Chapter 388. This snake, all circled around the finger.


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Hearing the words of Wang Xiao Jun, hope appeared in the eyes of those present. If you deal with the epidemic, then, as Len Qing said, the white magic eagles will scatter, as the white eagles always guard only their territories, in order for them to attack foreign lands, we need very specific reasons.

“Sergein, I think we should give a chance to this little one. We won’t lose anything from it, ”said Li Tian.

All the others also agreed.

“Fine. So your name is Wang Xiao Jun, isn’t it? If you can get this red-eagle eagle, then I, as the foreman of this fortress, will immediately raise you to the rank of a Hangzhou guard! ”

Wang Xiao Jun, showing his respect, said: “I will definitely cope with this mission!”.

“Wang Xiao Jun, you should know that the nesting place of the white magic eagles is very dangerous – more dangerous than the usual battlefield! One wrong step – and you can lose your life! Are you sure you want to take up this business at such a young age? ”

Wang Xiao Jun, after a little hesitation, still respectfully replied: “I will be able to return alive!”

Looking at the confident expression on the face of this boy, Lang Qing recalled the indifferent face of Luo Myan at the moment when he was leaving. Approaches to the work of these two people were like heaven and earth.

Len Qing turned to Ling Ling: “Ling Ling, you will go on this mission with Wang Xiao Jun. At the right moment, you can protect each other’s lives! ”

Lan Qing looked at Mo Fang. Turning to Zhu Maine, she said: “Now it has become clear that the totem serpent has nothing to do with everything that happens. You must release him as soon as possible. Yes, and transfer people from the lake here, otherwise we will not live until the medicinal plant arrives. ”

Zhu Man still could not solve the question about the snake. At that time, his subordinates reported to him that the totem serpent was on his last breath, and even if he had removed the seal of lightning magic from him, he would not have enough strength to fight. In order to smuggle Tang Jung and his people, who are powerful magicians, to fight the white magic eagles, he will have to let go of the totem snake.

Zhu Meng, shaking his head, said, “OK, let him go.”

Lan Qing happily told Mo Fang: “Now you have to go to Hangzhou and transfer the order to Zhu Meng to have his people cast a spell from the serpent, and also that they should all come here to counter the white magic eagles.”

Mo Fan was also happy, thinking about how Tang Yue would react when he heard such news.

Everyone was thinking about state affairs, and Mo Fan was thinking about how to please the girl. Was it too frivolous?

Mo Fan, on arrival in the city, hurried to the lake where the serpent was.

The totem slept soundly, and Tang Yue was still beside him.

“He is still alive,” said Mo Fan.

“I … I do not know … His breathing is so weak … If we don’t find a method to save him, then he will fall asleep forever … ”said Tang Yue. Her eyes were red with tears.

Mo Fan laughed: “Can’t you see? Nothing changed?”.

Tang Yue did not understand what Mo Fan was talking about. Only then did she see that the magic of the lightning element had already dispersed, and the surface of the lake had already calmed down.

Tang Yue could not believe her eyes. She turned her head, looking from the scattered lightning magic over the lake to Mo Fang, and back.

Tang Yue hugged Mo Fang with all her strength, not knowing how else to express her gratitude to her.

And Mo Fan was just waiting for this moment …

He then looked at what was happening behind her, then eagerly began to inhale the scent of her hair.

His hands began to descend lower down her back … At such moments, such behavior can be attributed to a high emotional intensity …

Mo Fan stood in her arms, not daring to remove her hands.

Tang Yue drew attention to the snake. His breathing was very weak, and at least hundreds of magicians of the healing element were needed for his recovery.

“Master Tang Yue, the serpent is so seriously injured and has lost a lot of blood. Do you think it will be useful if you give him the hemopreparation used by the healing magicians? ”Asked Mo Fan.

“Of course, the effect will be. Only he needs at least a whole truck of this drug. Where will we find so much now? ”Said Tang Yue, glancing at the snake.

Mo Fan thought and said: “I can get a drug truck, only the drug itself is a little different …”.

Tang Yue, turning round, said: “Boobie, do you want to feed an epidemic drug snake?”.

Mo Fan, hesitated, replied: “I thought he was immune to such things.”

Tang Yue suddenly kissed Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was taken aback, he definitely did not expect such a reaction.

Seeing the reaction of Tang Yue, Mo Fan asked: “Is he really resistant to these poisons?”

Tang Yue, grinning, said: “This snake is the founder of all poisons!”

Mo Fan is completely speechless.

That drug really could have been helpful to the snake!

This serpent, he circled around the finger!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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