answered Len Qing.

The views of all those present turned to Len Qing. Zhu Meng asked, dumbfounded: “Can this aquiline red leaf really defeat the epidemic?”

Lan Qing nodded her head: “This is absolutely certain.”

“Ha-ha, as long as we say that this eagle red leaf can eliminate such a terrible epidemic, no one can sneak into its place of growth – the western ridge, which is the nesting place of white magic eagles. Even if an entire large pack of eagles leaves their nests, there is no guarantee that our soldiers will get there safely … What do you think we have extra human resources to send them there? ”Said Lo Mian.

Len Qing and Li Tian angrily looked at Lo Mei. For herself, Len Qing had already firmly decided that as soon as this situation settled down, she would undoubtedly bring him to the clear water.

All frowned. It was hard to figure out the cause of the epidemic and its decision. However, the solution to the epidemic was also a decision against the attack of the eagles … But this eagle red leaf grew in such a dangerous place …

“Right. White magic eagles and the celestial eagle belong to the same species; in other words, white magic eagles will not attack the celestial eagle. We can direct it towards the western ridge, so that it will extract this red-leaf to us, and then we will direct the plant to a quarantine isolator. It’s easier than ever! ”Said Yun Feng.

At this time, standing next to the commander Min Ko, leaning over, said Yun Feng: “Sergeant, you seem to have forgotten that you yourself gave the order to destroy all the eagles in the fortress …”.

Yun Feng pointedly looked at Min Ko.

In this fort it is impossible to find a single eagle, and even if there is one, it is not a fact that it will not fall under the influence of that same eagle at the level of a commander … How now to penetrate the nesting places of white magic eagles?

There was silence in the conference room. Suddenly a teenager broke inside. The guards ran up to him, seizing him angrily, but the lad shouted: “I know a way to get an eagle red-leafed leaf!”

Yun Feng, looking at the boy, cursed: “This impolite imp should be punished!”

“This is a strategic meeting! How could a child like you break in here? ”Said Loe Mian angrily.

“Wait a minute, he said that he knows what to do,” said Len Qing.

“Then let him say,” added Li Tian.

Anxiously, Lo Mian said: “I came here to discuss such an important and dangerous matter with you, and you are going to listen to this child? So you really can not do anything! And it’s a waste of time! ”

After these words, Luo Mian rose to leave.

The others did not know how to act either.

Len Qing calmly turned to Wang Xiao Jun: “You said you knew a way to get a plant. What is this method?

Mo Fan and Ling Ling, too, stood in the doorway. Mo Fan was wondering what kind of a way this lad could offer to get a red leaf from the nesting places of white magic eagles. As Luo Mian said, ordinary soldiers have no opportunity to get this plant and stay alive.

Wang Xiao Jun, under the scrutiny of all these adults, said: “There is another eagle. Another eagle remained in the fortress. He only listens to my orders. I can sit on it and fly to the western ridges, and I know how this eagle red leaf looks like. ”

Commander Min Ko asked: “Yet the eagles were killed! Where did another one come from? ”

“I disobeyed the order and released my eagle, which I fed from its infancy,” said Wang Xiao Jun quietly.

Yun Feng’s eyes flashed … This violation of the order was most welcome!

However, Yun Feng knitted his brows: “It does not make sense. All eagles under the influence of the commander-level eagle lose their sanity … “.

Wang Xiao Jun replied: “My eagle is not purebred. His plumage is gray … I do not know what other blood is flowing in his veins. However, only yesterday I tried to call him, and he responded to my call. At first I thought that he, too, would lose his mind under the influence of the commander-level eagle, but this did not seem to happen. I can order him to return from that forest, and if he flies to me, it will mean that he is not at the mercy of the commander’s eagle. “

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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